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    That is true, but spesh garb atm
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    Do you guys base tiers on results, or does popularity also factor in?
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    Those things are kind of hard to separate. Decks that get good results tend to be popular. Players copy what works and decks that make up a high percentage of the field tend to win more for obvious reasons.

    I'd be lying if I said I try to be epecially scientific or even consistent about it though. The tiers are just a general guide and mostly based on how good I think a deck is relative to the other ones out there.
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    Tiers are really just in the eye of the beholder, and can easily change from tournament to tournament. Trevenant/Accelgor (or even Gothitelle/Accelgor) could be T1 at one tournament due to no Virizion but at the next it wouldn't win a single game because of how much Virizion there is. Another example would be that Blastoise wouldn't be T1 in a field of all Darkrai Garbodor. Tiers are usually assigned by if they win tournaments, yes, but what it really comes down to is personal opinion.
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    Alright, so how exactly would a deck get moved up in a tier rank? Do we just post our own opinions and it's like a poll?
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    It is absolutely not a poll. No way are we going down that road.

    This post should explain how it works:


    Really the tier labels are just opinions and shouldn't be considered very important. It's unlikely that we will want to get into a big debate about whether something is tier 2 or tier 3 because the those labels have no 'official' status and everyone is free to think of decks as they choose.
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    So say I thought Plasma Lugia was a tier one deck, do I make a thread and say it is?
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    Nah, plasma Lugia has a thread already. You would post your opinion here.
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    Please don't. If people started a thread every time they disagreed about a tier, the forum would be a mess.

    The post I linked to explained things.
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    I wasn't, I'm just not sure how to make a case for a deck to be moved tier wise. I read the link you posted, I just didn't know how to go about it.
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    If you feel as though a deck is good enough to be a different tier, post so in this thread. If you don't have good, solid evidence as to why the deck should be ___ tier, then the post will likely get ignored.
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    Can you list reasons as to why Plasma Lugia should be considered for a tier change? What evidences can you bring? Tournament results? Anecdotal evidence? Imperical reasoning? I'm not tearing down your opinion and actually feel plasma bird is a strong varient. However these questions that I asked above are good starting points for developing an argument in favor of your position rather than simply an opinion. It has been my experience that I cannot simply have a fruitful discussion that yields results wherein "opinion" without specific arguments based in tangible or at the very least, measurable results. In the end it doesn't matter what anyone thinks if the deck gets seam rolled during a tournament.
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    Thank you, that's what I've been getting at. As far as Plasma Lugia being a tier one deck, I was using it as an example.
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    plasma lugia is still
    The states results (by topcut)

    1st) Brent Siebenkittel (Plasma)
    2nd) Daniel Lopez (Plasma)
    3rd) Nathan Brower (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    4th) David Lopez (Plasma)
    5th) Mike Canaves (Emboar/Delphox)
    6th) Mikey Phillipello (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    7th) Scott DeGraw (Darkrai/Yveltal/Bouffalant)
    8th) Chris Bianchi (Ninetales)

    Alberta (Canada)

    1st) Michael Martindale (Blastoise)
    2nd) Ryan Martindale (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    3rd) Andrew Vincze (Emboar)
    4th) Chris Kaplan (Virizion/Genesect)
    5th) Alexander Stewart (Emboar)
    6th) Sam Blacker (Plasma)
    7th) Chase Moloney (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    8th) TJ Traquair (Emboar)


    1st) Kenton Anderson (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    2nd) Adam Bigott (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    3rd) Alec Noah (Blastoise)
    4th) Brit Pybas (Plasma)
    5th) Sam Chen (Plasma)
    6th) Travis Farmer (Plasma)
    7th) Jeff Harris (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    8th) Derrick Yu (Aromatisse/Plasma)


    1st) Andrew Zavala (Cobalion EX/Landorus EX/Zekrom/Garbodor)
    2nd) Jeremy Jallen (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    3rd) Andrew Do (Plasma)
    4th) Jason Martinez (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    5th) Katherine Lindroth (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    6th) Josh Leewaye (Tool Drop)
    7th) Seth Covitz (Dragonite/Raichu/Genesect/Garbodor)
    8th) Chris Silver (Blastoise)

    British Columbia (Canada)

