TechEels- Eelektrik NVI+Prism energy

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  1. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    So, I decided to try out a very techy prism/Eels based deck. So far it's done very well. Here's my current list:

    4-4 Eelektrik NVI
    1 Thundurus NVI
    1 Keldeo EX
    1 Rayquaza EX
    1 Sigilyph DRX
    1 Terrakion NVI
    1 Shaymin EX

    4 N
    4 Juniper
    3 Bianca
    3 Skyla
    1 Computer Search

    4 Catcher
    3 Switch
    3 Ultra Ball
    2 Level Ball
    1 Pokemon Communication
    1 Revive
    1 Tool Scrapper

    2 Skyarrow Bridge

    4 Prism
    1 Blend GRPD
    1 Blend WLMF
    8 Lightning

    The deck has good type coverage and generally has good matchups (hypothetically, at least, I haven't played against every deck yet =P). It's consistent enough with lots of supporters and Pokemon search (I'm testing out 1 Pokemon Communication b/c I run lots of pokemon I may or may not want to use all the time and to let me not Juniper valuable stuff) but obviously, the attackers I use each game change. I might want another attacker/another copy of one I have, but that remains to be seen (Revive tends to help). Shaymin EX is probably the most expendable but all of the others are really solid attackers, and Shaymin is nice for an efficient and easy way to grab an OHKO at the end of the game. Keldeo gets special mention for making it impossible to catcher-stall Eels (Dynamotor, Rush In, Retreat for 1 w/ SAB). I added Scrapper to help me take EX KOs with Terrakion and Ray EX, and to hypotheticaly help against Garbodor, but it is probably a dead card more than anything. Any suggestions/comments/questions?
  2. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Bump.... Nothing guys?
  3. Gelatin

    Gelatin So soft and jiggly.

    It seems...busy. I'm not sure how much I like having to rely solely on the multi-energy drops for so many different attackers without a way to properly conserve it like how Klinklang BLW and Hydreigon DRX 97 can. I would try to put in something that can just run off of Lightning energy just to be safe, ya know? Mewtwo EX, Tornadus EX, Raikou EX, Bouffalant DRX, etc.
  4. 765Bro

    765Bro Hibiki...~

    ...Does he need to conserve it if he's running 4-4 Eels?
  5. Gelatin

    Gelatin So soft and jiggly.

    I meant keeping the Blends and Prisms on board. You only have so many of those and a virtually (I think that's the word I'm looking for) unlimited supply of Lightning.
  6. 765Bro

    765Bro Hibiki...~

    Right, right. That is a good point. I agree, tech in maybe a Bouffalant or Mewtwo-EX just to be safe.
  7. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    I'm definitely considering a Mewtwo in here. Might drop Shaymin since I tend to start with it a lot and it's not that useful. Need to test against Blastoise though. I haven't had a problem with Prism shortages though since I do play the blend energies.
  8. Gelatin

    Gelatin So soft and jiggly.

    Are you doing this over TCGO? I don't have an ideal Blastoise deck (only 2 Blastoise and only 2 Keldeo EX) but I could play, if you're interested.
  9. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    On PlayTCG. =/ Not that it's a big deal for me to test against it right now, I don't think I'm planning on taking this to a tournament.
  10. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    Well that's an awfully familiar deck name, it's almost like I've seen a PrismEels Front Page article with this deck name.... =p

    My own list has tested most of those attackers, and the one I didn't like in it was Sigilyph. Rayquaza was pretty okay, but I never used it, so that was just my preference. Sigilyph on the other hand, I did find useless. Maybe it's a meta difference, or just who you play against, but one Sigilyph just isn't enough, and it's almost a waste of a Prism.

    Some attackers I use too much are Registeel EX, Tornadus EX, and Raikou EX. Registeel isn't required by any means (it does help with KOs with the limited damage you deal), but with so many single counts, you need heavy attackers that don't take five or more Energy to power up, like Mewtwo EX. Raikou EX and Tornadus EX are the two I picked (and Raikou helps with opposing Sigilyph techs).

