Theorymon for Pyroar Tank after Rising Fist

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  1. Brochacho01

    Brochacho01 Not even caring

    So this is another theorymon deck that I think is interesting. So in the set Rising Fist there will be a couple new cards that will be interesting. One of them being new stadium called Training Center (All card scans for new cards will be at the bottom of this post.) What this does is gives all stage 1 and stage 2 pokemon 30 extra hp. This is very beneficial for evolution decks. So, what can pyroar do with this? you may ask. I think I may have the answer. You're going to want to have your training center out to suddenly boost your pyroar's hp to 140 instead of a measly 110. Then, you play hard charms to now have 140 hp, and -20 damage from each attack from your opponent. So, now you have a pretty annoying pyroar, yes? Well, there is still yet more options for you. Now, right now you are pretty weak to garbodor, you are going to use the Seismitoad EX from rising fist. It's first attack costs 2 colorless energy and does 30 damage and is item lock for a turn. So, your opponent can't play a tool from their hand to their garb odor that next turn. so, you do this until you can lysandre up their trubbish/garbodor and knock it out with a pyroar. So, now that you have your answer to garbodor, what are your other options? Well for starters, I would definitely consider a 1-of cop card of Jynx from the new set. It's ability can't be stacked, but if Jynx is on your bench you can just heal 10 damage from your active pokemon. While this may seem insubstantial. But, with Jynx if your opponent poisons you with the ever-popular hypnotoxic laser, and a virbank is not in play, you can heal some of the damage the poison is doing. But, also, you are a slightly tanker pyroar, so if your opponent is able to attack you with something but not kill your pyroar, you can slowly heal off your pyroar as well. Now, this is not necessary, but may be nice. Another thing you can do is put in a line of Dusknoir. The reason why you would do this is because since you have a hard charm attached to your pyroar, you aren't doing as much damage as you might with a muscle band, so the damage manipulation may be nice. Another partner for pyroar can be mewtwo ex, because with Lucario EX/ M-Lucario EX coming out the mega may be a problem, but with mew two ex, it is much easier to do big damage to that monster of a pokemon. And one last thing for the deck: hammers. Since this is supposed to be a bit more of an annoying deck, crushing hammer can be really helpful to slow your opponent down. Also, you might think, "you absolutely lose to blastoise." You're right, it is a hard matchup, but not as hard as you may think. You can use a very similar strategy you use for your garbodor matchup on this matchup with seismitoad. Because, your opponent relies on blastoise to accelerate energy to do big damage, it will be harder to power up their pokemon when they can't use rare candy to evolve into blastoise, and if all works out, you lysandre up their squirrel and kill it.

    Now, for a few lists. They are going to be skeleton lists showing you what a list may look like when using different partners.

    (with mewtwo as a partner)

    4 Litleo
    4 Pyroar
    1-2 Seismitoad EX RF
    1-2 Mewtwo EX

    3-4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    2 Shauna
    2 Colress
    0-2 Blacksmith
    2 Lysandre

    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Swich
    2 Startling Megaphone
    2-4 Crushing Hammer
    3 Training Stadium
    3 Hard Charm
    1 Dowsing Machine - Ace Spec

    8-9 Fire Energy
    3-4 Double Colorless Energy

    Number of cards: 51-60

    (With Dusknoir as a partner. BTW, this list is tight for space.)

    -2 Mewtwo EX
    -2 Crushing Hammer
    -1 Professor Juniper
    -1 Lysandre

    +2 Duskull
    +2 Dusclops
    +2 Dusknoir

    (With Jynx/Mr. Mime in the deck)

    Not many changes just have to make some space somewhere

    +1 Jynx
    +1 Mr. Mime

    Card Scans:

    Seismitoad-EX - Water - HP180
    Basic Pokemon

    [C][C] Goo Punch: 30 damage. During your opponent's next turn, they cannot play Item cards from their hand.
    [W][W][C]: Grenade Hammer: 130 damage. This attack does 30 damage to two of your Benched Pokemon.

    When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

    Weakness: Grass (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 3

    Jynx - Psychic - HP70
    Basic Pokemon

    Ability: Victory Kiss
    This ability can be used once during your turn if this Pokemon is on your Bench. Your Active Pokemon recovers 10 HP.

