Triumphant Report (Laughs,Fun,Tail Spanking?)

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    Skipping morning blah,blah,blah.Nobody on theam Five Finger Shadow Punch shows up.What does this say about my team now hahaha.Anyways I get their, buy a Blissey Prime and a Grab Box(Store special 100 card box with 90 Commons/Uncommons/energy, 9 rares(Holo,None Holo, Rev. holo, and 1 Lv.X or Prime.I got a Staraptor FB Lv.X from thier with Base set DCE and holos from Neo Series.I sign up, chat with the Judges and TO (Because we are cool like that) and find out one of the judges was giving half a box away(He and the other judge was gonna split one) for 35 dollars.I was 20 short so that dream ended(The guy who got it pulled 2 Legends,Alph Litograph, Celebi Prime, and Gengar Prime).I got the last six packs because of how the way works for tables, I get Machamp Prime, CDL Bottom, and a holo Drapion.My deck was a Machamp Prime/Electivire deck with a 2-2 line of Lickilicky, a Pidgey and some other normal type pokemon.To the Tournament.

    Round 1 vs Steven G. w/ Random deck(Winner of Seniors)
    My deck creams decks because I set up either my Electivire to hit multiple pokemon or crash through with Machamp.Didn't get anythiong started while Illimiuse breezes through my bench and active pokemon.

    Round 2 vs Jimmy w/ Celebi and friends
    He starts Spoink to my Kangaskhan.He gets puts me to sleep, I wake up and attach an energy.He draws, puts me to sleep and I wake up and hit a Split Spiral Punch.He draws, ends his turn and I hit 1 heads with Dizzy Punch and Take the win.

    Round 3 vs Grant w/ Mash up (Took 5th)
    Basically my Electivire went through 1 of his Pokemon, my Machoke took 2 more before dieing, and then my Ambipom Double Spanked his Lickilicky's butt for the final prize.My reply was "I won by Ambipom Spanking my opponent."

    I took 3rd place and pulled crap but I made AWESOME trades.
    I Traded:
    1 Machamp Rev Holo(Normal)
    2 Rainbow Energy
    1 Weavile
    1 Shaymin Land Form lv.X
    1 Shiny Raikou
    1 Blaziken FB Lv.X
    1 Yanma
    1 Carnivine
    Some other useless Triumphant cards
    I got:
    3 Seeker
    3 Junk Arm
    1 Rescue Energy(Got two from my first 6 packs)
    1 Donphan Prime
    1 Blaziken FB
    1 Ditto
    1 Misprint Psyduck
    1 Smeargle
    1 Professer Darkrai Playmat

    That was my day, i also found out a rumor that Lost World will be in the next set.
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    I think you are right about Lost World being in the next set and THAT GUY WAS SO LUCKY HE GOT CELEBI PRIME GENGAR PRIME AND SO MUCH OTHER COOL STUFF! Thank you for listening.
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    Funny thing is, i would have got those...if I only brought 20 more dollars.But hey, I got Machamp prime and now I have 4 Donphan!