Top Crop – The Best Decks Heading into the Fall Season

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by JayHornung, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Crawdaunt

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    Could be the way to go. I wrote an article out as a skeleton list and the enhanced are just something i'm testing, The Exp Shares and Floats are more important to the function of he deck. With Sableye, you can get mirrors back, and technically if they only have two scrapper, you can run them out of scrapper and get a fully mirrored field without giving up 6 prizes. It's really about the difference that you think access to 8 mirrors instead of 7 will give you. I do think an extra tool would be nice. Its true that Enhanced is pretty niche so probably just dropping it.

    edit: long way of saying... yeah... that sounds better.
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  2. Saturn

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    Is Plasma even still worth playing? It seems everyone is leaning more towards Virizion/Genesect - Darkrai/Garbodor -
    Blastoise from what I have been seeing in my area. I have looked everywhere in my location for that promo since it came out and have had no luck getting one. I even asked my local card shop to order it and they said they couldn't due to where they were coming from or an exclusive (I don't remember the real reason but it was along those lines).
  3. JayHornung

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    I think Plasma is really good, its all about teching it right for your area. You basically have to order the promo...I got mine from some guy in the UK on ebay.
  4. Crawdaunt

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    Saturn, as an alternate idea, I've seen people teching Landorus EX into the deck (no badges or anything).

    It acts as a strong card against Darkrai/Garb, and a non-EX attacker against stuff like Tool Drop. And depending on the build, could set up Lugia for KO's or finish off things Kyurem whiffs on etc... etc...

    Edit: Actually JayHornung have you tested at all with Landorus ex? I can't say I have, just curious.
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  5. JayHornung

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    huh NON-EX attacker? Your talking the EX right?
  6. Crawdaunt

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    Sorry* non-plasma attacker.