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    TORONTO - Going to my first prerelease tournament, was, to say the least, an interesting experience. A firsthand look at the lying, cheating, stealing, illegal trading, and all-around poor sportsmanship combined with meeting some of the nicest people I ever have provided me with a somewhat enjoyable, albeit frustrating first prerelease tournament.

    My brother and I decided just moments before we entered, that, contrary to our previous plans, we would break the banks and enter individually. We paid our 35CAD entrance fee, picked up our packs, and set to work. The first thing I noticed from looking through my packs was - jackpot! - 4-4 Marowak. I immediately put this into my deck, but had to mull over a moment whether or not I should play fighting energies for the second attack, or just stick with the first. After pulling three Indigo Plateau, I reluctantly put all three stadiums in as well as eight fighting energies. The next pull of note was - again jackpot! - 3-2-1 Victreebel! I'd eyed Victreebel online before the prerelease and determined its value in this type of game; its ability to increase retreat cost makes getting rid of its heavy status terribly difficult when people play such few energies. Add to this a respectable -30 heal, (about the average damage from a Stage 1 at this thing) and you have a very usable card. I decided to play it 2-2-1. I was misfortunate enough to get but one Seeker and no Twins, but that didn't disappoint me because my brother got 3 and 2, respectively. I added 3 Pidgey that I'd pulled to provide early game support, 4 Rescue Energy to keep my evolution lines alive, and, at the last second, 2 Lickitung; it makes for a pretty sweet staller when Pokemon are doing 20-40 damage for 2 energy. Adding in energies, my deck became the following:

    18 Pokemon
    3 Pidgey
    4 Cubone
    4 Marowak
    2 Bellsprout
    2 Weepinbell
    1 Victreebel
    2 Lickitung

    4 T/S/S
    1 Seeker
    3 Indigo Plateau

    18 Energy
    4 Rescue Energy
    8 Fighting Energy
    6 Leaf Energy

    Now before I progress any further, I would like to mention the appalling dishonesty that I witnessed. It may be the norm for many of you, but I was shocked to find people trading before the match began. The coordinator of the tournament expressly forbade it before hand, and though there may be some secret in the Pokemon community that says to ignore this, it still didn't seem right. What seemed much worse, however, was the almost predatory nature with which people went after cards. 2 people at my table pulled Gengar Prime, (my brother included) and they both received no end of harassing offers for them. I think the other guy at my table that pulled one traded his away just to stop the shouting. On top of this, I witnessed 3 separate instanced of people trying to steal cards from others, including children as young as 7 who did not watch their possessions. Though I made sure to point this out to anyone who had been stolen from, I can be certain it happened more.

    Now, onto the battles!

    Round 1
    I draw Bellsprout (yes!) and Weepinbell (nice!) in my first hand, along with an Indigo Plateau and a fighting energy. I got the coin flip and went first, and used Bellsprout's Inviting Scent attack to get his benched Wailmer out and force his Venonant onto the bench. He seemed pretty pissed off, and benched another Venonant before attaching an energy to Wailmer and ending. I draw a leaf energy, attached it to Bellsprout, evolved it, and use Corrode Target. I got the flip, looked into his hand, and discarded a Mamoswine. He attached another energy to Wailmer and evolved Venonant, then used Venomoth's ability to poison Weepinbell. I took 1 damage from poison but drew Victreebel and immediately evolved into it. I attacked Wailmer, and he flipped tails for burn, leaving him with 30 HP. He added an energy to Venomoth, used its ability to poison Victreebel, then ended. I drew and benched a Cubone and attacked for the KO. He sent out Venomoth and attacked, flipping heads for the paralysis. I passed. He played Seeker to make me pick up Cubone and KOd Victreebel for game.


    Round 2
    I set up Marowak on my second turn and just as soon began attacking with Bonemerang. Even with one roll of two tails, I still outsped him by a lot and had taken my prizes by the seventh turn. He played Dragonite, which I had rejected as a possibility despite pulling one because of its high costs.


    Round 3
    I got Cubone, a bunch of energies, Grumpig, and Weepinbell in my first hand. I played Cubone and we flipped over our basics to reveal he was playing Tentacruel. He attacked on his first turn with Tentacool and took out half my HP, I drew Indigo Plateau and passed, losing the game.


    Round 4
    A terribly close game, he played Marowak and Grumpig. We moved at the same pace with Marowak, but I got mine back because of 2 lucky Rescue Energy draws. As it moves much faster than Grumpig, I managed to win by one prize after 2 consecutive 2-tails flips.


    Overall, a lot of fun. I blame my losses on not drawing enough basic, but I recognize that that's my fault for not constructing my deck well enough. Marowak and Victreebel are a lot of fun (I pulled another Victreebel from last 2 packs) and I might try them out at local tournaments.

    -Pulling 2 Victreebel
    -Pulling top half of Dialga/Palkia LEGEND
    -Watching my brother pull 3 primes, a LEGEND half, and pretty much anything else he asked the universe for
    -Lucky 3-3 Marowak pull
    -Having fun
    -Sexy new sleeves

    -Putting up with people being complete jerks
    -Watching the guy that put an end to my brother's winning streak by win evolving twice in one turn while my brother's back was turned
    -Kinda pricey...
    -Bad basics draws
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    In conclusion, your prerelease had a bunch of criminals that should be sent to Poke-Jail because i have NO POKE-RESPECT FRO SCUM LIKE THEM!Good report though! :)
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    Great report! Nobody stole or traded anything before the matches at my Prerelease, fortunately. I pulled a Gengar Prime, and glad I didn't trade it. My deck was Gengar Prime, Piloswine (no Mamoswine), Grumpig, and Golduck. It was a great Prerelease, and my first too.
  4. LoppyThug

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    Thanks! I can't tell if you're being sarcastic XP

    Thanks! It sounds like you got a solid combination of Pokemon of the same types. I drifted towards Marowak not only because I had several but also because it uses colourless energy. Good thing it does, too, because I didn't once pay for its attack with two fighting energies. I was so close to playing Grumpig, of which I got 2-2, but didn't want to introduce a new energy type.
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    The trading before matches happens all the time and I personally can't stand that form of cheating. I once knew someone that would go to 3 prereleases and he'd end up using cards from previous Pr's at the one he was at. At the Unleashed PR's he ended up cheating by using a full Entei/Suicune legend.
  6. Chemical

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    Apparently only once has trading happenend before a prerelease at the one I go to.How he was caught was it was in a LA prereleaee had a a 3 line of Kingdra.
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    i like the sexy new sleeves too. silver and green is such a good mixture and they look sick on my black mat