Role-playing The End Game

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    [[Sooooo....... Should we wait....?]]
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    [[you decide. I'm following you.]]
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    [[Well everyone else kinda went to their room on their own and Jak did technically already ask. Think it would hurt anything if we just went?]]
  5. [[to be fair, everyone else has been on the island longer so they already know where their rooms are.]]
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    [[So do you think we should wait to be led to the room? It doesn't bother me if we should wait which is why I went ahead and asked.]]
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    [[ Not at all. All I'll do is write a small prompt to show time progression once everyone's nestled into bed, you get a full heal (Minus psychological illnesses from Messiah, maybe??) and then we're ready to go again. ]]
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    [[Okay thanks for the input. :)]]

    "Come on pal lets go rest up a bit. Got a big day ahead of us!" Jak said as he began walking down the hall and into one of the rooms.
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    "Finally! A bed! Haven't seen one of these in a while!" Sayer exclaimed. "See ya in the morning Jak!"

    This would be an interesting new adventure. Sayer was nervous about facing his first boss on the Island, but hey, he's battled through monsters known only to the deep and survived, so why couldn't he beat these, especially with Jak and Sayers new friends. Flameheart seemed to be a really virtuous guy, and so does Histon, and they seem to be kinda the leaders of the group. Messiah... Something has got to be wrong there. Having such massive mood swings cannot be good for your health. And then there's Alcinoe. She definitely doesn't like Sayer now. He'll have to be careful from now on around her. Sayer sighed, and closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep.
  10. Flameheart decided it would be best to get some rest. He capped Anaklusmos and put it on his nightstand, because A) who would steal a ballpoint pen and B) if someone stole it it would just return to his pocket. He learned really fast not to sleep with the pen in his pocket, the third night after he got it he fell asleep with it in his pocket and woke up to a sword to the calf. Luckily it wasn't bad, just a few stitches. He smiled at the thought. That was back before his life had been turned upside down. He fell asleep, smiling at that thought.
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    "See you in the morning pal!" Jak exclaimed and hopped onto his bed.

    Jak thought happily about the new friends he had made. He thought of each one of them and how different and interesting they all were. He read a few things from their actions, body language, etc. that made him think a little harder about them all. He decided he would give them the benefit of the doubt and trust them anyways. He was good at that. Trusting people. With everything Jak has seen and been through he still believes in the good that he believes rests in all people. Jak has seen many things and still finds the willpower to get up every morning and fight for what he believes is right just one more day. When it comes down to it, all he can do is hope that his contributions make things just a little brighter, and a little better for everyone. No one knows exactly what kind of horrors Jak has seen through his unnaturally long life. All people know is that there is a great, deep mystery hidden behind his powerful, calm, majestic gaze.

    'Something is different about my new friends. I just know it.' Jak thought to himself as he finally fell into a deep, restful sleep.
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    [[If you don't post til tuesday @Mares789 (my perspective, utc+9) I'm gonna post]]
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    [[30% serious illness (hospital-serious), 10% family issues (grandad had a succesfull lungcancer operation), 40% studies (changed my uni study just before deadline), 10% WereWolf, 10% inexcusable. Can't post now, but I'll try my very best tomorrow.]]
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    [[Am making a post]][DOUBLEPOST=1387377220][/DOUBLEPOST]After Messiah had left, Alcinoe felt pretty bad about herself. She wasn't ready to share her story yet, but telling Messiah off like that woud probably have consequences. She hoped he'd be alright as well.
    But now that she was alone for a while, she could do some crafting.

    She took the Winstpn's Staff she took from the Glauert Seadragon and started carving the thick, large staff with a dagger of hers. Skilled as she was, she ended up with 5 slightly hollowed out but frail daggers. She made it so that it wouldn't break when fired with her Battle Staff, but it would shatter on impact, however digging its pointy tip in the target.

    She then proceeded to use the small kitchen in the room to reduce both a Mana Potion and a Health Potion. Evaporating the water the cures were dissolved in, she got a very concentrated version of each potion.

    Then, she carefully poured half of the Reduced Mana Potion and half of the Reduced Health Potion in a dagger, and did this twice.
    Alcinoe also filled one of the daggers with the corrosive acid she took from the Glauert Seadragon.
    After sealing the daggers with wax, she ended up with exactly what she wanted: two daggers she could launch at her allies or herself, to provide a small but immediate boost in mana and health, and one that would douse her opponent in corrosive acid. They were all slightly homing as well, due to the magic properties of the staff she used for the hollow daggers.