    Communication isn't very good, you'll want another Ultra Ball. When you have something you can't use, like a late-game Thundurus, you don't want it back in the deck. On that note, one Revive never tested well either. Two min, three max, or keeping attackers you need in a matchup is difficult. Tool Scrapper...the deck does well against Garbodor without in, in my opinion. If you set up a Pokemon that doesn't discard Energy from itself or damage itself, you'll be fine. I don't think it's a wasted slot with only one, but I've since taken out Tool Scrapper. You said you're running lots of Pokemon aren't. There's only six single-count attackers, meaning in some matchups, you may only have one or two useable Pokemon.

    You have 14 Energy, it's a little excessive. The problem isn't actually the Energy counts, but that other than Thundurus, all of your attackers require a non-Lightning Energy. This makes it hard to set anything up, and makes the Eels almost a bad choice. Eight Lightning Energy is the absolute minimum for Eels that I've seen, but your attackers don't actually rely on Lightning. They need other Energy types because they belong in different decks. The way to correct this isn't to change attackers, but to remove the Blends and add at least two attackers that can be used in multiple matchups and attack for L or C, so that you don't have to hope you draw into a Special Energy just to attack.
  11. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Oh... I didn't actually take the name from an article (maybe subconsciously? haha).

    Either way... I love Sigilyph in this deck, it's a good Mewtwo counter and is a huge roadblock to many decks (Hydreigon decks, Blastoise decks, Darkrai/Mewtwo, etc.) that both buys me time and makes my opponent reach to take KOs. It's tested extremely well so far. Rayquzaza EX is the star of this deck in my testing, and I'm thinking of converting this into a slightly techy Rayeels since grabbing key knockouts is just so powerful and so achievable with 4-4 Eels. The blends also help tremendously with the "waste of a prism" problem and makes me not afraid to power up a Shaymin EX or Land Crush with Terrakion.

    I'm going to take out the communication after some testing. It was useful at times but that space could be better used by maybe another attacker. One Revive seems perfect here, I sometimes only need it for, say, a Tynamo, so it's not like the core of my deck (I play one as opposed to none at all, I guess you could say). I'd consider another but I'd probably consider another Rayquaza EX first. Scrapper was added for Eviolited Darkrai/other EXs so Terrakion and Rayquaza EX could take knockouts more easily.

    I've considered taking out the Blend WLFM and Terrakion for a Rayeels focus, and if I do then I might play Raikou, but I'm hesitant to make the switch since I haven't had really any major problems with the deck yet. As said, I have the right amount of special energies to play liberally with them and draw into them enough, so I haven't really had any situations where I really needed something non-prism reliant (I actually have more situations where I don't want to waste a blend or something on my Thundurus... haha). The appeal of the deck is not necessarily loading up tons of energy on anything (aside from Rayquaza EX), but using Eels to cover colorless costs and power things up in a single turn. Dropping a surprise Terrakion/Prism and Dynamotoring to power Retaliate is awesome, and likewise with Shaymin. Dynamotor is also used for Keldeo a lot, rather than simply powering up stuff. In short, I don't really have the problems you're anticipating from the deck. I'll try some of those changes, though.
  12. Ein

    Ein The Mega Man Master

    How has Thundurus been for you? I would rather have Zekrom as my electric attacker personally. Charge seems too situational in this deck, and he is 2HKOed by Hammerhead. I also agree with I_S on Sigi. Sigilyph has been highly used, but very underwhelming imo. Most of the times he's out, he's stalling. Nearly every non-ex in a deck can 1 or 2 shot him as well. But take what I say with salt, cause I personally have not been impressed with the card and his Candy Corn ability.

    I'm hesitant to say run Bouf instead, but only because of common weakness.

    All in all, looks like a fun, solid deck, and I have been meaning to try running a version of it.
  13. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Thundurus is really only useful early game, but it's very good for pulling energy out of the deck and getting T2 KOs on evolutions and Sableyes. I had a Zekrom in here originally, but I never seemed to use it and it's a liability because 1. it doesn't get free retreat w/ SAB and 2. I have no Eviolites, so it's a very risky attacker (has less HP after a single attack). Bouffalant is interesting, but probably not very effective without DCE. Sigilyph works well for me, just because it's a great attacker in certain matchups and forces the opponent to reach for a response.
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