Tier 2 TDK - Thundurus EX, Deoyxs EX, Kyurem PLF

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  1. OPsyduck

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    I like it. The only thing i'd switch is +1 Skyla and -1 Colress. I prefer having an extra Skyla for the clutch item instead of 3 Colress. But that's only preference.
  2. TylerLindsey

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    Not running Absol puts you at a slight disadvantage in the mirror match, with Absol requiring two Energies to (usually) one-shot a Kyurem, while Kyurem requires three to return the blow. This may seem negligible, but in a matchup based on attrition, it is definitely something to be aware of.

    The list looks very streamlined and consistent, though, and I'm sure with tight play, the aforementioned hurdle could be overcome.
  3. Reshiphlosion

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    I know that this might be a bit early to ask, but with the new tournament structure changes (best 2 of 3 Swiss and Top cut not being larger than 8) would TDK be an ideal choice for this new top cut like format or not?
  4. TylerLindsey

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    Tiers and deck strengths aside, with a best-of-three swiss format, there are definitely merits to playing a strategy you know well; games can go pretty long, and you run a serious risk of going into time regularly if you have to spend more time on your plays due to a lack of comfort playing the deck. That may be obvious to some, but I felt it'd be good to throw that out there anyways.

    On topic, I don't think best-of-three changes much other than what I just mentioned. It definitely doesn't change how well-positioned TDK is; it is still public enemy number one that everyone will be gunning for, but it is also consistent and inherently powerful.
  5. baby_mario

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    Everyone has to play their deck in a timely fashion. Being unfamiliar with it is no excuse for taking longer over turns and won't save you from slow play penalties.
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  6. Reshiphlosion

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    Right, I just wanted to know if it was a deck like CMT which did really well in best-of-three or not. It's good to know that TDK wont be affected by this too much, it's the only deck I can play for Regs besides Trubbish or (ew)Darkrai. :p
  7. baby_mario

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    They key thing here is the return of ties.

    That makes things very different from the b-o-3 we have been used to.
  8. Ziggmiceter

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    From what I understand, ties happen after T3 of time? That will be very interesting for Plasma, and helps decks that aren't as fast as it in Swiss.
  9. Reshiphlosion

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    Forgive me for being a novice, but how exactly do ties work? (I started playing at the end of the MD-on format right before the rule changes so I don't know how they would affect the game outside of making the top cut more confusing)
  10. baby_mario

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    If the match goes to time (they may or may not keep the +3 turns) . . .

    Player A won first match, second match unfinished = Player A wins.
    Player A and B won a match each, 3rd game unfinished = tie
    Player A and B still playing the first match = tie
    Player A and B in the last round of Swiss, both knowing that a tie is enough to top cut = tie
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  11. Reshiphlosion

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    Oh okay, thanks that clears things up pretty well! Is sudden death still around for top cut or do they have some other way to work it out?
  12. ThePirateKingAtomsk

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  13. baby_mario

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    When we had ties before, all the players on the top tables would just shake hands and stand up the moment the last swiss round started.

    Some people get very angry about Intentional Draws screwing people out of cut, but I say that you should concentrate on winning your matches and making it irrelevant, not whining because you didn't scrape into cut on the back of someone else's result.
  14. pokemonguy

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    So the lesson is go X-0 or X-1 or don't whine.
  15. Reshiphlosion

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    Well with the whole second day thing you don't really need to go X-1 off the bat, you just have to make say top 100 or 50 (example tournament is regs) then you go on to the next day and play a normal tournament with Top 8 and everything. That's the impression I got anyways. So day one you have to go X-2 or X-3 minimum like you normally would have to in regs, and the second day is a normal tournament (with maybe a small-ish top cut.)

    Either way fast decks should have an advantage. Yay for TDK! :D
  16. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    I don't see them cutting to a top 100 for 2nd day of Regs. They'll more likely stick with a top 32 max like they did last year. Play 4-5 rounds then take the top 8.
  17. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    100 was an over exaggeration, they probably wouldn't go over 64 unless it was nationals. :p

    Two day States would kind of stink though...
  18. Blueye95

    Blueye95 TCG is all i need

    I have decided to post my list. I think it looks great so far but i think there are some points to improve on (like the supporter line and the trainer line).

    Pokemon - 10

    4 Deoxys EX
    3 Kyurem PLF
    2 Thundurus EX
    1 Absol PLF

    Trainers - 37

    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    3 Colress
    2 Skyla

    4 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Silver Bangle
    3 Colress Machine
    3 Switch
    2 Float Stone
    2 Ultra Ball
    2 Tool Scrapper
    1 Plasma Ball
    1 Computer Search

    2 Frozen City

    Energy - 13

    4 Prism
    4 Plasma
    3 Blend WLFM
    1 Water
    1 Lightning

    With this you have one extra bench spot to power up secondary attackers while having thundurus EX (preferably with float stone) to help set up if needed (or to take an easy catcher ko). And you have the lightning energy to get energy in play with thundurus without it being discarded by enhanced hammers or cobalion ex.
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  19. jordanlow

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    Im a big fan of lugia. Is 2-3 lugia overkill? Maybe instead of thundurus cos it gets 100 T1 by sawk. Is it a good idea?
  20. baby_mario

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    Lugia isn't really an alternative to Thundurus. A Lugia-heavy deck is a different thing from a standard TDK build.

    Don't run 2-3 in a TDK, if you want to play that many then build around it.