The Hawk’s Nest: Putting it to the Test

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    Great article! Just to let you know, Silver Mirror only works on non-EX's. You may already know that, but it didn't sound like it, so I just wanted to tell you :) Also, I am planning on testing a Zebstrika/Garbodor deck that utilizes Silver Mirror, Silver Bangle, and Rock Guard to win it's various match-ups, as well as lasers (you don't have to be scared of Verdant Wind because of Garbodor). If you do test Zebstrika, please write an article about how it did. I would be very interested in that :)
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    Yeah, sorry for not making that clear. In the two decks where I included Mirror (slow Virizion and Plasma) they are intended for use on the Bouffalants, Kyurems, and Absols. Because those three attackers are excellent against the various Plamsa attackers. For example, if you can make Silver Mirror stick on Bouffalant against a Plasma deck, you are in great shape because it will 2HKO and of the EXs in that deck, while the Plasma deck will not be able to remove it off the field.

    I am beginning to test Zebstrika/Garbodor. I for sure won't have another article in August, but if I get more games in with Zebra/Mirror (or Dragonite/Mirror), I'll try to let you know in this thread.
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    I have been testing empoleon/kingdra/bangle it's extremely consistent
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    Great article! I've been testing Toolbox quite a bit (it's cheap and fun and I don't think many people will be seriously expecting it for the first couple of BRs); Ive found that 4 EXP Share, 4 Silver Mirror, 3 Float Stone, 3 Rescue Scarf, 2 Silver Bangle, and 2 Eviolite works exceptionally well. I also think this deck is a great place for Jirachi. Once you get those tools in play, the opponent can't afford to waste time not taking out your attackers/sigilyphs. Jirachi has helped make my deck way more consistent.
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    Jirachi is certainly an interesting inclusion. I'll be sure to try it. I'm just curious, exactly how beneficial is getting a single card in a deck like this?
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    I noticed that in your plasma list, colress machine is missing. Is this intentional? If not, what would you take out for the colress machine?
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    I built the Chandelure deck, although because I didn't know which Chandelure, I was using the NXD 20/99 one. I will try the other (Psychic) one next. It seems like a fun deck, but, as you say, lacks a little punch.
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    Goodness, sorry about that.

    -1 Float
    -1 Bangle/Mirror
    -1 DCE
    -1 Max Potion

    +4 Colress Machine
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    thanks for answering my question that i was about to ask gl at battle roads
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    Again, I apologize for the oversight. In my Excel doc full of lists, they are in there. Sometimes, I mess up transferring them from that spreadsheet to Word. Most of the time, I catch the mistakes, but apparently not this times. Good luck to you too!
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    Great read. It's good to have a solid starting point for testing this format, so thank you for this.

    Do you have any initial thoughts on Empoleon?
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    I actually got some games in against Empoleon yesterday, it seems to be solid. Unfortunately, I was playing the Non-Cof Flareon deck, so Empoleon was an uphill battle (still only lost by one prize). I did see the Empleon deck beat Darkrai by a prize, but I did not get to see Emploeon against Plasma or Virizion/Genesect.

    The difficult portion of Empoleon is deciding what to run with it. Obviously you want to play Mirror and Bangle to deal with EXs and Plasma. As for Pokemon considerations, you have the Empoleon/Landorus/Dusknoir version. You can go mega consistent with Empoleon/Emolga. The new Sawk is interesting because it deals with Thundurus EX really well for a single Energy, and Thundurus is really the most detrimental card to Empoleon in the format.

    I'm starting classes today, if I get time to test Empoleon some more soon, I'll let you know.
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  14. Vysekun

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    Please do! I will do likewise.
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    It's all about getting out of a bad situation. With Jirachi, I can turn a level ball into basically any card in my deck with the help of Skyla. That's Incredible in a format where search power is lacking and missing a supporter one turn can end the game.