Role-playing The End Game (2)

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  1. "Oh, so you want this ribbon?" Flameheart yelled to the beast, holding up the ribbon. "You'll have to take it from us!" He yelled. Then he lit up Betty and ran towards Sayer. He got there and put the ribbon over Sayer's shoulder. "What now?" he asked him.
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    Sayer was taking gasping, heaving, breathes, but he was getting no oxygen. He could see stars flashing across his vision. He couldn't stand much more of this, physically or mentally. His hair was turning stark grey. What was taking so long...
  3. Flameheart could see that Sayer was straining. Then he remembered that he had told Flameheart to push him, presumably to break his concentration. Flameheart gave him a shove.
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    Sayer tripped over, his concentration broken. He looked back at Flameheart,
    "RUN." He didn't stop to look. Sayer tied the ribbon around his wrist using a quick but secure knot he learned in the Atlantis School of General Crafts, and drew Luftdrwen. He made the temperature plummet, and Lufdrwen started to glow a pale, icy blue.
    "Now it's just you and me." Growled Sayer. Ultimate Demise had taken its toll. Twice. His hair was heavily streaked with grey, and his vision was slightly blurry from oxygen deprivation, but that wasn't going to stop Sayer.
    He began to advance towards the monster, Luftdrwen at the ready.
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    "Sayer... Be careful..." Jak said to himself while clenching his fists. Ready to jump to his friend's aid whenever he needed him.
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    The hand, seeming to wait for your attack, twists itself over, before seeming to beckon for you to approach it. The hand wriggles a bit more, before turning back over. The ooze contorts, seeming to change its figure from a hand back to a blob. The block of ooze, now about ten feet squared, gets ready to defend itself. As it changes shape, however, the amulet seems to pop out of the hand, and falls towards the floor.

    All: Pick a number 1 Through 20! This is incredible important.

    Edit: incredibly
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    [[I choose the number 2]]
  8. [[I choose seven.]]

    Flameheart took a step back. He wouldn't go too far away, in case Sayer's plan went south. "Let me know if you need cover!" Flameheart shouted to Sayer.
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    As the amulet flew from the ooze, Histon, messiah, and Alcinoe all attempted to grab it, either with magic or with speed. As Histon began to use his hydrokinesis to pull the amulet towards him. Sensing this, Messiah and Alcinoe waited to grab it from midair. As they both jumped, Alcinoe and Messiah both grabbed onto the chain of the amulet, just as Histon plucked it from the air. As you look at each other, you realize that only one of you can keep this incredible artifact.

    Meanwhile, the blob of goo roared in its ganger at you for stealing its precious amulet before beginning to swell up again. You all se that it is planning to explode, and is likely to take at least one of you with it...

