The Roguenomicon, Volume III – The Seven Decks of Christmas

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    A few notes from me (a mixture of typos, questions and suggestions) in what was a well written and interesting article about some intriguing decks:

    1. You forgot to mention the fact that Garbodor DRX completely shuts down the Flygon BCR/Dusknoir BCR decks and even the Tool Scrappers probably won't save it if you are playing a version running Sableye DEX and Hammers (to disrupt your alternate attacker).

    2. Big Cloak that you referred to in the Gothitelle EPO/Gardevoir NXD deck is actually called Giant Cape I believe.

    3. Obviously its not as popular as it was before but Terrakion-tech hasn't fallen off completely as I played against one this weekend.

    4. Have you considered running a 2/1 split of Drifblim between PLB and DRX (In Terrakion-Tech and Flareon), I find that the DRX one is very useful late-game against Plasma as it can OHKO big EX's and it is also useful against other decks with a couple of Special Energy in the discard (e.g VirGen).

    5. Crushing Hammers re-introduction is actually a pretty big problem for the deck (Terrakion-tech) as it actually means that the Darkrai match-up is quite hard to win as they can often stall for draws quite easily by spamming Sableye DEX Lasers/Hammers.

    6. "I ultimately opted against using it because Flareon had was too far spread at the time"- Just a typo wasn't sure what you meant by this :)

    7. I found that playing a single Darkrai EX in my Weavile PLF/Exeggcute PLF deck was actually quite effective, I know most people don't play it but not having to pay retreat costs most turns between Sableye DEX and Weavile PLF is pretty useful imo, its not vital but it is useful.

    8. The new "Big Basics" sounds really interesting, and after seeing the first turn rules I had dismissed Chandelure EX as not being very useful so its great that its finally seeing some use.
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    1. Garbo does shut it down, which is why we have the Tool Scrappers. Garbodor matchups are actually very winnable, but you have to time the Scrappers very carefully.

    2. Yes haha. I always mix up its name for some odd reason.

    3. Hmmm interesting! As far as deck talk, though, it's fallen off the map, and since I love it so much thought it was worth discussing again. :)

    4. I have, and at Regionals I actually ran a 4-2/2 split with Enhanced Hammers. The reason why I removed them for both versions was because we're seeing a trend away from special energy, as well as an overall trend away from Plasma (with certain exceptions, of course).

    5. Agreed that it's a problem, but not entirely agreed that it's insurmountable. The key difference between the matchup last year and this year is that Catcher is no longer a heads, making a total energy lock less likely. Still a very serious concern, though.

    6. By "too far spread" I meant it wasn't good enough versus the field at large to justify playing. Jack of all trades, master of none, etc.

    7. I've heard the same, and have considered it too, but

    8. It is! I'm eager to see if anyone plays it at the Dallas marathon this week.
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    What do you think about a deck centered around ninetales? In your opinion, does it have potential?
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    Short answer: Yes -- tons of potential!

    Long answer: Massively efficient damage coupled with one of the only guaranteed Gusting methods left in the format is hugely valuable, especially when so many other decks are trending toward bench-sitters or other Bright Look-vulnerable stuff. Off the top of my head, a well-built list could kill most of the concepts I discussed in today's article, as well as do a number on quite a few archetypes. Garbodor seems almost necessary, though, or else you flat-out fold the Genesect game.

    All this assumes attacking with Ninetales/Hypnotoxic Laser/Munna/Bangle/other options. At the very least, it should be a fun deck, and at best something very powerful!
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    I don't think the Flareon or Victini EX decks are worth the play at all anymore. I don't think either of them can beat Virizion/Genesect, and if you're not beating the decks that you're type countering, why bother playing it?

    So far in our City Championships we've had a Virizion/Genesect beat a Flareon in the finals, another one beat a Ho-Oh deck in Top 4 at the next one. This past weekend I played Virizion/Genesect and 3-0'd the fire decks I played (Flareon, Ho-Oh, and a Reshiram/Bangle thing [and the last one was in Top 8, so it wasn't a complete joke]. I know that Victini EX thing has seen play here, and I think 2-3 was it's best showing so far, in an area where Grass has won 3 Cities and Dark has won 1.

    Everyone in the area is playing DCE's, Colress Machine, and Lugia EX in their Genesects now, and Lugia EX just eats up stuff like Flareon and Victini EX that are meant to counter the deck.
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    Omg after playing against Big Tex I am in love with it. But could someone without tropical beach play the deck? What would you recommend to fill the spots in if they don't have beach? Also, in best 2 out of 3 cities which deck would you pick to play?
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    Eh, I think going in all willy-nilly not anticipating Lugia EX can lose you the game that way, but conservative playing makes it substantially easier. I see your point and agree that Lugia EX's presence makes the matchup harder, but it doesn't automatically just fold to it.

    Re Squeaky: Sure you can -- I just prefer the presence of Beach so there's a way to turn otherwise less playable hands into something great. Cutting Beaches to contribute towards the Virbank/Hypnotoxic splash could work fine (or more consistency cards).
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    I know that the Chandelure EX deck runs 3 Chandelure EX, at least 2 Bouffalant DRX, and a healthy count of EXP. Share. Nothing like staring down a Mewtwo EX while there's another one with an EXP. Share on the bench. I'm not sure what they run less of to make room; maybe just 1 Tornadus EX and fewer basic energies? Anyway, just wanted to share what has been working here in Houston.
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    I would use maybe a 2-2 Electrode line, or some bicycle, to get some extra consistency. I also don't have access to beach, and the Electrode variant has been working fine with me.
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    Figured y'all would appreciate an update, but I made top eight at my first CC of the year yesterday using Flygon, and got third today using Gothitelle! The lists were pretty much those posted, with the exception of some very hilarious impulse plays (1 Bouffalant LTR + 1 Hypnotoxic Laser for Flygon ; 1 Gallade PLS for Gothitelle/Gardevoir).
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