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    The End Game

    Welcome to the End Game! Unlike other RP's that gain momentum and generally take their own direction in the plot, this one jumps straight into the action with epic characters, massive bosses and an array of overpowered weaponry. This action isn’t at the cost of a plot, however.

    The RP's setting is similar to most RPGs. Enemies drop gold and equipment, you gain experience to level up, and your class and stats decide most of your skills. While the RP plays more like a game than an adventure, there is apparently nothing strange with levelling up and other game mechanics. The niche to this RP is that instead of starting at the bottom of the ladder and grinding your way up the game, every character is going to start at level 80!

    The plot is that each character, for their own reason, is after the Easter Egg. The Easter Egg, to the characters, isn't so much a secret collectible in the game but rather the ultimate source of power in their known universe. It will grant untold power, riches, fame, fortune, and other stuff that you would probably expect from the most powerful artifact ever conceived- it could be the cure to a terrible plague or the rift to a better world. Probably both! More about it will be revealed as you defeat Bosses for clues. The only current known clues to the egg is that you must be of level 100 to harness it, and that it is guarded by a monster of legends, supposedly indestructible and almighty.

    I won't be posting a list of requirements and selections for your character. As long as it is approved by me through PM your character can be whatever you want. A princess rogue that fights with dual spears, or a gun slinging lizard with a knack for explosives. You can have any one weapon, a set of armor and four skills. More weapons and skills, and new sets of armor will be available later in the game.

    You’re allowed one character per person, with a limit of eight characters for the RP.
    You should send me your character's info like this:


    Class: (Think of a generic class akin to those in roleplaying games, but don't feel limited to only examples you've seen! You could be a "Mage" just as easily as you could be a "Black Warlock" or "Thief Lord". Try and be creative.)

    Weapon: (What does your weapon look like? What's it's range? How much damage? Any special effects?)
    *(If your weapon has an element, put that on there too!)
    Stats: (See below!)

    Armor Set: (What does your armor look like? How strong is it? Any special abilities? Does it have an element? How high does your defense have to be to use it?)

    Skill 1: (What does it do? How does it work? How does it look? What's it's range? How much damage? Any special effects? Does it have an element?)
    **(Active or passive)
    Skill 2: (What does it do? How does it work? How does it look? What's it's range? How much damage? Any special effects? Does it have an element?)

    Skill 3: (What does it do? How does it work? How does it look? What's it's range? How much damage? Any special effects? Does it have an element?)

    Skill 4: (What does it do? How does it work? How does it look? What's it's range? How much damage? Any special effects? Does it have an element?)

    *Element Chart and Type Match-Ups:

    **(Active is something you turn on, does what it does, then recharges. Passive is something always on. Actives are usually better than passives, because they do most of your damage, but a passive has some clever uses too. Experiment! Your skills can be changed later on.)


    Strength: (How much you can lift and how much physical damage you do)
    Magic: (How much mana you have and how much magic damage you do)
    Accuracy: (How accuracte you are and how much ranged damage you do)


    HP: (The higher the number, the more hits you can take.)
    Defense: (The higher the number, the better armor you can wear. Grants bonus to how much damage you take from physical or ranged attacks.)
    IQ: (Grants bonus to how much damage you take from magic attacks, as well as your ability to detect traps.)
    Speed: (The higher the number, the faster you can move. Grants bonus to ranged damage)
    Luck: (Randomly affects outcomes; ineffective in small amounts, very powerful in large amounts.

    You have 40 points for the Offense Tier, (You will earn another point every two levels.) and 80 points for the Bonus Tier (You will earn another point every level.)

    (Note: The bonuses of the Bonus Tier are minimal, so focus on their primary effect and don't get slotted into the "I'm the strength guy so I have to have defense" mindset!)

    If you'd rather opt for a mysterious character, you can replace the Back-Story with his/her/it's appearance. Or if you’re feeling extra creative, you can do both!

    Right now though, I'm going to point out, please don't give yourself anything too powerful, right? You might be level 80, but in a game that doesn't mean your armor is impervious to damage or your skills can clear an entire dungeon.

    Miracle Island:
    This is our setting, the most dangerous hunting grounds for only the highest level heroes where many have fallen in pursuit of the Easter Egg. It's a pretty small island, but it will act as the hub for our adventure: Hosting the Hospital, (Where dead players revive) the Shop, (where you can buy items, weapons, and armor sets.) and the Quest Board! (Where you get the lowdown on where them bosses at!) The Shop and Quest Boards stock changes between quests, so check back to get new missions (All of which will be boss fights at your high level) and new equipment! Once you have your quest, assemble your team and head to the Dungeon Portal to start the fight! Here’s a rough map for reference of what the general layout of buildings is:
    Right now, the island is pretty sparse, but Miracle Island will become populated with new shops, like a Blacksmith and Enchanter's Shop as the character's level and bosses are slain. Expect lush greenery and statues as you reach certain milestones.