    [Removed from inventory: Winstpn's Staff; 1 Health Potion (I have no more left now since Messiah still has half of mine after using the other half); 1 Mana Potion; 1/3rd of the Glauert Acid]
    [Added to inventory: 2 wooden, hollowed-out daggers; 2 Mana/Health Homing Injection Daggers; 1 Homing Acid-Spreading Dagger]

    Just as she was done crafting, Messiah came stumbling in and fell face-first on his bed. Alcinoe assumed he took the medicine and that the fatigue was some side-effect. She figured it wasn't much use bothering him now, so she went to sleep as well.

    [[Everyone is asleep iirc, so now it's basically instantly morning]]
    [[As far as my dagger mechanics go, I'd say that Alcinoe stores her daggers in the hammerspace inventory. Standard are the 5 poison daggers, retrievable, other substances can be applied. The 5 hollow daggers are retrievable, the substances they contained, not. Alcinoe can set her 5 daggers for a battle right before said battle, so even right after seeing the opponent. Interchanging while battling is impossible. Sounds fair? @765Bro ]]
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    [[ Sounds fair. Hurray for a post! Messiah can go, then I'll update soon. ]]
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    [[Darn I need some sleep. I'll post in 18 hours]]
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    [[How do you stay up so long? It's like 6am your time...]]
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    [[It was actually around 12:00 AM @HighShroomish]]
    How long did it take for him to wake up? As he slowly opened his groggy eyes, he saw an empty black void. This was familiar. However, instead of a female coming to talk to him (Nyx) a tall man with neat black hair and a tuxedo approached. He spoke in a very gentleman-ly tone.
    "Please, do not be alarmed. I have summoned you from the deepest part of your mind. Let me introduce myself. I am Thanatos. One of the Rulers of Darkness, God of Death, and the Lock of Truth on your memories. Yes, there are special "Locks" that you will have to unlock as you struggle toward your goal. I am only the first. Once you unlock all the locks, you will have immense power that no God nor Human can ever hold. There was the Lock of Light left. I only have a little bit of time, so I wish that you would not interrupt me while I am explaining."
    Messiah was wondering why this "Thanatos" was calling himself the God of death, and why Nyx was not coming.
    Thanatos explained almost as if he had read Messiah's mind, "Nyx had died to protect you. There is another God awaiting your call. I had cast an illusion that would cloud you from the truth until you found me" Thanatos had created a white-ish fog, and it went inside of Messiah. Suddenly, he saw a vivid scene.
    Years ago, when the great Titan against God war had raged, a couple Gods were actually smart enough to hide down on the mortal world while the war raged on. There were 13 Gods in hiding at that time; Erebus (Darkness), Nyx (Chaos), Moros (Doom, Destiny), Ker (Fate, Destruction), Thanatos (Death), Momus (Blame), Oizys (Woe, Pain, Distress), Nemesis (Indignation, Retribution), Hypnos (Sleep), and Oneiroi (Dreams), Aether (Light), Hemera (Day), Philotes (Love). The latter 3 had planned to bide time in the Mortal world and remain neutral, while the former had planned to eliminate the victor of the war while they were weak. The latter was called the "Controller of Light" while the former was called the "Rulers of Darkness" by the mortals. Each God had to take on a mortal form, however, these mortal forms were a living beings themselves (though not human, but similar). The only mortals that had a different gender than the immortal counterpart was Aether and Nyx. Their names were Lyn and Telos.
    Time had passed, and both of them had figured out each other's existence. There were small fights, not enough to bring the attention of Zeus and Kronos. Telos was out hunting for food when he first saw Lyn. However, instead of killing Telos (she was much stronger) she had came toward him, and said, "Kill me. I will not resist." and got down on her knees. Telos, instead of doing the right thing, dissolved his Scythe, and asked, "Why do you not kill me Aether. You could." Lyn made a shy smile, "I don't kill good looking guys. Besides, I thought you wouldn't kill me anyway," That flirt and the smile had burned all thoughts of killing her now. They had talked about each other for a while after that. And thanks to them talking, Telos was not able to hunt. This continued, Lyn and Telos talking everyday while Telos was out hunting. Erebus grew suspicions, and had feared the worst. Erebus had ordered Telos to annihilate Aether. Telos angered at Erebus, slashes him in the face, giving him a long scar, and ran. He ran until he was too close to where the Controllers of Light where being, and was caught. Lyn had begged Philotes and Hemera to spare him. And spare him they did, but at a cost. They took Lyn's life. Twisting the dagger out of Lyn's chest, the two had left. Telos had grabbed her fall, and gently set her down. "Your cute when your panicked.......hahaha..... Hey.... I need to tell you some...thing....... I... l--" Her hand fell to the ground lifelessly. She had stopped breathing.
    Aether's shimmering form had materialized in front of Telos who was still crying. He had entered Telos' body, and Telos felt the power of Light surge within him."

