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  1. camoclone

    camoclone Tomorrow we strike...

    You can make money you know (if Pokemon doesn't sue you first).
  2. axpendix

    axpendix Creator of TCG ONE

    There are some reasons not to do a mobile app.
    1. I dont think it can be done without getting sued.
    2. Safari has some pecularities when it comes to websockets which is used have interactivity and synchronization in my program. Because webviews in apps use safari, it should not be made that way.
    3. I dont have time for making a more user-friendly interface than this one.
    4. It already works on mobile atm.

    What is that?
  3. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    The software you're using on the backend has that listed as their specs.
  4. axpendix

    axpendix Creator of TCG ONE

    Ah ok ;)
  5. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    This is nice- the only simulators we have for Pokemon TCG are either manual (PlayTCG, and to a lesser extent Redshark/Apprentice/Lackey) or are pay-to-play and ridden with bugs and bad players (PTCGO). Good work, hoping for cool stuff.
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  6. axpendix

    axpendix Creator of TCG ONE

    Skyridge expansion is now live.
    [​IMG][DOUBLEPOST=1377507230,1377383045][/DOUBLEPOST]I am starting on EX series now. What do you think about the formats? Which formats should exist?
    There are already 3 formats: "Unlimited" (all), "Base-Rocket" (includes bs, fo, ju, tr) , "E-card" (includes ex, aq, sk).
    I need to add more eventually, like "EX" (rs, ss, dr.. ) and they may also overlap with each other like: "Ecard-on" (ex, sq, sk, rs, ss, dr..), "Base-Ecard" (..)
    Should I also include old modified rotations like "Modified 2003-2004" as in
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  7. MetalArmedAngel

    MetalArmedAngel My lovely Luka ♥♥

    I think you should focus on the modified legal format right now, and than work on bugs/ past formats.
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  8. Ziggmiceter

    Ziggmiceter Ultimate 6P tournament procrastinator

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Start from here and work backwards. Alternatively you can do NXD-On sets then continue working from the place you were at.
  9. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    Modified legal (Next Destinies-on) will get the most attention and the most players by far.

    Looks excellent btw.
  10. axpendix

    axpendix Creator of TCG ONE

    Thanks for feedback but implementing nxd-on is the last thing I'll do (literally). I've asked about what should be the next format in my current plan of releasing expansions.
  11. supersmarty1234

    supersmarty1234 rotations, designed to make bulk even more useless

    Are the neo sets out yet

    Allowing, weavile:)
  12. axpendix

    axpendix Creator of TCG ONE

    Not yet, thinking about them after EX series. BTW, Ruby & Sapphire is out.
  13. StrongRhino

    StrongRhino 6P fantasy football champ 2013!

    Cool, you've got an interview on the Front Page.

    This is my favorite part:
    Q: Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie?
    A: Jigglypuff

    Can't say I disagree with that :)
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  14. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    axpendix it would be cool to get all the cards for any of these older formats inputted:

    BS-on, TR-on, Neo-on, and E-on are all close but have some gaps. They are all past tournament formats and would be cool to play again.

    Also I had trouble with password recovery (I didn't receive an email).
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  15. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    Career mode would be a lot of fun... Which cards would we start with? Any random cards, or would they get newer as we go along (i.e. start in Base Set and get newer)?[DOUBLEPOST=1377729821][/DOUBLEPOST]I just saw that there is a booster pack opening simulator for MTG... that would be kind of fun for Pokemon, right?
  16. Ziggmiceter

    Ziggmiceter Ultimate 6P tournament procrastinator

    Have you ever heard of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online?
  17. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    Yes, but you still have to pay for the packs before you can open them, expect for the ones you get every 5 days and the 5 card mini packs for tokens. I was talking about free packs.[DOUBLEPOST=1377733046][/DOUBLEPOST]Although, I don't play PTCGO all that much because I don't buy packs, I prefer buying singles and testing on PlayTCG. My PTCGO decks are pretty sad. One is a Weavile/Eggxecute with Flareon, but it is missing so many cards that it isn't competitive. The other is a Blastoise/Keldeo/Mewtwo/Latios deck that is fun to play, but isn't really competitve.
  18. axpendix

    axpendix Creator of TCG ONE

    I did not know about that formats page. I'll fully implement those formats in very near future.
    Your password is safe with me :) Yes that's a problem, thanks for pointing out, I'll fix it up tomorrow.[DOUBLEPOST=1377757633][/DOUBLEPOST]

    I thought that people would choose a starting deck for every major series (Base Set, Neo Genesis, Expedition, Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond & Pearl, HGSS, and BLW) so that the player can work on any path he likes.[DOUBLEPOST=1379006481,1377757345][/DOUBLEPOST]Sandstorm expansion is now live.
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  19. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    The pack opening thing allows for crazy limited format fun, like mock prereleases or something like "1 pack from every set!"
  20. axpendix

    axpendix Creator of TCG ONE

    +1 but currently not many people are playing the game, so it would be an overkill right now. I await crazy ideas for pack opening simulator, though.