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  1. baby_mario

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    Mr Nance tends to do big concept articles rather than the usual review/decklist stuff.


    I've been having an ongoing discussion about the existance/importance of 'playstyle' with Otaku, and he sent me a link to an interesting article about MTG

    Maybe it's possible to do an article about how those player types relate to Pokemon (if they do at all) and how each type can find success and enjoyment within the game? Or just something about the concept of playstyle in general and how it affect the choices players make, and to what extent should players allow it to affect their choices.
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    My article on the 9th will be focusing on Klinklang from all aspects of Tier 1 (including the mirror :))
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  3. 765Bro

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    Wonderful. Thanks!
  4. kgenthe

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    Here are a few deck suggestions to talk about:
    • Gothitelle/Accelgor
      • With virbank, OHKOs grass weak EXs, Psychic weak EXs (going into their turn, still give you a free turn to attach energy)
      • With Virbank, 2HKOs Darkrai going into your turn
      • With virbank, OHKOs anything with 90-110 coming into your turn
      • Gains Float Stone
    • Weavile/Exeggcute
      • If you've seen some of Pooka's streaming games, this deck can be downright brutal. I beleive it had some success in Japan as well
    • Watchlock
      • Same as above, had some success in Japan and overall an interesting Lock concept.
  5. Crawdaunt

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    I just wrote about Gothitelle/accelgor on tcgwhats if you're interested?
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  6. 765Bro

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    D... Duskcelgor...

    At least include a chapter on the usage of Dusknoir for my sake, pleeease?
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  8. FlareStarfire

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    Are there any plans to re-visit the Blastoise / Keldeo / Black Kyurem EX deck with insight from Battle Roads / Nationals (UK, and soon Canada here) before we hit our nationals? Barring that, is there an underground writer I can speak to directly for some shop talk? I'd really appreciate a chance to have the discussion with someone who's had more of a chance to test than I have. Much appreciated.
  9. Adam

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    I know Charranitar recently wrote about it on his blog:
  10. FlareStarfire

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  11. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    I'm not sure, I typically don't know what is going to be written about each month until I receive the article from the writer. I know badganondorf is planning to cover a bunch of decks (most likely including Blastoise) but he isn't slated for another 2 weeks. For the most part I think articles get written only a couple days before they're published so the writers have time to playtest. I'll let everyone know there is a request for Blastoise though!
  12. Crawdaunt

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    Feel free to pm me for discussion if you'd like :) I'm not covering Blastoise in specific, but I have an opinion on EVERYTHING! And I love to share it. Hahaha ^_^;
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  13. FlareStarfire

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    Thank you, Adam. I appreciate it.
  14. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    DylanLefavour's article for today will cover Blastoise too. Hopefully it will help!
  15. Charranitar

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    The reason that 3 Tropical Beach is preferable is because you want to get it in your opening hand as many games as possible while also being able to use some other Supporter on your first turn. You don't want to necessarily have Tropical Beach in your opening hand every game, but rather just increase the probability that you have it either in your opening hand, or after you use a Juniper/N for the turn, you get it in that second hand off of the Supporter.

    Being able to use some other Supporter on the first turn is important for getting Water Energy Energy into the discard so you can use a Superior Energy Retrieval to setup a strong turn 2 attack with it. If you aren't able to do that and use Tropical Beach in the same turn, you usually can often get the Blastoise setup, but not the attack.

    You also will generally want to use a Supporter like N or Juniper turn one so you can start developing your bench on the first turn with getting multiple Squirtle benched and such. A high Tropical Beach count also lends itself to situations where you open Beach and Colress is your Supporter, allowing you to get out of using Colress for a small hand easier.

    I'm not sure on the Supporter counts, but I think I want to decrease it a little as I've been drawing too many hands where I have nothing but Supporters, without the Energy to do what I want.

    In general I think Exeggcute is a strong inclusion in the deck. It lets you do a lot more with your turns and it also turns Skyla into a much more potent late game Supporter than the deck does without it.

