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Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by badganondorf, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. tokyovampire

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    at Coolestman22 this was directed at Esa lol. He said at the end of the article
    To this I made the guess that is he looking at Empoleon/Accelgor possibly Empoleon/Landorus. Not sure why you thought I was directing that at you lol.
  2. tokyovampire

    tokyovampire Starpower!

    On a different note from my original post, I actually completely agree that Terrakion NVI is far superior to Terrakion EX. I guarantee you won't find a Terrakion EX in my Darkrai/Terrakion deck. :)
  3. badganondorf

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    Ichtis: Great to hear, you liked it. I'm going to make a complete article on Ditto next week on my blog, I'll ask Adam to link it in Facebook of SixPrizes as well. Be sure to look at my blog next week!

    daGlaceon: Eelektrik won't be disappearing anywhere unless people are afraid of random donks by Landorus EX. Landorus EX isn't a big threat since its only food in the early game. Especially Rayquaza EX eats Landrous EXs for breakfast. It will be difficult for them, but I'm pretty sure they will cope. They still have more than decent match-ups against rest of the field.

    TomTitTot: As I said for Ichtis, I'll make a whole article about Ditto in my blog next week. I've already started it, and I'm trying to cover every single point of view into Ditto with it. Check it out to understand fully my point of view on Ditto. It's might not be the 100% correct one, but hey there are no absolute facts in Pokémon TCG.

    coolestman22: Haha, don't know what I was thinking while writing that sentence. I remember when I was arguing with myself if Terrakion was more played, but ended up writing that Terrakion EX was more played.

    tokyovampire: Thanks! But I'm not playing Empoleon/Accelgor ;)
  4. tokyovampire

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    Rats foiled again lol. Guess it's back to the drawing board then. I thought for sure I had it too. :(
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    Esa's lying. He's clearly playing Empoleon/Accelgor, the undisputed BDIF.
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    Esa, it looks like you've got Computer Search as your Ace Spec in all the decks, which certainly makes a lot of sense. But...what do you think about Gold Potion in the straight-up smash decks (like your mono-fighting and Landy/Mewtwo lists)? I'll admit that Computer Search can get you whatever you want, when you want it, but these decks already run four copies of everything they really want, and they don't really want that much. Maybe the heal could come in handy....

    In any case, outstanding article.
  7. badganondorf

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    DrMime: Good point. As I discussed in my previous comments, I focused on the consistency of the lists in this article. And as you obviously now, Computer Search fits this theme, well... more than perfectly. Gold Potion is a great card and in some decks it works very well. However, it's good to remember that what makes Computer Search superior to any other ACE Spec. released in west and Japan, is its consistency. It isn't situational. All the other ACE Specs are situational, but Computer Search is always good. In decks that play Juniper (i.e. every deck), these kind of one-copy cards are always risky, because if you don't want/can't use them before the Juniper, they will just become trash in the discard pile. Hopefully that made some sense, lol.
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    Oh, lolz.
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    Yeah this format defiantly took a wrong turn.... Ether would have been great to have befor all this plasma sets released. All I have to say is get used to lando ex being around for along time. Cryoganal is a difficult tech aginst it.

    We have tested.....
    Mewtwo, lando ex , garbador
    Empoleon, roserade, lando ex other techs
    Mewtwo, tornadus ex, lando ex first ticket ssu, switch variants
    Blastoise Keldeo techs
    Dusknoir, lando ex, techs.
    Lando ex, darkrai, sableye
    Garchomp, techs

    The decks that seem to do the best are....
    Eels attackers
    Hydreigon darkrai

    I haven't seen any thing "new" that breaks the format and can win a majority of every match..... "lando ex darkrai ether dex Lunatone DID.."

    Id like to see a ug writer really tackle this format, with the decks that will be suffice. Such ideas as skyla, Hugh, comp search. Im mean just league Monday I was able to pull off a t2 180 with rayquaza eels. With the help of skyla, and comp search. No one seems go be discussing the decks that are winning and will continue to win, with the help of boundaries crossed. someone will probably find away for a vileplume weekness hitter to work as well as klinklang attackers.

    That's my 2 cents.....XD good luck to everyone....come cities.
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    yeah that's what I was thinking too :p

    great article Esa! Can't wait for CC's to see just how well Hydreigon and eels will do this format with landorus EX running around...
  11. DCalpha

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    Yeah if your playing in Cali sacramento area, the tornadus ex, aerodactyl, x4 skyla, fast ticket, will be Played.... A tornadus darkrai version fast ticket, skyla will be played too.
  12. Shibumi

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    Great article once again, Esa!

    +1 from me!
  13. arcanyx

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    Well written article Esa. Always looking forward to your articles man.
    Some points I'd like to make:

    1. I'm torn between Landorus/Garchomp and Landorus/Mewtwo/Garbodor. Both seem to be strong counter decks, and both seem to have balanced pros and cons. I know you suggest the Garbodor variant as the deck to test/test against, but truly what would the verdict be in a meta that has yet to fully develop, and rarely features any rogue decks at all? (In Malaysia for the most part it has been Eels, Darkrai, Terrakion, and that's about it)

    2. With regards to Landorus EX, what are your thoughts on its impact as compared to either Mewtwo EX and Darkrai EX? It might be a theory-based question with variable judgement, but retrospectively we have yet to see a Fighting type totally dominate a format, with Terrakion the only card coming close to it (being anti-meta for almost a year now). Would Lando be the total game changer as Mewtwo or Darkrai was?

    3. Ditto. I think everyone has said it, so I'll just keep a hush on this little fella. :)

    4. I think another weakness of the Fighting decks is the OHKO factor. I mean, I feel it will cost substantial resources just to set up another attacker if one goes down early, even with the use of EXP Shares. In short what I want to get at, is what is your take on the sustainability of Fighting decks as compared to the tankiness of Hydreigon and the recycling of Eels?

    All in all, a superb article.
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    Thats so cool, i was born in sacramento cali, havent been back since. hows the competion over there.