    1st) Chase Moloney (Plasma)
    2nd) Trevore Read (Plasma)
    3rd) Paul Johnston (Blastoise)
    4th) Ricky Gao (Blastoise)
    5th) Patrick Chiu (Yveltal)
    6th) Jack Pitcher (Trevenant)
    7th) Mia Violet (Yveltal/Darkrai/Dusknoir)
    8th) Joey Gaffney (Blastoise)


    1st) Chris Andrews (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    2nd) Josh Bangle (Plasma)
    3rd) Jason Martinez (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    4th) Alberto Lara (Plasma)
    5th) Steven Stone (Virizion/Genesect)
    6th) Chris Nguyen (Plasma)
    7th) Chris Davis (Virizion/Genesect)
    8th) Stefan Tabaco (Blastoise)


    1st) Michael Skoran (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    2nd) Robby Weidemann (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    3rd) Drew Guritzky (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    4th) Isaiah Rufus (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    5th) ??? (Plasma)
    6th) Nick Capobianco (Plasma)
    7th) Joe V. (Virizion/Genesect/Lugia/Drifblim)
    8th) Geoff Sauk (Plasma)


    1st) Christian Velazquez (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    2nd) Jose Marrero (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    3rd) Harrison Leven (Ninetales/Munna)
    4th) David Lopez (Plasma)
    5th) Robbie Ector (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    6th) Alexis Diaz (Blastoise)
    7th) Adrian Rodriguez (Blastoise)
    8th) Chris Bianchi (Blastoise)


    1st) Jorge Feliciano (Emboar)
    2nd) Bradley Winters (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    3rd) Christian Velazquez (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    4th) Justin Crossley (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    5th) Austen Vance (Blastoise)
    6th) Owsley (Weavile)
    7th) Christopher Bobo (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    8th) Zander Bennett (Plasma)


    1st) Tyler Westover (Plasma)
    2nd) Taylor Duffin (Blastoise)
    3rd) Claire Cheng (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    4th) Alex Gardner (Virizion/Genesect)
    5th) Teran Rohovitz (Trevenant/Palkia/Suicune)
    6th) Steve Cheng (Emboar)
    7th) Chris Davis (Blastoise)
    8th) Karl Kitchin (Blastoise)


    1st) Jack Dockendorf (Virizion/Genesect)
    2nd) Ross Mccallister (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    3rd) Luis Pozuelos (Plasma)
    4th) Tim Bajema (Emboar)
    5th) Dustin Zimmerman (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    6th) Sam Salvador (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    7th) Ben Potter (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    8th) Andrew Weiss (Emboar)


    1st) Henry Prior (Blastoise)
    2nd) Christopher Schemanske (Blastoise)
    3rd) Nikolas Campbell (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    4th) Shaun Kauffman (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    5th) Shane Passmore (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    6th) Jimmy Pennetta (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    7th) Sam Salvador (Aromatisse/Xerneas/Big Basics)
    8th) Ethan Hamer (Plasma)


    1st) Jay Hornung (Trevenant/Accelgor/Dusknoir)
    2nd) Dane Schussler (Emboar)
    3rd) Tyler Kittelson-Burke (Virizion/Genesect)
    4th) Nathaniel Stumbo (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    5th) ??? (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    6th) ??? (Virizion/Genesect)
    7th) ??? (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    8th) James Stumbo (Yveltal/Darkrai)


    1st) Brit Pybas (Blastoise)
    2nd) Colin Moll (Hydreigon)
    3rd) Alex Mayfield (Landorus/Mewtwo/Raichu/Garbodor)
    4th) Joseph Devore (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    5th) Corey Weidner (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    6th) Nick Dorman (Tool Drop)
    7th) Vedad Dedajic (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    8th) ??? (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)


    1st) Henry Prior (Blastoise)
    2nd) Jacob Hope (Trevenant/Accelgor)
    3rd) Travis Nunlist (Blastoise)
    4th) Mac Currie (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    5th) Joesph VanBetuw (Plasma)
    6th) Natalie Shampay (Emboar)
    7th) Jewell Catlett (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    8th) Mason Hein (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)


    1st) Brandon Cantu (Blastoise)
    2nd) Rudy Paras (Emboar)
    3rd) Jake Morgan (Darkrai/Garbodor)
    4th) Scott DeGraw (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    5th) Brent Siebenkittel (Plasma)
    6th) Matt Lambou (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    7th) Jacob Witcher (Plasma)
    8th) Brad Curcio (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)


