Top 32 Senior World Championships Report

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    Hello 6P! My name is Joshua Lim from the Philippines and I am about to bring to you a Top 32 Seniors World Championships report.

    Almost the whole season I had been playing Darkrai so I decided to use it, as I know the deck. I playtested only a little though because I did not have time to go to my local shop! This made me intimidated by other Worlds Competitors.

    I arrived at Vancouver on Wednesday, August 7. We went sightseeing to different places like Stanley Park, some of the gardens, and beaches. When it was time for dinner, my uncle took us to some of the restaurants in Richmond.

    The next morning we went to do more sightseeing. By the time we were finished, I learned that the Free play Area was open, so I went to check it out. To my surprise there were plenty of people there! At first I was shy, but one thing led to another and I was finally able to get a game with someone. That someone was none other than US National Champion, Edmund Kuras! He asked his friend for a deck he could borrow and we got started. I went first as I flipped heads and once I saw his basics - I cringed - it was Gothitelle/Accelgor, the deck he used to win US Nationals! Even though I had 2 Keldeo in my deck, I still feared the matchup since it was my least playtested one.

    I drew my card for the turn and when I looked at my hand, I saw potential for a fast start - almost ensuring me a T2 Night Spear. So I go ahead Ultra Ball away 2 Darkness Energy and get a Darkrai then Dark Patch and energy to it. I attach to the active and N. When I drew my cards, there it was. Energy Switch and Dark Patch. You know what that means right??? T1 NIGHT SPEAR. I KO'd a Gothita and sniped a pokemon on his bench. It all went downhill for him from there.

    I looked around for a while for more people to play with. I met some very nice people like the Brazillian players. After a while I got hungry so I went out to eat. I was super pumped for Saturday because of the games I had!!

    The next day my brother was to join the LCQ so I got to make friends once again and playtest some more. I met US Senior Nats Champ Calvin, the New Zealand Nats Champ ( sorry! I forgot to ask for your name), and many many more. After the first round of the LCQ, my brother came running to me and said that he had lost. It was very unfortunate as he was Supporter locked both games. But he was okay with it, he only played for the fun of it, win or lose. So we continued playtesting.

    I had a really long sleep (10 hrs!) from Friday to Saturday morning which I was glad about. This assured me that I could focus better during the tournament! I got ready, filled up my decklist, and headed to the players meeting.

    When I looked to see who my first round opponent was, it was Henry Rossclunis, a guy I met yesterday. We flip our basics and the first round starts!

    Round 1: Henry Rossclunis (US) with RayEels

    (I don't recall much of this game but I'll do the best I can) I think he starts with a tynamo? I start with a sableye. I look at my hand and it was horrible, 2 catchers no energy and juniper. I know I have to do it, so I discarded my hand. I get a T2 absol but only doing minimal damage. I slowly set up a Darkrai on the bench while he starts recovering through super rod. At one point he had the game. He just needed to Rush in retreat to Rayquaza, I dont know what happens but He rushes in and promotes Raikou instead. He asks if he could take it back. But it's a no. I still feel guilty of this moment, but it's a big tournament. From there I mount the comeback. GG Henry


    Round 2: Christopher Kan (AU) with Plasma

    Ok so it's still Round 2 and I'm up against 2011 World Champion Christopher Kan. I'm extremely intimidated haha! He's a very nice person. We flip our basics and i think he starts with Thundurus? After our Turn 1s have finished, it was obvious both of us had bad hands. Although I had a better hand, we constantly trade KO's. The turning point though, was when I double KO'd his Kyurems and KO'd his Thundurus. He had no attackers after that. He proceeds to draw pass and I take the game from there.


    Round 3: Natalia Routhier (US) with Blastoise

    This was a girl I met during the side events on Friday. I was nervous going into this round as this was my worst matchup. We flipped our basics. I went to get a decent start. She gets a decent start as well but I got to attack first while she had to beach for 2 turns i think? At that point I was ahead by only a little. It came down to my Absol to KO one more EX. I successfully did it and she reveals she was a turn away from beating me as well.


    By this time I was 1st seed.

    Round 4: Jacob Carrasco (US) with Plasma

    I dead drew this game. Almost mounted a comeback if I hit the double dark patch out of my bike but I didn't. This was my worst game of the day.


    Lunch was called around this time.

    Round 5: Lachlan Imel (US/LCQ) with Plasma Klinklang

    I was paired up this round. I was surprised to find him doing so well with a deck that was almost non-existent (well, in my opinion :) ). He was really friendly. Unfortunately,he dead drew and I steamrolled him.


    Round 6: Eita Katagiri (JP) with Plasma

    I always looked up to the Japanese. I have also always feared them. This round was all about exchanging KOs until it came down to the wire. If he hit the catcher laser. He would win. I already had the win in hand, so I just needed him to whiff it. And gladly he did. So I took the win.


    By this point i was feeling pretty safe. I was still worried about losing the next 2.

    Round 7: Joey Gaffney (CA) with Blastoise

    Going into this game I try to anticipate what deck he's using. I see his sleeves were Plasma so I thought he was using the deck. I draw my hand and only have a sableye. I was sweating so hard because I thought I would get donked. When we revealed our basics, I was so relieved to find Black Kyurem EX instead of Kyurem or Thundurus. He had T2 Blastoise and I also got a decent start. But after the fast blastoise, He dead draws. So I take the game.


    Round 8: Tomas Blei (AR) with Plasma

    By this round I was table 2. Assured place in the Top Cut. I didn't really focus this game. I had decent setup, until that was destroyed by his Lugia. It went downhill from there.

    6-2; 9th seed

    We had a break. I met with my parents. Asked my past opponent how they did. They were relying on me since I would give them a good resistance. I ate my dinner. and proceded to find out that my Top 32 opponent was using Blastoise, I was nervous but I had to get over it. It was my first Worlds and I had only participated in 2 Premier events (1 BR and 1 Nats).

    Top 32: Emily Cheng (US) with Blastoise

    Game 1: I don't really remember anything. She got T2 and just steamrolled me.

    Game 2: I had decent setup and she also had decent setup. The only problem was she had no supporter and I removed her beach. It went downhill for her.

    Game 3: Same as game 2 but we had almost even setup. It reached the late game. I had an absol, but i forgot i had no virbank. I lasered played my supporter, whiffed the claw and virbank to win. She had the catcher and I lost.

    Overall it was a fun day. I pulled 2 Genesect and 1 Virizion in my box. People were in awe when they saw my box. I was depressed for a while. But when Dario Ang (SG) beat her, I felt better. Singapore currently is the one providing OP for us here so I am grateful for them. I watched Jason win his 3rd title. That was one insane run. It was one amazing weekend which I will never forget. I most probably wont be going to Worlds next year since it'll be my last year in High School but if I get a travel award, then I will go :) Props to all the people I made friends with. Props to Tsuguyoshi Yamato for having 2 games with me! haha.
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    Hello, Top 32! That's great, I was the plasmaklang player who you played in the 5th round of worlds, but that's amazing that you made cut, I hope you do great next year as well.
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    pkmn that's when I won nats

    Oh hey Lachlan! Are u going to next year's worlds??
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    possibly, I have no idea, it really depends on how my season goes, I most likely will go, but will have to grind in probably. Cause the competition in my area is rough. I have calvin connors and many people like him attending tournaments I go to I also have Ian (3rd at worlds this year...), but good luck to you next year.
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    pkmn that's when I won nats

    Thanks. If there is a travel award and I win my Nats. I'll go. But big chance I might not. Lots of good players here