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  1. TorkoalJustice

    TorkoalJustice New Member

    So this is a Gothilock deck updated with XY

    Pokemon - 22

    4-4 Trevanent
    3-3 Accelgor
    3 Mew EX
    2-1-2 Dusknoir

    Items - 32

    2 Juniper
    4 N
    4 Skyla
    3 Colress
    2 Evosoda
    4 Level Ball
    2 Ultra Ball
    1 Rare Candy
    1 Dowsing Machine
    2 Super Rod
    3 Float Stone
    2 Muscle Band
    2 Virbank

    Energy - 6
    4 DCE
    2 Psychic

    Let me know what you think!!
  2. Phoenix15

    Phoenix15 I Flew Into a Burning Ring Of Fire...

    Ok. I used to use this deck and I like your list. Computer search is better than dowsing, but if you don't have it it's ok. Run 4 juniper, 3 N and 3 Skyla. And put in more Evosoda, and maybe a heavy ball or two. I think a town map (just one) is reay helpful, and I would run a thinner Dusknoir line. 1-0-1 worked for me. I don't know if trading a muscle hand for a bangle is better, because with a bangle you can 1HKO Keldeo. looks great! And have fun!
  3. TorkoalJustice

    TorkoalJustice New Member

    I'm only using 2 evosodas because I feel that the level balls work better. What if I was to just take out the muscle bands and add the other 2 evosodas?
  4. Phoenix15

    Phoenix15 I Flew Into a Burning Ring Of Fire...

    Add one more, but switch a band for a bangle