    I should mention right now, that each character has just spent all their gold on new level 80 equipment, so you’re best checking the Quest Board first. (Of course all bosses drop a gigantic mountain of cash.)

    For the first part of the game, you will all face off against Bosses in various dungeons, each with its own layout and hazards that will be described when you enter. Bosses will be played by me, and can be anything from an Elder Thunder Dragon, to an Ancient Golem Lich. Pokémon game elements apply. I will state which types a boss is, and certain equipment can deal double or half damage to it. (So a Fire Monkey takes double damage from your Water Whip, or a Flying Lich takes half damage from your Boxing Glove of Death.) You can choose to team up and split the rewards, (Or snag them all for yourself if you can loot fast enough!) or solo it if your feeling like the reward outweighs the risk. What I'm trying to say here, in most games, those tough bosses need teams to take down! It's much safer to form a party. All bosses drop a mound of gold and treasure, along with some pretty powerful equipment and items. Sometimes, against especially powerful Bosses, you can loot an Artifact out of them! These are the most powerful tools in the game, and each one is different. Make sure you grab these!

    Each character will need a certain amount of Experience, or "EXP" to level up. At level 80, only 35,000 is required, which might be the equivalent of one or two bosses. At the higher levels, it might cost as much as 120,000 EXP to level, but by then you will be much more powerful. EXP is split among party members, so a band of 4 adventurers who kill a boss worth 140,000, but each will only receive 35,000 experience. At the higher levels, your new-found strength will make it easier to solo the bosses, as well as you will be able to challenge other players to *PvP in the Arena; which is worth considerable more experience than just bosses alone.
    Being killed by Bosses or other players in *PvP zones results in dropping all your gold, and either your weapon or armor set, (Which will be randomly decided) which can be picked up by other players. You also suffer a hefty Experience Debt, which can lower your level quite drastically. Take care not to die!
    *More on that later!

    Each character should have a reason to find the egg, and to achieve this you must:
    A) Be at least level 100, and killing bosses levels you
    B) The bosses drop clues, which you are going to need to even find the Egg.
    C) Kill bosses, because that is just normal life for our characters.
    When you find the Egg, we will proceed into the second portion of the plot. This is a secret for now, but be warned that this portion will take up a significant amount of our time and is not at all just a stepping stone. Be dedicated when you sign up!

    Easter Egg:
    Being a big part of the plot, I thought I'd write up a small section on it. The Easter Egg is a well hidden myth of legends, and each of your characters have taken it up on themselves to find it! Bosses will utter clues, drop maps, and other assorted things to assist you in finding it. Remember, you don’t win by reaching level 100! Killing bosses is just the first part of the RP! Work together with fellow characters to unearth it and claim your prize! (Or even keep it all for yourself!)

    PvP Zones:
    At a later point in the game, (I'm thinking level 90, but I will have to see how characters develop and where the story goes.) players can challenge each other to fights in the Arena, and certain bosses will even take place in PvP Zones. If you kill that character, you'll not only send them back a couple of levels, (Putting you closer to the Egg!) you also get to take their Weapon or Armor, (Not both!) and ALL artifacts they were carrying!

    15,000/35,000 EXP
    Gold: 0
    *Inventory: x1 Accuracy Potion, x1 Health Potion, x1 Immaculate Diamond

    15,000/35,000 EXP
    Gold: 1,000
    *Inventory: x2 Health Potion, x2 Mana Potion, x1 Fire Potion, x1 Piece of Paper Supposedly Worth 13,500 Gold

    15,000/35,000 EXP
    Gold: 500
    *Inventory: x2 Mana Potion, x2 Health Potion, x1 Creepy Old Man's Approval, Winstpn's Staff, x1 Immaculate Diamond


    15,000/35,000 EXP
    Gold: 0

    *Inventory: x2 Mana Potion, x1 Immaculate Diamond

    15,000/35,000 EXP
    Gold: 2,500
    *Inventory: Nothing

    15,000/35,000 EXP
    Gold: 2,500
    *Inventory: Nothing

    * = Only includes valuable items in Game Hammerspace.
    Glauert Seadragon:

    Skill 1: Hydro-gastric Acid (Active):
    Taking a second to trigger the mechanism, the Glauert Seadragon can upchuck a large and vicious spray of stomach acid. This clear liquid chews away at most armor that does not resist it, causing a temporary Defense stat drop or dissolving entire structures. The damage is only moderate, but the range of effect and other destruction is well-worth the high energy cost it requires.[/spoiler]

    The Dragon Swallower:
    Skill 1: Psuedo-Flamethrower (Active):
    By taking in the warm air of the room into the massive lungs that make up most of it's bulbous body, the Dragon Swallower can transform the empty space of a room into an icy barricade in just seconds. Anyone caught within the area of effect of the inhale can be frozen in the icicle structure it forms. While frozen, the afflicted target is incapable of any action until thawed-- the thawing process is typically fairly long unless an outside source assists.

