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Discussion in 'UG Deck Discussion' started by Adam, May 16, 2012.

  1. Adam

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    Hey everyone,

    Before you start freaking out that "Adam is taking everything away from us!!1" my objective here is to create more meaningful conversation, and thus more valuable content on the Underground forums. I know for various reasons they haven't been that active, and I want to try and change that (at least a little bit).

    What I've been doing is basically condensing all the free forums, and I'm pretty satisfied with how that has gone. I've moved threads and deleted the lesser-used forums to condense everything so more eyeballs would see the conversations and we'd get more discussion. Things are progressing as planned, so now I'm doing the same to the UG forums.

    I've changed "UG Hangout" to "UG General Discussion" so there would be no confusion with the regular "The Hangout." I then moved all the threads from "UG Deck Help and Strategy Advice" to "UG General Discussion" and deleted the aforementioned forum.

    We don't really have enough discussion going on to warrant a separate forum for deck help, plus people would often just post strategy related discussion in The Hangout, so it made sense to combine it all into one mishmash. Hopefully more eyes will see those threads now and more meaningful discussion will ensue.

    The last thing I want to get in order is this forum, "UG Deck Discussion." (I've momentarily changed the name to "UG Deck Depository" since that's slightly more descriptive of what it really is.)

    My original vision for this forum was to have a single thread for each deck out there, keep the first couple posts updated with a recent list and resources, then allow for conversation between you guys, the members. For the most part, there really hasn't been a whole lot of meaningful conversation generated here, and I'm not sure how helpful it even is that I update the threads each week. I haven't gotten much feedback about it. It takes me about 1 to 2 hours to update each time, and I don't know if I'm wasting my time.

    Part of the problem I think is that only a limited number of people can access the UG forums, only a small portion of them actually use the forums, and then an even smaller number view UG Deck Discussion. This makes it inevitably hard to get much convo going.

    Secondly, discussion gets spread out. If you have a question about a list from an article, it's better to comment on the article thread and have the author answer it. The writer's don't really comment here too much, but I require them to be active in their article threads, so it's understandable that you'd rather post there instead.

    So if this forum were to be removed, then really all discussion would have another (and likely) better place. Just use the article threads and general discussion for things you would talk about here. Heck, even the free Deck Discussion forum is pretty happening now, so you could head over there for help too. All that makes this a moot forum for meaningful discussion.

    However, I'm wondering if this would still be helpful as kind of a library or reference area for you guys. I would likely turn off all commenting and instead of updating the list in the first post of each thread, I would just add a new replies including updated lists. That way you could watch the progression of each deck over time.

    Is this even something that would be helpful? Or would I be wasting my time doing this and should just axe this forum completely? Let me know what you think.
  2. cabd

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    Honestly, I'd rather have a phone book of sorts listing what articles contained a deck, but that's it. Something like a sticky in the main UG area, that contains just links to articles for each major deck. Or the reverse, a list under each article with what lists are inside it. ​
  3. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Thanks for the input man! That might work, though I could see it possibly becoming a huge thread and hard to search. The alternative would be to keep the threads for each deck here, and each post is a list + link to the article.
  4. koji

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    yeah. where is the UG deck advice??
  5. Adam

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  6. koji

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    oh ok.
  7. vamprillo

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    Hey Adam! I appreciate the time spent cleaning up the forums and making them more useful. I think that in some form the heart of this forum should stick around, as I find the centralized depot of deck lists with approximate tiers and everything is really useful! The net deck lists are great to use as a starting point or for testing for me, and I've found using this forum to be easier than searching through all articles for the past three months.

    That said, if there's a way to keep the lists but have more meaningful convos, like having a link to the article discussion, then I'm all for it! Thanks!
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  8. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you've found it helpful. I think what I'll do is keep a thread for each deck, and just post a new reply to the thread whenever a new list is posted in an article. The reply will contain the deck list and link to the article (and maybe article discussion too). I think that should work pretty well.
  9. koji

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    OK great! ;)
  10. Crawdaunt

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    I like the idea of the deck depository, even if it doesn't see much discussion. I also think it's useful to keep it updated within the current set, but I don't think you need to update it too much like when any new article is posted. It's just useful to be able to go to a resource that lists ideas about what you're currently interested in.

    I know the forum doesn't see much activity, but I don't think it has to to be worth it. I think it's comfy as it is.