Taking Out the Trash – A Third Place Philly Regionals Report with Tool Drop

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    Doesn't anyone else find it the least bit disturbing that three players colluded to ensure they made the top 8 and this is admitted to openly and appears to be acceptable?

    What about the players that missed out due to the collusion, where is the support for them?

    Where is the sportsmanship and fairness in this situation.
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  3. Adam

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    What do you mean? Intentional drawing isn't colluding.
  4. Crawdaunt

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    It's interesting to see a more standard looking list do so well (I mean, Virizion isn't standard, but you stuck with the Trubbish/Masquerain core). Congrats Mike!

    Also interesting to see such an emphasis on Eviolite, while only having 3 Float.
  5. jd_johnson

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    Definition, one of the many for collusion: A non-competitive agreement between rivals that attempts to disrupt the market's equilibrium.

    Where do you draw the line?
  6. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    If you have that good of a record going into the final rounds of a tournament then you'd be foolish not to intentional draw and secure a place in top cut. They've earned that option.

    A key phrase in your definition is "non-competitive" and intentional drawing to guarantee both you and your opponent make top cut is most definitely a competitive agreement.

    EDIT: From the dictionary on my computer (the New Oxford American Dictionary) "collusion" is defined as a "secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, esp. in order to cheat or deceive others." Intentional drawing is neither secret nor illegal, nor is it designed to cheat others (the players have rightfully won enough games to be in a position where they can intentional draw into top cut).
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    I dont disagree that it is allowed.

    Games should be played to their natural conclusion, and the rules should be changed to reflect a true competition.

    That the intentional draw is a secret deal is a given otherwise you would announce the intention at the beginning of a round and those that are blocked from making the top whatever could just drop and go home.

    For me non competitive means you are not allowing the games to be played out, e.g there is no competition in an intentional draw.

    Perhaps if you look at this from the perspective of those that didn't make the top 8 because of the intentional draws then you might see what the issue is.
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  8. Adam

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    I understand what you're saying (you think every match should be played to completion to the best ability by both players), but the fact is there are match ties as part of the rules now so intentional draws are legal and a legitimate part of competitive strategy. Players ID because they are trying to win the tournament (they are looking at the big picture).

    If you think an intentional draw is a secret deal, then the result of your own match is a secret too. Match results aren't supposed to be known until after the round is over.
  9. jd_johnson

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    The difference is, one is known at the beginning of the match the other at the end.

    That this is allowed can only be to the detriment of pokemon tcg.
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    It's allowed because you can't do anything about it. I have heard of judges trying to disallow it. Players responded by draw-passing until the judge allowed them to ID.

    If your goal entering the tournament is to win, then ID'ing may become a part of that. But as I went over in my article, ID'ing can never be the sole answer of everyone capable of making top cut. It doesn't reduce the number top cut-worthy players. Thus too much ID'ing leaves the ID'ers in danger of whiffing cut.

    So even though the potential to ID exists, it can't be used to say "these last two rounds are inconsequential." All rounds of a tournament are still relevant to the players with the potential to make top cut.
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    What do you think of this deck but with 3 tropical beach?
  12. Wrags23

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    Haha @dientazitar I think I played against you on PlayTCG today. You were using Tool Time with Beach, and you killed my fun Flareon/Cofagrigus/Audino deck.