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  1. lucarioAdventure1

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    With the amount of people (myself included) who loved John's: "winning the mind-game" article, I think they would like knowing how to not psyche themselves out :)
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    JayHornung, Thank you for looking into this subject. I think my biggest problem with the best of 3 match is "resetting" my brain after each game. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to play much since the tournament due to being Christmas time. But the brief bit I did, I played some best of 3 games at our league. Even in just the league games, I found it hard to erase the previous game from my head.

    So I think that I have more issues than just the pressure of Best of 3, or Top 4, or being recorded. The funny thing is that I never had these issues before and I believe they are surfacing now that I am becoming a more competitive player. I never really paid attention to what cards, in what amount, my opponent or even I had played during the game in the past. I just went with the flow, which is obviously not the best way to be successful.

    Now that I am taking a "mental" note on how many Catchers, Switches, Computer Search, Energy, etc... that my opponent and I have played, I find this is where I am having trouble "resetting" my brain back to zero for the next game.

    As for the "pressure" of the best of 3 match; I think that we would all like to hear how you prepare yourself "mentally"; How you use your "time management" to your fullest; How you deal with losing/winning game 1 (the negative/positive pressure added); How to "not psyche yourself out"; And whatever else that I can't think of at the moment.

    As for the lower ratings that seem to accompany articles on subjects like this, I think that the majority of readers just want an article with a deck list that is going to be BDIF, how to play it, and how to beat every other competitive deck out there with it. I know a lot of players like myself that want to "learn" how to play the game competitively versus being "told" how to play. I love articles that "teach" us something. But we are not the majority. I'm not saying that I don't like articles about the BDIF or up and coming decks, but by "learning" how to play the game we may come up with the new BDIF ourselves!

    To answer the ratings question, I would suggest to write a decent size article on this subject and possibly include your thoughts on a popular topic to please the majority. Like how to tech out your LandorusEX/MewtwoEX deck to handle the Quad Sigilyph deck that is starting to get popular?

    Sorry for the long reply, it won't be the first time that I've been told to shut up! ;)
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    Parenting thanks for the detailed reply...something to note quickly there are very few cards in the game which get key cards out of the discard pile. I would suggest taking notes in every game of top cut. Right down key cards like Pokemon Catcher, N, Juniper, etc. and than mark off everytime your opponent plays one. When a new game starts rip off the sheet of paper and start over, this will be far easier for you to simply look down and check.
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    Great tip JayHornung! That seems so much more logical, I really don't want to be checking both discard piles every turn. I will definitely try that out.

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    Looking for an article idea for my January article. Al the top10 decks of the current format (and even Klinklang and Quad Sigilyph) are or will be analyzed by other writers, so I'm pretty much at a writer's block at the moment. Any ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!
  6. Parenting101

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    badganondorf, I know a lot of readers including myself, love to read articles of yours on deck building. Especially your rogue deck ideas. With Regionals coming quickly and the Cities top decks that are being discussed as you mentioned, are there any rogue ideas that you have that may catch Regionals off guard?

    I hope all of you writers and readers have a fantastic New Years!
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    Are there any specific decks that people would like to see discussed in my upcoming Underground Article?

    Right now, for my article, the "general theme" topic I want to look at is how the Ether Engine can be built upon. In regards to Ether, I am going to write about Terrakion EX, Speed Darkrai, and CMT 2.0 (Basically CMT running on the Ether Engine instead of Celebi Prime), and will likely throw some Stage 2 decks through the testing ringer with Ether (maybe Gardevoir/Mewtwo, and a new deck from Plasma cards, Torterra/Cherrim, to figure out if there can be room for this acceleration with evolutions).

    Outside of that, the other 3 decks I will have discussion on are Blastoise and RayEels in regards to the new format, and then on Plasma Klinklang and the Watchlock deck (Watchdog EPO, Mew EX, Sableye, Amoongus, Hypnotoxic Laser, Ghetsis).

    That's pretty much been most of the stuff I've been testing, so that's what I plan on writing about. But there's still about 2 weeks before my article, so if there are any other archetypes that anyone would like me to test out before then, let me know.
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    I would love to see a Garbodor variant, with or without Ether, i really think including 1 Garbodor from PLS is a really stong tech, it can do so much damage to a fighitng pokemon with high retreat cost, i just think Garbodor is still a really good distruption.
  9. DrMime

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    I agree that an article on how Garbodor fits into the BLW-PLS format would be great. I think it could touch on the previous format (including Kaitlyn Young & Jando Luna's run at St. Louis), but the new format is an entirely different, speedier beast, and most of the article needs to be on that. Questions I have:
    • What meta decks in the new format will Garbodor target? (Blastoise, sure; Klinklang; does it help vs. Darkrai? Any Eels that remain?) Which decks will it fail against? (Can it beat BBP ScrambleSwitch variants?)
    • How does the deck keep up with opponents' energy attachments T1-T3? Is VictiniEX accel viable? Can any other accel mechanics even fit?
    • Can the deck handle Sableye opponents, with their incessant catchering and hammering? How?
    • What are the best partners for Garbodor? Articuno? (What does that deck look like, and how does it run?) TerrakionEX? SableHammers? Amoonguss/Watchlocking? Someone else?
    Sooner would be better than later--first weekend of States is in 4 weeks. Will I see any Garbodor there? Should I be playing it?
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  10. DrMime