  10. "That's mine!" Flameheart shouted as he ran for the amulet.
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    "Not so fast punks! I got this!"
  12. Flameheart realized that he couldn't outrun Messiah or Alcinoe. But his attacks could. "I'd back off unless you all want to come down with a case of Volcanic Panic to the face syndrome!" Flameheart yelled to everyone running for the amulet.
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    Sayer didn't care about some stupid amulet. The monster was vulnerable, and it was blocking his path to reviving Neptune. Sayer leapt forward , arcing Luftdrwen down with enough force to cleave the monster in two.
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    Alcinoe knew that she could outrun both Flameheart and Messiah, and quite easily at that. She also knew that Volcano Panic needed some time to charge, at least last time she saw Flameheart perform it. But all that didn't matter when he made the threat. Alcinoe electrified her armour and whirled around as fast as she could. In the blink of an eye, she was in front of Flameheart and suckerpunched him in the gut with her fist, radiating with electricity.
    She hissed into his ear: "Don't /ever/ do that again. If you want to attack us, at least do it in a fair way. Not over some stupid artifact."
  15. Flameheart winced, then grabbed the wrist of the arm that Alcinoe grabbed him with and snarled. "Big mistake. Don't you know not to play with fire?" His eyes and Betty started blazing. "You play with fire, you get burned." Fire erupted from under his feet, surrounding him up to his torso in a blazing vortex. "And, most importantly, you only fight fire with water."
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    Alcinoe took a single step back, and she could still feel the heat radiating from Flameheart. She also looked across her shoulder and saw Sayer charging what was left of the dungeon boss. She feared that he couldn't take another hit, so she aimed her staff and fired. The medical dagger that was left in the compartment got fired in Sayer's direction. It should hit him in his left shoulder, replenishing both health and mana.
    She then turned back to Flameheart, and started talking rapidly, her face filled with rage. "So, are you going to let loose your most powerful attack? I won't defend myself, so that should probably kill me, correct? Go ahead," Alcinoe challenged, "Fry me alive! I've still got my dagger filled with oil, so that should ensure my demise, right? If you make threats like that, you should follow up. Before you do though, I want to remind you of the conversation we had when we first met. I proposed mutiny, basic theft, and you agreed, but you didn't want anyone to get hurt. Noble intentions. Since that moment, I've saved you from drowning next to the Glauert, and you repayed me by patronising me. In the cave of the Dragon Swallower, I've saved you from the freezing water. Just now, you were charging a monster that could reflect attacks, and you were about to attack it at full power. I pulled you out. And now that you want a pretty necklace, you're willing to kill for it? I haven't wronged you, Flameheart. Not ever. If you want to blast me over this, I won't defend myself. I just thought you were better than the backstabbing bastard you're acting like right now."
    [[Throwback Thursday, anyone?]]
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  17. "I need you to listen very carefully right now, Alcinoe. If you don't, everyone in this cave and the cave will be done for," Flameheart said, trying to sound calm. "Take something sharp, stab me in the heart and run for it." He said. "Do it now, please!"
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    As two of our heroes were bickering like teenage girls the noble warriors they are, Sayer sliced the blob in two.

    You all level up twice!

    PM me your level-up shenanigans

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    Histon watched as the Amulet continued to sail through the air. This was certainly an object worthy of possession, and Histon had every intention of claiming it as his own. Because he knew that there was no way he could compete with Alcinoe's speed or Messiah's physical strength, he decided to rely on Inscriptio Librum in order to gain ownership of the Amulet.

    Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Alcinoe standing in front of Flameheart, who was holding her wrist. He appeared to be making some sort of threat to her while readying an attack. Histon didn't know why, but for whatever godforsaken reason, he felt the need to intervene. He looked back up to the Amulet, which was slowly arcing midair and beginning to descend towards where Messiah was standing. He looked back to Alcinoe. Then back to the Amulet. He winced in what he knew could be a crucial mistake in obtaining the Amulet, but he had no idea what else to do. He flipped through Inscriptio Librum, finding a spell that could manipulate stone. He cast it while motioning his hand towards the ceiling above him. His eyes glowed yellow, and he could feel his mana begin to drain. A crack formed at the base of a stalactite, and it broke away from the ceiling, levitating on its own. Histon waved his hand in the direction of the falling Amulet, and it rushed towards it, fitting through the chain and nailing it to a nearby wall. This would, at the very least, distract Messiah until Histon could take care of Alcinoe.

    He then turned to Flameheart, and flipped through Inscriptio Librum again. He came to a hydrokinetic spell, and knew in a heartbeat that Flameheart would regret making threats. He reached his hand towards the wall of water that Sayer had been controlling, and siphoned a portion of it. His eyes shifted from yellow to a deep cerulean as the water compacted and shot in a direct stream towards Flameheart's chest. No son of Vulcan or Hephaestus would react well to the attack.
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  20. Flameheart saw the water too late. The water hit him square in the chestand he fell to the ground, steaming. "Ugh," he mumbled. "Histon, I don't need you to douse me with water right now! I absorbed that supernova thing you did to my axe, and it's overloading me. I need to get a lot of fire out of my system, fast." As if to ephasize the point, Flameheart's skin started glowing orange. "Even I have my limits with fire," he said.