    And suddenly, the scene went blank.
    Thanatos, with a smile said, "The rest, I'm afraid, is up to you to find. Unlock the Lock of Light, and you will find yourself with the rest of your past. I will always be by your side...." and he faded into the black fog. No...
    And he woke up. It was night. Alcinoe was asleep. He was tired. He needed to think about what just happened. He fell back to sleep...

    [[I dunno if this is possible, but if it is...
    New Moveset to learn
    Lv. 83 Mode Shift (active) Nornal type
    -Once used, the user will switch into Death Rebel mode. However, the User will permanently lose all skills once learned and not be able to learn anymore skills (in Normal Mode)
    Dark aura (Passive)Dark type
    -Burns 5% of Max Mana during one turn. Mana Potions will only recover rate will decrease to 75%. However, Messiah's offensive stats are multiplied by 1.5 and Bonus tier stats are multiplied by 1.2. Once at Lv 90, Offensive tier stats will be multiplied by 2 and bonus tier by 1.5. This skill will also be on when in Death Rebel Mode
    Death Rebel Mode Moveset (@ Lv 83)
    Draconic Charge Dragon type
    -Quadruples the next physical move. This Cannot be stacked.
    Dark Constructor Dark type
    -User creates constructs out of shadows. These constructs will feel as if they are real things. Dark Constructor can only create Solid objects.
    Lv. 85 Scythe of Grace
    Once atl lv.85,instead of the weapon being transfered to the Death rebel.mode, Death rebel will have an individual weapon that cannot be changed. Weapon type is dark, and the handle is 6feet, giving it long range. This weapon grows with Messiah's level (every 5 levels this weapon will grant Messiah +3 speed)
    Lv. 86 Infiltrator Dark type
    -User turns invisible for 1 turn. During this time, Strength is multiplied by 1.2 while Speed is multiplied by 0.8

    Lv. 90 Duplicate Light type
    -User can make copies. Type A copies are copies that can only attack with the Scythe and will do 0.4 times the damage Messiah will normally do. These copies will disappear when attacked. Type B Copies are made of shadows and look like constructs, and have 1/6 max mana, 3/4 max Strength. There can only be 6 type B copies, and each can use all of Messiah's skills.]]
    [[If this isn't OK, then I'll PM you @bro]]
    [[EDIT: I was drunk and forgot alot of things so I added them]]
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    [[WELL THEN. That's awesome. Now Sayer is gonna go flirt with death for a bit.]]

    Sayers eyes snapped open. What had he heard? It must've been one of the other adventurerurs in their sleep. Everything would be fine. Sayer closed his eyes. But he couldn't quite get to sleep. This was odd. Normally he would be asleep in a second. Tap tap. Sayer jerked up. Where did that come from? Tap tap tap. The window! He slowly and quietly got up as not to wake Jak. Outside the window, was a small, orange-green bird. It seemed to... want Sayer to follow it? It flew away, and Sayer watched it go down to the sea, and turn to look back at him. It darted back up and have Sayer an incredulous look. Sayer raised his eyebrows. Fine. I guess this thing wants me to follow. Then the bird seemed to grin! Can it read my mind?! Sayer thought.
    Of course I can! I can also communicate telepathically, or else your friend would be up too. Now come on, slow poke! Sayer stared at the bird. This was strange. A telepathic bird! Hey, were you paying attention? I said come on! And it flitted back down to the sea. Quietly, Sayer crawled to the door, carefully opening it, and sliding out. He darted back the way they came, and out the door. Sayer snuck around the hospital to where his window was. And looked around for the bird. It seemed to have disappeared. You out yet? Said the bird
    Yeah? Where are you? And also, what do you want?
    Look in the water. Get ready for a swim!

