T-tar w/ weavilock help really desprate with this deck please help

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by pikazap, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. pikazap

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    cities is on january 9th so i have till the end of this week to decide what my brother is going to use im not going to use a deck either someone will let me borrow a deck ( i was promised two decks so i dont need one and if i dont get them i can make a deck report from my brother or dad, so heres the list,its so slow and it kinda sucks i dont have a uxie x


    4-3-3-1 t-tar (mountain eater-booster gas-prime-sf)
    4 sableye sf
    3-3 weavile ud
    2 uxie
    1 unown q


    2 bebes
    2 team rockets trickery
    4 candies
    2 cyrus int.
    2 collector
    1 lux ball
    1 palmers
    1 fisherman
    3 bts
    4 ssu
    2 cyrus con.
    2 e-belt


    2 dce
    4 sp. dark
    4 b. dark
  2. indercarnive

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    weaville line should be 2-2 maybe 3-3. also IMO would add in another 2 dce if you have them and 2 more candy.
  3. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    i dont have dce extras so ill go for candies
  4. DuckyNinja

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    I don't know whether you based this off the one I posted yesterday or not, but your lock is very weak, and T-Tar is not strong enough as a main attacker to win with just a weak lock.

    -1 Larvitar
    -1 Pupitar
    -1 T-Tar SF (With only 8 Dark Energy and no way to discard Dark Energy, his second attack is irrelevant and Prime is just better otherwise)
    -2 Rare Candy (This deck doesn't donk, and T-Tar needs time to set up anyway)
    -2 Team Rocket's Trickery (Not worth it without Jirachi)
    -2 Cyrus's Conspiracy (Not worth playing just for the basic energy and find a Supporter effect)
    +2 Cyrus's Initiative (Increases chances of hitting the lock)
    +1-1 Slowking HS (Without this, your lock will evaporate quickly)
    +2 Judge (Only chance you have against Gyarados and some other rogue decks)
    +2 Darkness Energy (You probably don't want to miss energy drops)
    +1 Pokemon Communication or Azelf (Fixing your prizes always helps, and it doesn't look like you're gonna have bench space issues)

    Just my opinion of course. Hope it helps.
  5. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    its almost like your list and your right in some parts