The Lurkers of Tier 2

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    This is the thread for discussing the following article:

    The Lurkers of Tier 2

    Post your comments and questions below! Any and all honest feedback is much appreciated.
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    Just wanted to say that i loved the article! Having been a garbodor player sense the beginning of cities, this confirmed a lot that i had been testing. The dowsing machine idea is one ill definitely be testing. The only thing i didnt see that i believe deserves mention is giant cape in that deck. Garbo with 120hp really makes the darkrai/keldeo expend more resources to take out the trash, and lando\mewtwo never mind an additional 20 hp!

    Thanks again for a great article,
  3. Crawdaunt

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    Beauty. Just what the UG needed! :D

    Haha, yes my DurantKlang and Articuno/Garbodor decks are not the only ways I'd go about playing the decks. DurantKlang I legitimately would play almost as comfortably as PlasmaKlang. Arty/Garb was more of a fun mention for the creativity aspect of the end of the article ^_^; I've got myself a Garbodor/Landorus/Mewtwo(/Tornadus) going at the moment.

    Looking into my options for Week 3, I'm prepping to play any of 3 decks depending on the metagame. Blastoise, RayEels or on the outside, and Garb/Landy/Mewtwo. (I wouldn't recommend PlasmaKlang for the NW). So it was great to see this detailed discussion on the decks I haven't really played, that I am looking to prepare! At the moment I have no clue which would be the best play, because the metagame will have shifted locally so much by week 3. But no matter what metagame I expect, I'm pretty confident one of those 3 is going to be the answer.
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    You read my mind :D. I was just about to ask about Giant Cape. Also helps Cobalion EX matchup A LOT too.
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    Awesome article swanton1717!

    What happened to Hydregion? it can 1hko blastoise/klinklang, and with Giratina ex is can 1hko black kyurem ex and do a consistant 90 damage to what ever it wants, it still seems like a very good deck to play for States. what do you think? i just wish it had room for lasers
  6. thematteo0

    thematteo0 The quintessentially British gentleman.

    I still think Hydreigon's a decent move and I'm certain it must be in the Top Two Tiers. But I don't think this article was meant to cover all of the Tier 2 decks as it mainly covers just two decks.
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    im 7-0 since yesterday with my garbador deck!
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    I actually forgot about Giant Cape x\ I do it is probably better than Rocky Helmet (and maybe Exp. Share), but probably not Eviolite.

    Yeah, I just wanted to focus on Garbodor/Klinklang in this article and ignore the other Tier 2 decks. Hydreigon could certainly still do well, maybe. I worry about its matchup with the top three decks though.