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Discussion in 'Online Play' started by thiagopepper, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    Hi folks!

    So, i'm having a bit of trouble entering the website to play, my browser says it couldn't find the host. The other players on my league are having the same issue since the last scheduled maintenance.
    Since it's been a few days without any luck connecting, i'd like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, so i can try to find where's the problem (i'm assuming that it's working as usual in US and that might be a problem with my internet provider).

    Anyway, thanks in advice!
  2. cabd

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    Try hard refreshing, it seems they've changed their international DNS provider; to allow them to activate the german language minisite.

    A hard refresh is Control + f5

    Also, try clearing your cache, which can usually be found in the advanced options of your web browser.
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  3. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    I believe that a hard refresh won't work. Tried to load using Safari and Chrome, and to be safe, opened Firefox for the first time on my new MacBook, tested on my dad's PC and received the same message. Already tested using a different ISP, and using two mobile carriers 3G network.

    I think that your theory about their DNS provider might be correct, since i can access the website using a VPN with a US IP, but a friend in France said that he can access as usual.

    Just in case, i've opened a support request on, and they asked for a printscreen with the error. Let's see what they say about it…
  4. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    Just to say that the website started to work again here. No word on my support request though…
    Thanks for the attention! :)