Rogue Tornadus EX, Umbreon PLF

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  1. In my experience, Darkrai/Garbodor is usually okay as long as they're not doing 2 hammers at a time and junk hunting for both. At that point you become very much reliant on Thundurus to stay in the game and it becomes a question of whether or not you can knock out the Sableyes fast enough, while keeping an energy on Thundurus.

    With regard to anti-Plasma, I recently played against a deck where he got 4 Drifblims out over the course of several turns and I think that scenario is pretty much an auto-loss. I haven't encountered other cards that were a huge problem though.

    As I see it, this deck's worst matchup is TDK because all three of its main Pokemon can do a lot of damage and the second problem is its reliance on special energy, due to the popularity of things that counter that now.

    At this point I think several changes are necessary in order to make this deck more viable in the current metagame. Here are some of the changes I'm considering right now:

    -1 Glaceon
    -1 Tornadus
    -1 Level Ball
    -1 Eviolite
    -3 Blend energy

    +1 Leafeon
    +2 Float Stone
    +4 Lightning Energy

    Also, I think the stadium needs replacing with either Plasma Frigate or Frozen City.
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    I think this is a great deck with a great damage output

    so I recommend

    -1 Glaceon
    -1 Tornadus
    -1 Level Ball

    + 2 Snorlax pls
    + 1 Lugia Ex

    This cards plus Scramble Switch+ Max Potion and a Full Bench you can choose attack with snorlax for a 180 damage or change your Snorlax by Lugia Ex with SS used Max Potion and hit at least 2 times IN ARROW
  3. I like the idea of Snorlax as a non-EX attacker but am not sure about Lugia, since both Tornadus and Snorlax require a lot of energy for their attack, while Lugia discards energy. I think the Leafeon is good here and believe two should be included in case one is prized, since it's a non-EX with a cheap attack. I have also added a fourth Colress Machine for the extra consistency. This is how it looks right now without the addition of Snorlax, since I'm not sure what I would take out for it.

    [Spoiler=Updated list]
    3 Tornadus EX PLF
    4 Eevee
    3 Umbreon PLF
    2 Leafeon PLF
    2 Thundurus EX

    4 Professor Juniper
    3 N
    3 Skyla
    2 Shadow Triad
    1 Colress

    4 Colress Machine
    1 Level Ball
    3 Team Plasma Ball
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Tool Scrapper
    1 Max Potion
    1 Scramble Switch
    2 Switch
    2 Float Stone

    2 Aspertia City Gym/Frozen City/Plasma Frigate

    4 Plasma Energy
    4 Lightning
    4 DCE