Tiny Mafia I: The Tom Riddle Appreciation Pack ENDED TOWN WIN!

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by galladeava, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    It didn't, galladeava and I used my role card after SS died.

    I want in to team dead guys as well. :D
  2. Mares789

    Mares789 To war!

    Well that's just very very sad.
    KP also did huge things this game, w/out his reads and activity I probably would've given up on the game when I was in a tight spot myself, activitywise.
  3. SMP

    SMP Is bad at Werewolf

    I haven't played too many games where wolves only have night chat. Is it normal for them to not know each other's roles before N1?
  4. Mares789

    Mares789 To war!

    Honestly I think it makes for a better game. It keeps reckless wolves in check so that they won't gambit and throw the game before it started, since they don't know who's a normal wolf and who might have a PR.

    Also, if not for the fact that the wolfteam roles could be extrapolated as soon as 2 (arguably even 1) wof died, this setup would've been unbalanced if there was daytalk.