The Road Not Taken – An Emerging Metagame

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    Have you considered Plasma Frigate in your Flareon deck at all? I know it's an oft-forgotten card, but it's been working wonders for my Lugia/Victini-EX deck which shares two weaknesses to TDK. In fact, the matchup has become fairly positive since I included Cobalion-EX and a bunch of Enhanced Hammer. I believe your second list took a much more complicated route to dealing with that single poor matchup.

    Regardless, a good read! I liked the mention of Leafeon as I'd been toying around with Flareon for a long time (Longer than Kettler's article, I believe) but never thought to use Leafeon for some reason. Very interesting!
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  3. Hey, I'm playing a really similar Darkrai deck to yours (except the Mr. Mime and the Dowsing Machine) and I simply can't win VS a good Blastoise list. I find that every other matchup is 60-40 or above, but against Blastoise, I always lose when I go second and I still struggle when I go first. Do you have any tips/techs? Should I go for the Squirtles or for the Attackers?
    EDIT: Awesome article man!
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    Heading into Nationals this weekend, I appreciate this article's topic and it's timing :) Interested to test some of these thoughts out to determine how comfortable I am with my play.
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    Nice article! The thing I don't agree on though is with the Mr. Mime in darkrai but I guess that's just personal preference. See you in Vancouver though!!!
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    great article!! i really thought your take on goth was very detailed and well thought out. +1 !!
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    765Bro - I have considered Plasma Frigate but have yet to try it out because my opponent can easily drop a Virbank City Gym down right before they attack and still hit my Flareon for weakness. Adding Plasma Frigate will also force us to add in Plasma Energies and preferably Colress Machine. Unfortunately that is a lot of cards for such an unreliable counter.

    luxchomp_master - That is a great question! Blastoise has also been my toughest matchup whenever I am playing with Darkrai. I can't say for sure whether you should either always attack the attackers or always attack their Squirtles. It really depends on what stage in the game it is, what else is on their field, and what you anticipate will be the hardest for them to recover on the next turn.

    In the beginning if they only have one Squirtle down then I would always try to knock it out to delay them as many turns as possible of having Blastoise. If at any point in the game they only have one Blastoise on the field then it is usually a great idea to Cacther it up if you are able to knock it out in one attack. However if they also have a Squirtle on their bench then I will estimate their chances of getting another Blastoise on the following turn. For example if I am able to Catcher up my opponents only big turtle, N them to 3 or 4, and then ohko the Blastoise then I will feel much better about it than if my opponent has a 7 card hand and I am not able to N them.

    Whenever the Blastoise player benches a Keldeo EX I will almost always try to put 30 damage on it from Night Spear so that I can ohko it later on with Dark Claw + LaserBank.

    One tech that is worth mentioning against Blastoise is Ghetsis. Ghetsis can hurt them early by removing their Rare Candies and Ultra Balls delaying Blastoise or at any point in the game by removing their Superior Energy Retrievals. Ghetsis also works well in the mirror match since Darkrai plays so many Items.

    Crawdaunt - Thank you! I am definitely rooting for you to win! GOOD LUCK!!!

    pkmn - Mr. Mime is valuable in Darkrai but by no means necessary. I could certainly see replacing my Mime with a number of different cards.

    koji - Thank you koji, I have worked very hard on my Gothitelle deck list. I really appreciate the feedback.
  8. Thanks for the tips. I'll test out Ghetsis and I'll try to time my N's very well.
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    Totally trying out this Flareon deck. I have no idea what to play for Nats, and I already don't plan to do great, so I may try it out (not a slam at your list, but it is a deck full of non-EXs, haha)!

    Great article!