    It depends on local meta, but in the US, Klinklang seems to be a dying breed while Sigilyph is picking up in play again, so Blastoise will probably get the job done against Safeguard, and I've been moving away from using non-EX attackers. Ray Eels also seems to be on the decline in the US, so baby Black Kyurem seems less useful than it used to be.

    If you are worried about Garbodor, than play a Tool Scrapper along with Dowsing Machine. That gives Blastoise enough an out to beat Garbodor variants most of the time. Float Stone also helps in the matchup as you can use your turn of attachments with Deluge on Keldeo's, and then put Float Stone on Blastoise so that it isn't a liability to a Rush In-less field, but not sure there is space for all that, so trying to get by on Tool Scrapper/Dowsing is probably enough.

    Interesting note, the Garbodor lines being played in decks seems thinner, so just knocking out the Garbodor can be the end of the Garbotoxin lock for the game.

    I will be testing out Blastoise some more both days this weekend, one without Black Kyurem EX. In my list for tommorow I have Cresselia EX and some Psychic Energy, but still unsure if I should just go with the aggro Keldeo, but Cresselia EX seems really good against all the Deoxys in the meta game right now. On Sunday, I will probably play a more standard Black Kyurem EX list, especially if I can get the hands on the last Tropical Beach or two that I will have in times for Nationals (I'm all in with Blastoise at this point, I sold off my 4 Deoxys sealing that off as a deck choice. It seems like a clear BDIF to me, with all of its bad matchups being lower tiered decks mostly built to beat it).

    I'll be writing more about the deck this weekend and the week after.
  16. FlareStarfire

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    Charranitar : I'm definitely running Blastoise Keldeo something for nationals; it's just trying to iron out the best way to play it. It's really frustrating to run into so many Garbodor decks on (my only source of testing, sadly) and know that my deck in its current state just folds to it as soon as Garbotoxin goes up.

    The thing of it is, when I do come across a Garbo player I ask them what their experience vs Plasma has been, and there's not been much of a reply. It seems like a sound path considering you have a shot at cut starting at 6-3.... will you run into enough Garbodors that it'll ruin your day? Or what if you get into Top 128... and then get paired against one out of sheer bad luck. And then, in Dylan's article, he mentions that just Tool Scrapper isn't usually enough to turn around the match-up on its own. That worries me a lot.

    The risk is messing with my head, big time.
  17. DylanLefavour

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    Currently I'm trying 3 Keldeo. I want a Manaphy. I don't know how to include it though. If anyone who wants to talk Blastoise wants to PM me, go for it.
  18. CyrusTyler

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    If I may ask, has anyone thought of doing an article on the psychology behind choosing deck styles? Examples being lock decks, OHKO decks, stage 2 decks, revenge decks, spread damage decks, etc.

    If not, I'd like to just give it a shot and let someone with more experience critique and edit the article, give me pointers so to speak.
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  19. Professor_N

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    I would think the only real "reason" behind choosing any deck is because you think it is fun to play, or you think it is one of the strongest decks in the game, or both.
  20. baby_mario

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    There are lots of reasons why someone chooses a deck, not limited to:
    • they believe it's the strongest all-round
    • it counters a specific metagame
    • they have a limited card pool
    • other people persuade them to play it
    • they enjoy playing a particular deck
    Everyone has Pokemon and deck styles that they prefer. I like Houndoom, and I also like complex decks. I haven't played either in a competitive tournament for a very long time though, because Houndoom is always crap and there hasn't been a complex deck since SP rotated out (DialgaChomp).

    If you take fun/casual play out of the equation and assume that the player is trying to win tournaments, then preference should never dictate deck choice. A person might enjoy playing a lock deck more than anything else, but that enjoyment will not give them a better chance than if they played a superior deck that they disliked. If someone finds that they play a deck they like better than one that they don't, then they need to develop as a player and get over themselves.

    A deck can be the right choice for many reasons, but liking it, or thinking there is some mystical connection between a certain deck and your own personality (which is a ridiculous idea) is not one of them.

    If you want to play for fun, then you should absolutely go with the deck you enjoy most, but if you are trying to win you have no business limiting yourself as a player.