    [P][C][C] Clutch: 30 damage. The Defending Pokemon can’t retreat during your opponent's next turn.

    Weakness: Psychic (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Training Center - Trainer

    All Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokemon's maximum HP is increased by 30.

    This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. If another card with the same name is in play, you can’t play this card.

    This is what I have come up with so far. Have fun theorymonning.
  2. JasonRox

    JasonRox Kyurem Trainer

    The Garbodor thing doesn't work. Once you put Pyroar out, next turn they put a tool out. You say use Seismitoad but you're relying on a lot to happen for that to work. I find planning to use a Lysandre is difficult in a specific scenario cause it is a supporter.

    Look what you're saying. Trubbish is often out on first turn and with a tool at most turn 3 if someone sees a Pyroar deck, so the pyroar ability is already off at that moment.

    Second, by turn 2-3, you're assuming to have a Pyroar with at least one fire on it with a muscle band, and a seismitoad with double colorless and a switch (retreat cost is 3) or a float stone... a Lysandre in your hand to drop next turn, with a double colorless to finish powering up your Pyroar.

    Way too much going on, like dreaming that setup will happen early game.

    So Yveltal and Garbodor deck would win very fast unless they failed to pull Supporters, but then anyone can win against someone drawing dead.

    And what's the point of having more HP on Pyroar if the whole point of it is to have the opponent not able to attack it. With HP high or not, if it can't attack, who cares. And if they play a stage 1/2 to attack it, you just shot yourself in the foot cause now that pokemon has I'm sure enough HP to force Pyroar to do a 2HKO on a measly one prize pokemon.

    Anyways, the more I think about it the worse it gets. Maybe playable against amateurs and have a hell of time if you manage to hit it right on against an Yveltal Garb deck (one in a hundred).

    However I like reading deck ideas so keep posting them. :) fun to rea.
  3. Brochacho01

    Brochacho01 Not even caring

    okay, thanks for the input, and thanks for the compliment.
  4. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    Tier 3 or rouge, seismetoad would work better with garbo in locking decks as it offers what dragonite does for a DCE, Basic and more HP. Pyroar seismetoad doesn't seem to offer a great combo scenario and seems to be more matchup orientated, nothing wrong with that but there is always that 1-2 deck(s) you don't plan on playing against in your meta which derails your deck. On another note, tools and stadiums seem to be easy things to counter in this meta, and with a stadium that offers more HP to pokemon lets say the turn before you dealt enough dmg and were playing a heavy fighting deck, play out a fighting stadium take a prize and then they could walk away with 3 prizes that turn. Just some things to think about.
  5. Brochacho01

    Brochacho01 Not even caring

    okay, i see what you mean about the stadium problems. Well, oh well it was still fun thinking about the deck
  6. JasonRox

    JasonRox Kyurem Trainer

    I'm finding more and more stadiums take at least 3 spots in deck, often 4 too. Used to be 2-3 before. Soon might be 5 (2 kinds) just to win the stadium war.
  7. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    It doesn't matter if they take the stadium out and it knocks out on of your pokemon, then wouldn't it just be better to play the lock regardless and put in cards to add consistency.
  8. Archlord_Zerkio

    Archlord_Zerkio New Member

    imho this deck is really great.

    Think of it like this. Remember the Plasma Landy promo that is a fighting type. It can do 180 with 2 strong the fighting stadium 4 deoxys and a muscle band.

    While that is a lot it isn't that hard to power up things in plasma with thunderous and deoxys are easy to play. Not to mention the number of fighting decks that are coming out playing the fighting stadium it makes it easier. While not much next format is weak to fighting and the only thing in the meta resisting fighting is Yveltal (which loses dark patch and sabeleye)

    But the kicker is guess what Landy is weak to... Water and seismatoad can OKHO it with just a muscle band

    because pyroar counters plasma hard and siesmatoad okos imo probably the best deck of next format imo this deck will be very very good.

    Also take out the hard charms and 1 of the stads I was testing future format at Nats

    Sorry for long post
  9. Brochacho01

    Brochacho01 Not even caring

    k, thanks for the advice