To Next Destinies… and Beyond! A First Look at the New Format

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    You mentioned Snorlax as a mirror tech; but have you considered it as a tech in Blastoise? It seems to make the match quite difficult for the Goth player as they can only attack as many times as they have Catchers, and if you start with Snorlax or a Squirtle and some pokemon search and an energy, it can even prevent them from getting Magic Room online if you're going second, allowing you to candy up. With Keldeo attacking, Snorlax's retreat cost is irrelevant except if you are unfortunate enough to start it vs Garbodor.
  3. why didnt u consider max potion in your darkrai/hydreigon list?
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    Entei EX is probably the best fire-type option for Darkrai/Hydreigon.
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    Ummm. You said Darkrai/Hydreigon still really revolves around Darkrai/Max Pot but did not include max potion in your list xD
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    Would you not think lasers should be dropped in the TDK list because of Virizion EX? This would make room for more tools/resources. Seems like Vir/Gen is all the talk around these parts.
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    Because I'm bad, that's why. I'll see if I can edit the lists. There needs to be 3 in there though. You guys are totally correct.

    Because in that case, you max out at 160 damage with Kyurem, which misses the OHKO mark on most Pokemon. If you can't OHKO against every deck not running Virizion then you shouldn't bother playing the deck. TDK is a second tier Plasma deck now, and generally looses to Vir/Gen. TDK has its benefits though. It's not outclassed in every way.
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    As far as Hydreigon, which cards would you take out for the three max potion?
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    I don't think you need 2 Virizion EX in Hydreigon, one is enough (if that). I would rather run Genesect EX or a stronger grass counter in order to handle easily your hardest matchup in blastoise and run silver mirror and absol to deal with plasma.