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    We also could use an article focused entirely on the new Klinklang. I know that it's been mentioned in a couple of articles, but a nitty-gritty one would be better. How well does the Darkrai/Keldeo/MaxPotion/KK BLW combo fit in? Or do you go instead with 4 Switch/4 KK PLS? EtherDex, is that crazy for this deck? How do you combat 100tini? Moltres? Should players even waste their time with this deck? If you have no Tropical Beach, should you bother?

    So far, a number of players have posted in the Deck Discussion page on this deck, but people's opinions are pretty polarized. I wonder whether to believe them, or whether the deck isn't a lot more flexible than we think. A UG article could clear a lot up.
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  11. TechnoLegend

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    is Ghetsis out yet? am i missing something?
  12. DrMime

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    When Charranitar wrote that, I think the set hadn't come out yet.
  13. Adam

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    Klinklang is mentioned in the article coming out later today and I think it will clear some things up. Also decks with the Etherdex engine are covered.
  14. Crawdaunt

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    Hey all. I'm looking for suggestions for my UG article on the 26th. I'm doing an article discussing deckbuilding dichotomies. Key decisions in choices people make in building their deck. Not just techs, but rather cards that accomplish the same end through different means. An example from last year would be Pokemon Collector vs. the "Ball Engine."

    If you have any ideas or examples from the current format, let me know! I've written a bit already, but any and all suggestions are welcome :)
  15. baby_mario

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    You're probably doing these already, but . . .

    -Which draw Supporter do you use in addition to Juniper and N?
    -What Stadium do you play if you don't have Beach?
    - Stage 2 lines: is it ever worth including a single copy of the Stage 1?
    - Computer Search or Dowsing Machine?
    - Blend/Prism or the relevant Basic Energy (for techs)?
    - Switch or Escape Rope?
  16. Crawdaunt

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    I wasn't doing any of those yet to be honest! I was honing in on more specific examples, like Energy Retrieval vs. Super Rod vs. Cilan in Blastoise, or say Keldeo vs. Switch in Darkrai. But most of those questions are highly deck-dependent, so they're more appropriate for a "mail-bag" type of response :)


    - Bianca or Colress. If you fill your bench fast like RayEels, you can run high Colress. If not, Bianca is generally the next best.
    - Virbank or SAB. Use HTL? Virbank. Most other decks? SAB. If you're playing something out there like Articuno/Garbodor and you're not making room for HTL, then I would probably just play 1 SAB (free retreat for Arty/Trubbish) or no Stadium at all.
    - Not anymore really... Only examples I can think that deserve a Stage 1 are Gothitelle and maybe Gardevoir.
    - If you run DCE, or need to set up fast, Comp Search. If you are running techs like Tool Scrapper, or don't need to set up too fast Dowsing Machine. Completely a personal preference thing though.
    - Deck-dependant. Pretty much always run Basic energy in Blastoise and RayEels. I don't see why you'd play something you can't retreve with Energy Retrieval/Super Rod. If you're teching for Klinklang, I also don't see why you'd give Righteous Edge a target. Basics are also "Energy Switch"-able.
    - Personal preference if you're capped at 4 switch cards. A 3/1 split is quirky and fun, and can allow for skill/trick plays (especially with high Skyla counts). Otherwise 4 Switch is safe.


    I guess the key factor I'm looking for in what I want to discuss, would be that I'm not looking at decisions that impact consistency. But rather decisions that change how your deck achieves its win condition. Simple changes of 1 or 2 cards that make all the difference in how you have to play with your deck. How you manage your cards, and how you go about filling your bench, or achieving a quick start.
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  17. Reshiphlosion

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    I think something you can do is discuss the role of Tool Scrapper in our format, which decks should use it? How many should you run? etc. With garbodor doing very well recently I think that would make a good topic. Or maybe you could talk about Max Potion since using it at a key time to deny prizes can win games, unless of course you already thought of those ideas :p

    Looking forward to the article though!
  18. eriknance

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    hi guys. just wondering if anyone has ideas for my next article. I plan on making it big, so don't hold back!
  19. killerpotatoe

    killerpotatoe killerpotatoe

    lots of lists on your thoughts on the format. i am just lost :(
  20. 765Bro

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    Either a set review or a complete evaluation of Klinklang. (All match-ups, weaknesses, impact in future sets, lasting presence- all of it.)

    But anything you do should be great!