The Next Step: Understanding the Decks, Techs, and Structure of the 2013-2014 Season

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    What's this about shifting from 30 min best of ones to 50 min best of 3's?
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    Also, post-release note: I think that my non-Laser list of Klinklang is terrible :(. I'm currently 3-0 with it in the HeyTrainer Online (HTON) tournament, but it's only due to a combination of flukes and starting first.

    However, the main point from the article stands, and that's that shutting off EX attackers is extremely potent.
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    Great article as always John! +1

    Here are my thoughts:

    I'm not sure I agree this is unhealthy. It forces Plasma decks to be more versatile. They can't just abuse the Plasma engine/Pokemon or they'll get caught against auto losses.

    I really like Probopass and have tested it in Klinklang in the past. The basic has 80hp and grass weakens so it should be able to survive a turn on the bench. Unfortunately it seems to work better in theory than in practice. Still, I've had funny situations on PTCGO moving energy onto Deoxsys turn after turn, haha.

    Was the Japanese Battle Carnival list ever released? I don't think I've seen any of the UG Writers, or popular Poke Bloggers tackle this deck since new cards like Skyla, Computer Search, and Colress were released. All 3 seem like they would be useful in the deck. Then again, Kyurem has more or less made every 130-150 HP Stage 2 poke unplayable...

    Garchomp and Empoleon really strike me as decks/cards that could potentially shine in the new format. Both have some built in consistency with their respective Abilities. Both can abuse both Silver Bangle and Silver Mirror. Both have good 1 energy attacks. It seems like there might be some new found potential in these 2 Stage 2s.

    Anyway, thanks again for the thought provoking article!
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    Completely agreed on the big non-EX guys! In testing, Kyurems tend to steamroll over baby Gibles and Piplups, but Id' love to see the results of a matchup where either player runs a huge Silver Mirror count. :)

    As for the "unhealthy" remark, that goes back to a much larger philosophy I have about the game; an opinion irrelevant to the important points of my article, but worth mentioning from a game design aspect. Although it helps balance out the metagame, I see Silver Mirror lock wins to be unhealthy because A) Japan's in practice admitting that what they designed is too broke not to have a hard counter; and B) the hard counter results in several thoughtless draw-pass turns, especially versus Zebstrika and Dragonite. Plasma really just shouldn't have been made so good in the first place.
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    My thoughts for the Klaczynski Open was to make sure I played 4 Silver Mirror as I think the best players will be playing Plasma, and probably not playing 4 tool scrapper. Then again, that would be one helluva gamble...

    If each set didn't bring with it broken cards and combo's, we'd have no reason to buy packs/boxes from each new set :cool:

    In all seriousness, I agree with you. There are some serious game design errors with the Plasma cards.
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    Loved the article! It's easy to grab great deck-lists from an article, but seeing the nuances of a meta shift exposed was really helpful - I'd love to see something similar to this every new format. I wanted to get your thoughts on Tropical Beach and maybe Skyla in Trubbish? Theorymon looks like it would fix two of Trubbish's big problems (lack of an 'attack' on turn one, and a counter to Frozen City), while fitting in with the deck's main concept - draw lots of cards, drop lots of tools. Less sold on the thought of Skyla, as you generally would prefer a draw supporter, but it could be used to grab Beach, Float Stone or Bicycle.