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  1. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    1. I am willing to CYL, after I CYL, I'll make an offer and we can negotiate and work out the trade.
    2. I live in the United States and will only ship to people in the United States.
    3. I go by eBay's "Buy it Now" sold prices, I will not accept any "Troll n Toad goes for this much" or "Someone's trying to sell it on eBay for this much"
    4. If you would like to know about the condition, please ask.
    5. I will ship in a Top Loader and/or a sleeve, I expect the same.

    FA = Full art Cards
    RC = Radiant Collection Cards
    RH = Reverse Holo Cards
    RA = Normal Art Cards (Any Non FA/RC/RH cards)

    (A * (star) by a card means it is currently being traded for.
    For Trade:

    Ultra Rare:
    x3 Landorus EX FA
    x1 Yveltal EX Promo
    x1 Palkia EX
    x1 Heatran EX
    x2 Latias EX
    x1 Mewtwo EX Promo
    x3 Meloetta EX RC FA
    x3 Shaymin EX RC FA
    x1 Emolga EX
    x1 Skarmory EX
    x4 Deoxys EX Promo
    x1 Pokemon Fan Club FA
    x1 Terrakion FA
    x1 Toxicroak EX FA
    x1 Rayquaza EX Promo
    x3 Virizion EX RA
    x3 Genesect EX RA

    Playable/Semi Playable Pokemon:
    x1 Milotic RA (Energy Grace)
    x1 Kyurem RA (Plasma)
    x2 Electrode (Magnetic Draw)
    x3 Trevenant RA
    x1 Mr.Mime RH
    x1 Mr.Mime RA
    x1 Dusknoir RA (Sinister Hand)
    x4 Ninetales RA
    x2 Emboar RA Promo (Inferno Fandango
    x1 Aromatisse
    x1 Accelgor RH
    x4 Accelgor RA
    x2 Snorlax RA
    x2 Miltank RA

    Playable/Semi Playable Trainers:
    x3 Ultra Ball RA (Wild Blaze)
    x1 Level Ball RA
    x1 Level Ball RH
    x4 Team Plasma Ball RA
    x1 Heavy Ball RA
    x4 Evosoda RA
    x1 Max Potion RA
    x4 Rare Candy RA
    x4 Colress Machine RA
    x2 Escape Rope RH
    x1 Escape Rope RA
    x4 4 Pokemon Catcher RH (Plasma Blast)
    x3 Superior Energy Retrieval RA
    x2 Frozen City RH
    x3 Shadow Circle RA
    x1 Enhanced Hammer RH
    x1 Red Card RA
    x1 Float Stone RA
    x1 Protection Cube RA
    x1 Sacred Ash RH
    x3 Muscle Band

    Ace Spec:
    x1 Scramble Switch
    x2 Victory Piece
    x1 Life Dew

    Playable/Semi Playable Supporters
    x4 Professor Juniper RH (Dark Explorers)
    x1 Pokemon Fan Club RA
    x3 Shauna RA
    x4 N RH (Dark Explorers)
    x4 Skyla RH
    x1 Colress RH
    x3 Ghetsis RH

    I would love to CYL

    High Wants:
    x1 Charizard EX (Combustion Blast)
    x2 Kangaskhan EX FA
    2 Quilfish

    Medium Wants:

    Feel Free to ask me any question or check for any unlisted cards!
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  2. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in your FA Genesect EX. I have a Druddigon from FLF I am willing to trade (it's English, dunno if you wanted Japanese because you said Wild Blaze), and a Lysandre RA (btw, It is spelled Lysandre, not Lysander ;)), and a Pyroar. See anything on my list?
  3. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    My combustion charizard your fa kanga
  4. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Sorry if there was any confusion there, I do want the English one, how about

    My: Genesect EX FA

    for your: Keldeo EX LTR, Pyroar RA, Druddigon RA, and Lysandre RA[DOUBLEPOST=1400627705][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Sounds like a deal to me!
  5. Cml for your:
    x1 Genesect EX FA

    I have a Keldeo EX promo unlisted if you're looking for a Keldeo. Thank you!
  6. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Any unlisted Charizard EX with Combustion Blast, other then that, nothing really caught my eye.
  7. So sir. Thanks for looking!
  8. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Bump, updated with a FA Toxicroak EX.
  9. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Could you CML for 2/3 of your Landorus EX FA?[DOUBLEPOST=1401327034][/DOUBLEPOST]Since it would be an upgrade for me, I could throw in 2 Landorus EX Regular art if we were to make a trade
  10. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Only thing I see is Toxicraok EX, anything else you saw?
  11. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    No, it's fine, they aren't that high a priority for me anyway. :)
  12. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Bump, Interested in a 3-2 Line of Mage Kangaskhan EX, nor Ultra Rare, no Gold Border.
  13. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I'll trade for your second FA Genesect EX if you have more stuff you want from me and it's not already being traded (and you want to do the trade, of course).
  14. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    I don't see anything I want ATM, sorry.
  15. Floral

    Floral Member

    I'm interested in genesect ex fa and yvetal ex
  16. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Ok, make me an offer then!
  17. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Bump, Updated with Virizon EX and Genesect EX
  18. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Bump, looking for Kangaskhan EX?
  19. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Could you do...

    x1 FA Lysandre
    x1 Virbank


    x1 FA Genesect EX

    Let me know
  20. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    I could do that, PM me!