    1st) Sam Chen (Blastoise)
    2nd) Jon Rome (Palkia/Suicune/Snorlax)
    3rd) Logan Fernandes (Yveltal/Bouffalant/Garbodor)
    4th) Rob Weidemann (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    5th) Michael Newey (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    6th) Ray Cipoletti (Blastoise)
    7th) Josh McMullen (Yveltal/Bouffalant/Garbodor)
    8th) Jake Cyr (Yveltal/Darkrai/Virizion)


    1st) Dean Nezam (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    2nd) Jamal Moultrie (Cobalion/Landorus/Yveltal/Garbodor)
    3rd) Stephan Blake (Yveltal/Darkrai/Dusknoir)
    4th) Jimmy McClure (Plasma)
    5th) Steven Varesko (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    6th) Michael Pramawat (Blastoise)
    7th) Dylan Bryan (Trevenant/Accelgor/Dusknoir)
    8th) Russell LaParre (Flygon/Dusknoir/Accelgor)


    1st) Chris Murray (Virizion/Genesect)
    2nd) Nick Chimento (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    3rd) Azul C. Garcia Griego (Virizion/Genesect)
    4th) Greg Stempien (Palkia/Sigilyph/Snorlax)
    5th) Thomas Masse (Plasma)
    6th) Cameron R. (Yveltal/Bouffalant)
    7th) Gabriel Brown (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    8th) Eric Rodriguez (Yveltal/Darkrai)


    1st) Joel Moskow (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    2nd) Christopher Venier (Blastoise)
    3rd) Chris Derocher (Plasma)
    4th) Nikolas Campbell (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    5th) Marvin Banzon (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    6th) Joe Baka (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    7th) Andrew Estrada (Blastoise)
    8th) Austin Goen (Yveltal/Darkrai)


    1st) Yehoshua Tate (Raichu/Ninetales)
    2nd) Michael Slutsky (Blastoise)
    3rd) Chameng Moua (Plasma)
    4th) James Stumbo (Plasma)
    5th) Omar Reyhan (Plasma)
    6th) Jack Rockendorf (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    7th) Jay Hornung (Rayboar)
    8th) Jason Moon (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)


    1st) Long Bui (Virizion/Genesect/Raichu)
    2nd) Brandon Cantu (Blastoise)
    3rd) Isaiah W. (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    4th) Mikey Philipello (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    5th) Andrew R. (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    6th) James S. (Emboar)
    7th) Kristopher Hill (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    8th) Kenton Anderson (Yveltal/Darkrai)


    1st) Andrew Wester (Plasma Kyurem)
    2nd) Brenden Burrus (Virizion/Genesect/Ho-Oh)
    3rd) Mason Hein (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    4th) Kolton Day (Virizion/Genesect/Raichu)
    5th) Michael Evans (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    6th) James Proctor (Plasma)
    7th) John Cope (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    8th) Aaron Tarbell (Blastoise)


    1st) Isaiah Bettridge (Big Basics)
    2nd) Michael McChesney (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    3rd) Jordan Nelle (Plasma)
    4th) Nathan Froelich (Terrakion EX/Drifblim)
    5th) Ryan Cantrell (Plasma)
    6th) Zach Gharst (Blastoise)
    7th) Sam Pahnisch (Plasma)
    8th) Austin McGraw (Plasma)


    1st) Stefan Tabaco (Blastoise)
    2nd) Adrian Mamaril (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    3rd) Jeremy Jallen (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    4th) Kian Amini (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    5th) Andrew Zavala (Blastoise)
    6th) Robert Cortes (Darkrai/Hydreigon)
    7th) Chris Andrews (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    8th) Mark Garcia (Emboar)

    New Hampshire

    1st) Dylan Lefavour (Blastoise)
    2nd) Andy Kay (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    3rd) Collin Giguere (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    4th) Kevin Drolet (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    5th) Jon Bristow (Plasma/Umbreon)
    6th) Chris Murray (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    7th) Aaron Wang (Cobalion EX/Landorus EX/Zekrom/Garbodor)
    8th) Jesse Freeman (Virizion/Genesect/Ho-Oh)