    Sayer looked closely. The water was dark, but he could make out the shape of a dolphin just off shore. He shrugged. Sayer hadn't been in the water for a while. It couldn't hurt now. He took a deep breath and took off his shirt, gills forming around his neck, and scales creeping up to his shoulders from his hands, then tore of his jeans, jumping into the water at the same time. Sayers lower body melted together, his feet forming a tail fin, and his legs becoming a long, scaly mass. The water around him was cool, but somewhat polluted. At least it was better than what Atlantis had become.
    Hey, where'd you go? Where are you? HEY WHERE ARE Y- Sayer felt something, an evil presence, a presence he was all to familiar with. Sayer didn't have his sword, but he had his magik. He was ready for a fight no matter what the odds.
    Do you really wish to fight me, merman? I have wiped out your kind. You are finally the last left. I could kill you this moment. I am more powerful than all the forces of Atlantis combined. Neptune is gone for centuries, and I see you have study your history. The Egg is the only thing that can bring him back. It is also something that I greatly desire. I will make a bargain with you. If you get the Egg, I will spare your life, and allow you to bring back Neptune.
    I'm listening. What's the catch.
    The catch is this- you must kill the one who is connected to the Dark and Light. If you do not accomplish both, I will find you, and kill you, wiping out your race, and taking complete control of the sea.

    Sayer thought about this. If he got the Egg for this... thing, he would no doubt be dead anyway, but Neptune would be back, and at full strength. Hopefully he would be able to defeat the thing, and take back what is ours by right. But... who was Dark and Light? It could be any of them. If it was Jak.... Sayer just had to hope. He had no idea who it would be, but he would do it.
    Fine, just tell me who it is.

    Hey, tell me who it is!
    But whatever it was was gone. Sayer glided back to the surface, and drifted closer to shore he guided the water around his clothes and too him. He put them on and slowly walked back to his room, collapsing on his bed, dead asleep.Sayer knew what he had to do, but the question was, could he?

    [[just thought I'd make things interesting!]]
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  20. As Flameheart slept, he had a dream.

    He was back home. He saw his friends hiding from something he knew all to well. Something he and his friends had defeated, but hoped would have taken a while to re-form. It was a Drakon. Not a dragon, a Drakon. Most people would think a dragon would be scary until they had seen a Drakon. They range from 100 to 250 feet long and pretty much look like giant snakes, but their skin is tougher than tank armor. They only have two weak points which are their eyes and their mouth. You can't get close to their mouths because they spit deadly acid that will melt you faster than you can process what's happening. This particular Drakon was around 225 feet long and pitch black with light grey eyes.

    As Flameheart stood there, staring at the massive creature- not with awe but with anger, he hadn't noticed his dad materialize next to him. "Since you've left, the war has gotten worse," he said. It startled Flameheart, partially because he didn't know he was there and partially because his friends were in that war. "Even the gods' most ancient enemies are awakening to help the mortals in their war against us." Flameheart remained silent for a moment. "Who is stirring? Do I need to come back?" He finally asked. The scene shifted. Flameheart saw Typhon, one of the most powerful monsters to have ever existed, battling the Olympians. "Typhon, for one. There are others. Titans are coming back. Giants will rise again. The world could soon be no more." Hephaestus sighed. There was a moment of silence.

    Finally, Flameheart broke the silence. "I met another demigod today. He has power over water. He came from Atlantis. Atlantis has been taken. There is also another. I'm not quite sure of him. Nyx has sided with him." Hephaestus didn't seem surprised. "I know of the one Nyx has sided with, though I must not speak of him. He is different. He could decide a lot of things. The other one I have not heard of."

    "Dad, my powers... why are they going out of control?" Flameheart decided to ask. "Do you know why you were called Flameheart?" Hephaestus asked him. "No, not really. Why is that important?" Hephaestus looked sad. "When you were young... your heart stopped working. I forged you a new heart from pure fire. Your powers are not going out of control, they are just growing stronger. Your heart makes you more powerful than my other children. You will find the way to control your powers on this journey. And hurry, because your friends can't hold out without you for much longer." And with that, the scene dissolved.

    Flameheart jumped out of bed. It was around three in the morning, but he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep any more. So he left the hospital and went down to the beach, where he decided to start practicing controling his powers.

    After a two and a half hours of practicing, he returned to the hospital to make sure he was there when everyone woke up. He sa down and looked out of the window, thinking about what had happened in his dream, and waiting for everyone to wake up.