Two for One – Checking up on Trubbish and Ho-Oh Wow-Wow

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by MDiaz1, Dec 10, 2013.

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    So Mike, what do you think would be the best possible list for Ho-oh when my metagame consists primarily of Empoleon and Darkrai? I like the idea of Latias EX, but have you considered Zapdos EX/NXD?
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    Well, I think Darkrai is pretty well covered as long as you've got two or three of those fighting attackers. As for Empoleon, I'd really recommend double (or even triple if you're really concerned) Latias over Zapdos EX/NXD. You'll need to get 4 energy onto either one of those to do significant damage to Empoleon and even when you do, it goes down in one or two hits. Honestly, I really think there's no reason not to go with Latias when it shuts down the whole deck and has applications outside of that matchup. Leafeon is a nonissue for your other attackers so you really shouldn't be worried about that either. Hope I helped!
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    Thanks, I'll try it out!
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    Diaz I'm playing your tool drop deck tomorrow for cities. I hope it's good never tested it before lol.
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    I'm going to the Georgia Marathon, and for a senior's metagame of Darkrai, DarkGarb, and a little Blastoise, what should I bring? Right now I'm bringing Speed Darkrai, Quad Sigilyph, and I don't know what to do for the third. Any ideas?
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    I think you should bring Blastoise, but teched for the mirror. It should also have 2-3 scrappers. If you run Blastoise, you can beat Darkrai, obviously. If you use scrappers, the Garbodor's won't be a threat, so it's the same as Darkrai. For the mirror, you should tech an Exeggcute and use Dowsing Machine so you can use Black Ballista/Superior Energy Retrieval more times in a row than the opponent can, therefor you're able to take prizes faster than the opponent, therefore winning the game.