    New Jersey

    1st) Jason Annichiarico (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    2nd) Jarod Morales (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    3rd) Robby Weidemann (Blastoise)
    4th) Drew Guritzky (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    5th) Michael Skoran (Blastoise)
    6th) Anthony Smith (Emboar)
    7th) Rob Weidemann (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    8th) Nick Falcone (Virizion/Genesect/Ho-Oh)

    New York

    1st) Nick Chinman (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    2nd) Frank Durso (Blastoise)
    3rd) Jimmy O’Brien (Trevenant/Accelgor/Garbodor)
    4th) Mark Korsak (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    5th) Tristan Macek (Emboar)
    6th) Michael Skoran (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    7th) Frank Diaz (Palkia/Suicune/Snorlax)
    8th) Anthony Salerno (Blastoise)

    North Carolina

    1st) Kyle Sabelhaus (Emboar)
    2nd) Ryan Sabelhaus (Virizion/Genesect)
    3rd) Jason Joyce (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    4th) Ryan Fukawa (Plasma)
    5th) Tyler Morris (Virizion/Genesect)
    6th) Martin Payne (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    7th) Taylor Pagani (Terrakion/Suicune/Raichu/Garbodor)
    8th) Nestor Luna (Palkia/Snorlax)


    1st) David Moore (Tool Drop)
    2nd) Steve Guthrie (Plasma)
    3rd) Andrew Mondak (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    4th) Kevin Baxter (Emboar)
    5th) Zachary Parmentier (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    6th) Evan Baker (Plasma)
    7th) Corey Scott (Plasma)
    8th) Collan Baker (Plasma)


    1st) Alex Fields (Plasma)
    2nd) Brandon Smiley (Landorus/Mewtwo/Raichu/Garbodor)
    3rd) Corey Weidner (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    4th) Jesse Strain (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    5th) Clay Carney (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    6th) Chris Beaty (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    7th) Dale Lynch (Plasma)
    8th) Pearce Blend (Yveltal/Darkrai)

    Ontario (Canada)

    1st) Alex Hill (Trevenant/Accelgor)
    2nd) Chris Venier (Blastoise)
    3rd) Frank Serafinski (Virizion/Genesect/Roserade)
    4th) Kevin Baxter (Emboar)
    5th) Andrew Estrada (Gothitelle/Accelgor)
    6th) Evan Baker (Plasma Lugia)
    7th) Adrian Sado (Yveltal/Darkrai?)
    8th) Caleb Broeker (Plasma Lugia/Kyurem)


    1st) Paul Johnston (Blastoise)
    2nd) Kian Amini (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    3rd) Kabir Virji (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    4th) Ricky Gao (Blastoise)
    5th) Matthew Holst (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    6th) Dylan Mitchell (Plasma)
    7th) Stefan Tabaco (Blastoise)
    8th) Joe Sanchez (Yveltal/Darkrai)


    1st) Dean Nezam (Yveltal/Bouffalant/Garbodor)
    2nd) Anthony Schoenacher (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    3rd) Jimmy Pendarvis (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    4th) Nelson Chua (Plasma)
    5th) Dylan Bryan (Tool Drop)
    6th) Mike Fouchet (Yveltal/Bouffalant/Garbodor)
    7th) Dylan Dreyer (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    8th) Peter K. (Yveltal/Darkrai)

    Quebec (Canada)

    1st) Simon Luong (Plasma)
    2nd) Rob Davies (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    3rd) Jason Lum (Blastoise)
    4th) Ryan Moore (Plasma)
    5th) David Clarke (Plasma Kyurem)
    6th) Marvin Lu Banzon (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    7th) Marvin Parguirigan (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    8th) Alexandre Rochon (Emboar)

    Rhode Island

    1st) Chris Murray (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    2nd) Jonathan Bristow (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    3rd) Jamie DePamphilis (Plasma)
    4th) Angel Miranda (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    5th) Ray Cipoletti (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    6th) David Wu (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    7th) Andy Kay (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)
    8th) Jarod Morales (Aromatisse/Plasma)


    1st) Zak Krekekler (Plasma Kyurem)
    2nd) Ryan Sabelhaus (Kingdra/Greninja)
    3rd) Stephen Clark (Plasma Kyurem)
    4th) James Hart (Darkrai/Garbodor/Hammers)
    5th) Jarrett Anderson (Plasma)
    6th) James Burnette (Plasma)
    7th) Justin Aaron (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    8th) Colin Moll (Darkrai/Hydreigon)


