“The Entire Alphabet” – Virginia Regionals From A to Z

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    Fun article to read! Was definitely different than your average write-up... And I am still on the fence for what deck to play this weekend in St Louis!!! Man I keep going back and forth. I would probably run RayBoar if I had a couple of Beaches, but I don't, so I can't figure out what to play instead... Que Sera Sera...
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    Erik, This was one of my all time favorite articles to read anywhere. Keep up the great work. Congrats on your good finish. Was sorry to hear about Kevin's issues at the tourney. Tell him Hello for me......enjoyed having him work for me a while back in High Point. You are both "class acts" and Pokemon is lucky to have you still participating in this game. Best, Jim Roll
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    I watched Kevin drink a 5-hour energy and still want to go to sleep. Poor guy. Great article Erik!
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    Great article, Erik. I'm attending a Cities on Sunday and am playing the Yeti. I find that A and B stand out to me the most. My logic is that if I never misplay, if I lose, it will be due to factors out of my control such as matchup and luck, which pleases me.

    On that note, is it possible for Mike Diaz to step in here and let us know what his techs for the Yeti were? If not, I understand.
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    I'm really curious as to both Erik's list and Mike's list.

    I am glad Kevin is feeling better, people were very vague on Sunday about what actually was going on with Kevin.