    Skill 2: Freezethrower (Active):
    With enough air inhaled, the Dragon Swallower's super cold body begins to chill the air stored inside it. During this time, it's stomach is severely exposed and distended by it's own massive lungs pressing against it- and it fights just to keep it's own mouth closed. This vulnerability lasts only a few seconds however, as once the air inside becomes frigid it expels a cone of icy wind with incredible range. Anyone caught within this area of effect can be frozen within just a few seconds of exposure without resistance, and the attack can last an astonishing thirty seconds.

    The End:
    Pretty long thread, eh? I hope I’ve explained everything thoroughly enough as it has been adapted from one of my older roleplays from a different forum. Please, don’t hesitate at all to ask questions! I’d like to stress the importance of your dedication to this roleplay and the time it requires. Joining is a responsibility, and you are expected to follow my guidelines to the best of your ability. That’s not to say this is unwelcoming, however, and I’d love to incorporate some of our new players with some old salts to put out a good example of roleplaying.​
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    I would like to sign up, but have a question: how will damage be determined?
  3. 765Bro

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    It's not quite a roleplaying game, if that makes any sense. Damage isn't calculated like a tabletop or forum game, but as an estimate based on what you wrote. For example, if you plunged your massive sword into the neck of a dragon, you're likely to do, maybe, 80,000 damage. If you can only glance an arrow of the dragon's back, you'll only do 400. (Remember, you're a powerful level 80.)

    HP might not even come up as a direct number, only as an estimate for when special skills come into play. For example, HP is more important when it comes to healing and attacks that pierce defense, but less so in average combat. I hope that makes sense.

    I'd perfer if you PMed me your character profile, and when sign-ups close I will edit in those accepted. I may also want to discuss a problem with your character, so please delete that post and PM it to me instead.
    Counting Vablakes, I have only recieved two applications so far; still looking for at least four more!
  4. Ok, PMing it now.
  5. Revanchist

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    I'll give it a shot, but it won't be ready until later today.
  6. Can I join later on, if the game continues?? I know that cammoclones game didn't go very well, and I don't want to join something that won't finish…
  7. 765Bro

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    Well, as the mod of the subforum I'd like to put my word on the line that it will, but...

    No, I don't intend to have more than six players and I won't start until we get at least six. More than that, the characters will all meet up at the very beginning and begin racing for levels- I don't really like forcibly inserting a character and handicapping them midway through.

    So while I understand your hesitation, no RP can guarantee success. If I have to, I might implement a responsibility rule in which inactive players are to be reported to me, and perhaps eventually barred from the sub-forum if they continue to join games but not finish them.

    That said, your eagerness to see a game through would make you a perfect canidate for joining and enforcing other's activity, so I'd really appreciate you giving me a chance!
  8. OK then; I'll sign up. I have no RP experience, so you'll have to bear with me lol
  9. 765Bro

    765Bro Hibiki...~

    That's okay. Looking forward to having you, and I'll try to help out where I can!
  10. Were there any issues with my character? If so, sorry, this is my first time doing something like this. I there are any, I would be more than happy to fix them. :)
  11. Revanchist

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    I'm currently working on mine too!
  12. Got mine posted; let me know if I can improve anything
  13. Revanchist

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    Alright, got mine posted.
  14. InfinityMinusOne

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    So we've got what, 4 players so far? And are the other applications going to be posted before or after the 6 players are determined?
  15. 765Bro

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    Hm. Good question.

    I think I'll close the sign-ups by this Thursday, though I'll extend that time if we haven't recieved six applications yet.
  16. InfinityMinusOne

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    K. I was just curious as to whether all the applicants would be posted, or just those who make the cut come Thursday.
  17. 765Bro

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    Those who make the cut will have their applications added into the original post.
  18. Just wondering how many submissions we have so far....I am chomping at the bit to start this thing:p
  19. InfinityMinusOne

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    Regardless, the cutoff for submissions ends on Thursday. Even if 20 people signed up by now, we'd probably not be starting as of yet(though I have no idea what tricks or plans Bro has up his sleeve).

    Just realized something else. Every other participant (that at least I know of) thus far has been sucked up into the Kirby movement. What is becoming of Sixprizes?? D:
  20. I was just wondering how the sumbission process was coming along.

    I just realized that almost everyone who hasn't joined us has gone to the Froakie sideo_O
    What's up with that??