    1st) Michael Feller (Aromatisse/Klinklang)
    2nd) Jorel Ker (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    3rd) Brit Pybas (Blastoise)
    4th) Corey Weidner (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    5th) William Herrmann (Virizion/Genesect)
    6th) Andy Gray (Blastoise)
    7th) Brad Curcio (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    8th) Christine Michie (Plasma)


    1st) Brandon Jones (Blastoise)
    2nd) David Cardenas (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    3rd) Ian Asplund (Plasma)
    4th) Victor Kelly (Yveltal/Darkrai)
    5th) Taren Rohovit (Trevenant/Palkia/Suicune)
    6th) Karl Kitchin (Blastoise)
    7th) Tyler Westover (Plasma)
    8th) Taylor Duffin (Blastoise)


    1st) Michael Pramawat (Blastoise)
    2nd) Johnny Rabus (Darkrai/Yveltal)
    3rd) Josh Gately (Tool Drop)
    4th) Ryan Sabelhaus (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    5th) Jimmy Pendarvis (Emboar)
    6th) Russel LaParre (Flygon/Donphan/Dusknoir)
    7th) Gregory Sweeney (Yveltal/Darkrai/Bouffalant)
    8th) Benny Jackson (Speed Lugia)


    1st) Nathian Beck (Plasma)
    2nd) Trevore Read (Plasma)
    3rd) Kyle Palsson (Aromatisse/Big Basics)
    4th) Chase Moloney (Plasma)
    5th) Tristen C. (Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor)
    6th) Leo Zavala (Plasma)
    7th) Jon Paranada (Blastoise)
    8th) Liam Williams (Aromatisse/Big Basics)


    1st) Franco Llamas III (Blastoise)
    2nd) Caleb G. (Emboar)
    3rd) Jason Klaczynski (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    4th) Ryan Grant (Aromatisse/Xerneas/Big Basics)
    5th) Joe Baka (Yveltal/Garbodor)
    6th) Ben Moskow (Aromatisse/Plasma)
    7th) Dane Schussler (Blastoise)
    8th) Jando Luna (Emboar)

    if that data is correct:

    blastoise 50 top 8 (12 first)
    plasma 56 top 8 (8 first places)
    Yveltal 57 top 8 (5 first )
    Vir/Gen 32 top 8 (5 first)
    garbodor dark 30 top 8 (3 first)
    aromatech 38 top 8 (0 first)
    emboar 22 top 8 (2 first)
    TDK 4 top 8 (2 first)
    tooldrop 5 top 8 (1 first)
    aromaklang 1 top 8 (1 first)
    garbo/Techs 7 top 8 (1 first)
    Trevenant 8 top 8 (1 first)
    palkia/snorlax 4 top 8
    ninetales 3 top 8
    fly/dusk 2 top 8
    kingdra/greninja 1 top 8
    hydreigon 3 top 8
    speed lugia 1 top 8
    .... plasma is one of the 3 better decks, how long it's going to be tier 2?
  16. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    1. There's no set number of decks that get to be tier 1. Sometimes there might only be one, sometimes there could be more.

    2. I'm not sure those results differentiate between TDK and Yeti style decks on a consistent basis.

    3. If you (or anyone else) thinks a deck is tier 1, then it is tier 1 as far as you are concerned. The labels they get on here have no real importance. They're more of a novelty/fun thing that makes use of some of the board software.

    There are much more useful and important things to be discussed about a deck than how good the 6P mods think it is.
  17. flamedstones2

    flamedstones2 New Member

    i'm not saying "please moderators 6p, change the tier labels!! i wont sleep if you don't" :oops:
    i'm just saying "yes, shinyeeve, there are reasons about why Plasma Lugia should be considered for a tier change " :cool: (? hahaha ....ok no
  18. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    Ah, you're actually a reasonable person.

    I always forget they exist on messageboards.
  19. PokemonGeek

    PokemonGeek Derp, Derp, Derpity Derp

    Is there a separate thread in competitive discussion to post my fairybox list
  20. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    There's an Aromatisse/Xerneas thread and a Plasma/Aromatisse thread.

    It would go in one or the other.