Teching Through Time – Remembering Surprises of Worlds Past

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    I think at least currently it's tough to break out and tech something even slightly unusual without being roasted over "consistency" and "just play it this way, it's better". There wasn't really much for teching at nationals so I expect someone with their name already established will have to pilot something unusual for it to be noticed at all, let alone given any credibility.

    For the record I think life dew in plasma was an interesting choice but as an ace spec it's more of a personal choice than an outright tech given that regardless you can only have one and matchup usually doesn't factor when choosing it.
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    Amazing article. It adds a new angle to deckbuilding and testing for Worlds.
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    I accidentally voted down when I meant to vote up, sorry. Great article!
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    I'll fix that for you!
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    Blaziken actually has a very favorable match up against Magma once you play a few games against it.
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    Easily one of the top underground articles I've read in a couple years. Fun inspiration to think out of the box.
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