They Aren’t New, and They Aren’t Leaving

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    Who is the writer on this article by name?

    Insight is always great to see what other people think of the meta.

    What happened to jwittz, frank D, Chris fulop, mike f.
    glad to see John k, jay h, are still hanging around.

    these last few articles have been written by people that I dont recognize, it would be nice to see there accomplishment s in the pkmn tcg community. I wouldn't hire anyone without proper references or resume.
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  3. Adam

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    butlerforhire = Alex Fields. Sorry about the names not showing up correctly - I've been waiting on the software developer to fix that bug. They sent me a new file to install this morning, but I haven't gotten a chance to look at it yet.

    Alex and rokman are both fairly well known. Here are Alex's accomplishments:
    He also won States this year (Texas, I believe).

    And here's rokman:
    J-Wittz has moved on to his video game journalism career. Frank Diaz I felt wasn't a strong enough writer, though he's an incredible player. Fulop is writing next week I think. Mike F has been busy with school.
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    I believe Butlerforhire is Alex Fields, Ruiner is Chris Fulop, badgandorf is Esa and rokman is a guest writer Adam gave a shot to write (Michael Weldon). I got switched over to dakotabeboys... I'm thinking everyone's author name got switched over to their user name since I'd always been Dakota Streck and my username (and name on the forums) is dakotabeboys, but I never changed it.

    Edit: Dang, Adam beat me to it by 10 seconds
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    Just wanted to say that your Darkrai/Weavile list is really good. I've been testing something similar (I think there is still probably like a 8-10 card difference in our lists still, I went for more disruption), but I run the same 3 Darkrai, 3-3 Weavile line, 1 Sableye, and 1 Smeargle. Felt some other stuff I have in my list was worth it more than the Shaymin though.

    Really good article. It's a good reminder to not ignore the attacks of support Pokemon, especially with all the support cards we have for dark Pokemon that can make for good T1 donks, which you may otherwise miss if you just got too focused on only ever attacking with Darkrai.
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    Great article, Alex. Thanks for tossing my name in there <3
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    Anything more on Raikou, he was mentioned once for eels but then never explained about using him in the eel deck or if he is even worth it since most run 4 catcher. Other then that good job and thank you! Lots of stuff I wanted to hear about.
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    I guess the secret is out for the "other" weavile now. So much for secret techs :\
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    Great article my only critique is that you shouldn't underestimate the power of landorus/groudon ex
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback.

    Saturn, did you not read the section in "Miscellaneous" on Pokemon Catcher? I talk about Raikou EX there for several paragraphs.
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    Actually, in rereading my article, I did just notice that I dropped the discussion of Raikou in the Eel section, after mentioning it as being "tailor-made" for the deck. I don't know how I missed that, and I apologize for the oversight. Fortunately, the commentary I did under the Catcher discussion covers the bulk of Raikou's appeal, but there are a few other things I should've said, such as:

    - Volt Bolt is a nice counter to X Ball, as it removes all the energy off Raikou.

    - It can either be slipped easily into a standard Eel (with more emphasis on Zekrom/Thundurus/Mewtwo) as a 1-of, or it can become more of a deck focus with Skyarrow Bridge. (2 is all you'd need.) I think both approaches are solid. The latter would try to set up multiple Eel and both Raikou along with Skyarrow so that Volt Bolt could be used on consecutive turns. You could run Max Potion (Volt Bolt already got rid of the energies for you, so this heal is on us), Rescue energy (doesn't get discarded by Volt Bolt and is an all-around great option in any list-- can be used to save anything), or SSU (backup if Switch/Skyarrow aren't available, heals) with it. I wouldn't advise going for the aggro-Volt Bolt strategy necessarily though, where you immediately get this thing in play and make it your main attacker. I think this card is better as a finisher in tandem with N and Catcher, or for specific points in the game where the snipe would be really effective/you need a KO but don't have the Catcher. In general I think you should let other Pokemon set up the KOs for it, or get rid of threats outright while leaving the easy targets. Raikou can clean up whatever's left. It is excellent at that.

    - Eviolite lets Raikou survive an attack from Terrakion, barring PlusPower. It is also a nice card to use in the Terrakion matchup if you're careful (don't walk into Land Crush), as it can circumvent EXP Share as long as you're KOing stuff on the Bench, and it can also delay Retaliate by putting big damage around but not actually taking KOs.
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    Great article and great info. I really like the idea of Groudon EX/Blissey tank. I mean... I don't think it'd be amazing, but I like the idea of it. That would pretty much destroy the Zeels decks out there, as well as be darned good against Dark.dec. Just eviolite a Groudon and go to town on healing. I think Potion might even be useful in the deck since you're already healing so much, it could just compliment it and bring you out of KO range for next turn when a flip turns sour. If I'm feeling silly, I might even take it to BR and see how it goes :p

    But yeah, it was great to see you mentioning how Darkrai's Night Spear is only truely fearsome against CMT if you don't have the eviolite to counter it. Evioliting a Celebi will just make Darkrai any other attacker hitting for 110-120 for 3 energy (with a built-in eviolite against Mewtwo). By no means to be underestimated, but Tornadus EX and Regigigas may go a long way for the CMT player in the dark.dec matchup.
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    Sweet thanks Adam for the info.