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  1. I think we need another one of Esa's The Last-Minute, Catch-All, Everything You Need to Know for Nationals Article, but anyone writing it, with every archetype in the format, with a list, and explanation of every deck.
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    From a writers perspective...

    The problem talking precentages is well to be honest people are idiots about them. Its common for people to favor there own decks so they ALWAYS seem to be the favorite. Nothing drives me more crazy than to see somebody posting thing like 90-10 favorable, etc. when its simply not true. The other comes down to your testing partners, as there is a huge difference between testing with Bob the Pokedad from league and Jason Klaczyski. I might be a huge favorite in the match up against Bob, but a huge underdog against Jason. It also seems to cause so much arguments in the articles its so much easier to say favorable, slightly favorable, slightly unfavorable, and unfavorable.

    The issue with going indepth about match ups is that you either devote the entire article to 1 deck or your match ups are so condensed there really not relevant. I have a hard time writing an article about 1 deck because if its not the deck the reader plays than I'm probably not getting a +1. It seems that whenever I do an article focused on 1 deck for every well received one I write I also have 3 medocere ones.

    The most successful one I had was Eels, but that was a deck that literally made up probably half of the meta. The format is so diverse right now (and looking the same heading into Cities) I would want a lot of people to tell me they really wanted an article over deck X before I'd feel good about devoting a whole article to it.

    I don't know is there a deck people feel is going to be that popular or they have that much interest in?
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    For Regionals or for Cities?
  4. Slowbro

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    That makes sense. I'm not a writer, so I really wouldn't know if it is difficult or not to write an article like that. I didn't really think about how hard it is to effectively pinpoint whether or not a matchup is good or not. Thanks for listening nonetheless. :)
  5. I was going to say Regionals but now that they are so close I would say Cities
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    I'm not saying it can't be done or shouldn't be done I'm just trying to give you what goes through my head when I'm chosing an article. I love to write the articles covering 1 deck as I feel they are very straight forward and very easy to right...Give several different lists, talk about your personal list...explain some of the difference in card choices and than how you approach different match ups. I would really love to do these articles, but I'd really like a bunch of people to tell me I'd like it over deck X.
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    There was 1 out today that gave a pretty basic overview some of his lists are pretty different than what I would consider standard (so I wouldn't get in the mind set of "this is how all lists look), but it should be exactly what your looking for.
  8. It was and it was a good article.
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    From the results at regionals, it sure looks to me like Roserade was the most underrated card. I would guess that decks with Roserade did, on average, much better than decks with any other Pokemon. So one or two of the UG writers should devote full articles to Roserade, how best to utilize it, which decks it works best in, and how to maximize consistency.
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    ^Although the post above is a week old, I don't think that should be an article. Roserade is completely inferior to skyla, especially with CPU search
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    There is a critical lack of discussion on Landorus/Mewtwo (/Bouffalant, Terrakion, Tornadus EX) in the UG. I really feel this should be remedied.
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    I second this. I played the deck at Regionals over the weekend and while I ended up disappointing, it did come in 2nd and 3rd in a field of 110 Masters.
  13. Crawdaunt

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    Of note, I've seen players teching Tropical Beach and Battle City in their Landorus/Mewtwo decks to counter-stadium SkyArrow Bridge and protect from late game N's.
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    I played the deck at 2 Cities and won will be in my article tomorrow.
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    This thread is such a great resource for both writers and readers I really wish it would get more use.
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    Hey Jay, here are some things that I've seen during a few Cities tournaments and would love to hear thoughts on:
    • Is PlusPower a good play? When is it good, when is it a dead card, etc.
    • Is Eviolite worth playing? Tool Scrapper vs. Not Using Tools
    • Draw Engines
      • Tropical Beach
      • Roserade
      • More supporters vs. Random Receiver
      • How many Skyla's in Set-Up decks vs. Basic decks
    • When will it be Garbodor's time to shine
    • Underplayed decks that should be viable (Empoleon?)
    • Best way to play Eels in current format? (Rayquazza, Tool Box, Double Colorless?)
    • Look at some rogues that have popped up
      • Gothitelle, Celebi EX, energy denial
      • Quad Rayquazza, Quad Sigilyph (why are they good/bad)
      • Empoleon/Dusknoir
    • Thoughts on Town Map (seems like it would be good, but no one plays it)
    • Dark Claw (also seems underplayed)
    I'm sure there are more things I wish to hear from the UG writers, but that's all that comes to me at the moment. Hope that helps.
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    JayHornung, I think that you started a whole separate article within your last article about "team" building and playtesting. After making my first Top 4 this weekend, thanks to your article, I found myself quite lost in Top Cut. I found that playing a "best of 3" is a lot different than regular Swiss round play. I found the time management difficult, as well as clearing my mind from the previous game.

    An example would be in my Top 8 match, game 2 I drew a catcher and was extremely hesitant to use it, as I thought it was my last one. After looking through my discard pile, I found that I hadn't even used 1 yet! I was thinking of my previous game. As well as constantly checking my watch to make sure there is still time in the match added a lot of unforeseen pressure.

    I believe that there was an article in the past on 6P about playtesting, but I don't remember it touching on the "best of 3" subject. I apologize if I am remembering incorrectly.

    Thanks for monitoring the request thread,
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  18. JayHornung

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    Kgenthe: Some of those questions are so deck specific are you referring to 1 deck or just in general?

    Parenting: Playing Best of 3 is something I plan on talking you want something brief?...alot of detail?...something in the middle? I'll hit on a lot of your questions/comments you wrote this about a week ago do you have any more thoughts?
  19. lucarioAdventure1

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    I would prefer (and I hope I am not alone on this) a quite in depth discussion on BO3 play, simply because it will help for less misplays within a TC scenario
  20. JayHornung

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    I plan on going into a good amount of major problem I'm facing is I honestly feel a lot of best of 3 especially at large events like Nationals and Worlds involves the psychology of it. To many people simply psychic themselves out and lose due to misplays. However, people just seem to rate it lower whenever how "not to psychic yourself out" shows up in articles.