The Elusive Blackstar promo: N BW100

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  1. Professor_N

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    Oh yeah I guess I didn't understand what he meant. It is from DEX, it has the symbol.
  2. jonboy532

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    Darn. So it isn't going to be with us another year, probably.
  3. baby_mario

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    It's the worst card in the format and I will happily shred all my copies when it goes.
  4. jonboy532

    jonboy532 Is betting on a TDK deck with Muscle Band

    Nonsense! :) I liked it! It made Sableye + recycle hammers extremely strong vs. TDK.
  5. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    If you don't like the current supporters, which ones have you liked?
    Having just stated playing competitively, I am very curious in your opinions.
  6. baby_mario

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    Agh . . . waaaay off-topic, but what's the point of being a mod if I can't abuse my tiny bit of power?

    There's two issues really: 1) the fact that we are over-dependent on draw Supporters and 2) the draw Supporters aren't that great

    Juniper/Sycamore - I don't mind. By far the best Supporter we have and I don't see it as detrimental to the game.

    N - hate the card. Terrible for the game. When Rocket's Admin (basically the same thing) was around back in the day, it was a disruption card which could be countered by Pidgeot FRLG. Now it's staple draw, which tells you everything you need to know about our current format. A comeback card should not be so easy to use as this, which basically punishes players for doing what they are supposed to do (take Prizes). It's not as if you can do much about it either because Pokemon-based draw is either awful (Electrode) or not splashable (Delphox).

    Colress - ok, I guess, but horrible early game when you really can't afford not to draw well.

    Shauna - ok, I guess

    Bianca/Tierno/Cheren - Mediocre would be a generous description.

    In the past we had Supporters that were either strictly better (Steven's Advice), or were more demanding to play (Looker's Investigation, Judge, Oracle). We also had draw/search engines that were not dependent on Supporters (Holon Transceiver, Claydol GE, Pidgeot FRLG, Magcargo DX, Uxie LA). This meant that we did not have to commit large chunks of the deck to draw Supporters, and freed up Supporter use for more technical cards (Mr Briney's Compassion, Seeker).

    Imagine if we did not have to play a draw Supporter every turn: something like Cassius from XY would be a real option, and its use would require a degree of skill.

    Imagine if we had good, consistent draw available for every deck. It would take away a lot of variance and Beach would never have been a $200 card.
  7. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

  8. OshaWaterBottle

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    PFL! Plasma For Life. So screw Enhanced Hammer.
  9. tonenkyra

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    nope, the e-hammers are dex stamped with the league in the picture, just like the skylas and the biancas.