UK City Championships Dates [not 100% confirmed]

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  1. Googleplex

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    A lot of dates for City Championships in the UK have been posted, and whilst they haven't yet been sanctioned I think it'd be good to get some discussion going for UK events again, as it's been pretty standstill lately and it's good to have a bit of information.

    As none of the dates are on the official site yet, this may not be a complete list so let me know if I missed any that have been advertised. I've linked to the event pages on the respective websites too.

    8th December (Sunday) - Aberdare
    21st December (Saturday) - Sutton Coldfield
    28th December (Saturday) - London
    11th January (Saturday) - Machester
    12th January (Sunday) - Leeds
    18th January (Saturday) - Cardiff

    I should be heading to Sutton and Leeds for sure, and maybe Manchester, Aberdare and London. Just to stress though, these aren't sanctioned and are subject to change, so I wouldn't book any trains or hotels just yet.
  2. galladeava

    galladeava Disapproving Clown

    Will most likely just be the big Northern weekend for me, whether theyre sanctioned or not.
  3. lucarioAdventure1

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    Definitely going to London no matter what. Very probably going to Sutton, Leeds and Manchester. Definitely not going to the Wales ones unless plans change.
  4. Hydr8

    Hydr8 Diggersby tho

    Should be going to Sutton Coldfield and Cardiff, probably not any of the others as it will get quite expensive.
  5. thematteo0

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    Booked my place in London probably won't make any of the others unfortunately.
  6. pokemonguy

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    Maybe London, definitely Leeds and Sutton Coldfield, Wales is a trek but I might make Cardiff.
  7. LT45

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  8. galladeava

    galladeava Disapproving Clown

    Ugh of all the dates for Manc regionals it had to be the same day as Arsenal Cardiff and Wales Australia! No local regs for me!
  9. Hydr8

    Hydr8 Diggersby tho

    Come on where is the commitment? I missed the final day of the Premier League when United lost the title so that I could play in an event, turns out I had a much more relaxed and fun day anyway.
  10. galladeava

    galladeava Disapproving Clown

    Yes, but did you have tickets to Old Trafford or wherever it was? Can't really back down on paid tickets to both games and a hotel now can I...
  11. Hydr8

    Hydr8 Diggersby tho

    Yeah good point.. sell your tickets. jk If Cornwall Regionals is the week before Sutton Coldfield think I might go to that instead.
  12. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    I'm pretty depressed about the state of the TCG in the UK right now.

    Cornwall gets a Regionals? Seriously? After what happened at Cities last year?
  13. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    Scotland is fine except the organizer.
  14. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    Apparently they took it away from an established League in Edinburgh and gave it to a shop which had a de-activated League until a couple of weeks before the tournament and no experience of running major Pokemon events.

    Cornwall had one utterly awful Cities last year with multiple problems. Now they get a Regional.

    None of that is 'fine'.
  15. public_toilet

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    I wonder if Blackpool is getting a cities.

    Aberdare is now on the 15th.
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  16. StormFront

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    Its because POP in the UK is now run by Gordian Knot Games. A conflict of interest if ever there was one. They intend to hold at locations that will benefit them financially. Regardless if said location goes against the players base wishes. This situation is sure to drive many players away from the game.
  17. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    Sadly, I have to agree.

    I don't want to play in locations where tournaments are badly run, people are rude, and those in charge don't have any knowledge or experience of the game whatsoever - they don't even know the most basic rules, and that's not an exaggeration.

    If it carries on like this I can see myself just doing enough to qualify for Nats this year, or maybe just saying screw that and doing the VGC instead.
  18. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    I'm moving to the US if this happens.
  19. lucarioAdventure1

    lucarioAdventure1 i swear on me mum

    The way I see it is, GKG have said they are only putting the initial regionals in these dumb locations because they had to do it on very short notice. (Not that Cornwall and Glasgow are good locations for regionals...) So, I'm just glad we get regionals at all, even if they are in stupid locations. (I expect this issue to be resolved in the next set of regionals we get.)
  20. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    I hope you are right about that.

    But giving two regionals to horrible locations that don't deserve them is not making a good first impression. I don't see the need for them to rush into Regionals now either. They could have waited and done them all in the Spring (like we had before).

    Not having Ian Fotheringham in charge is a major setback for UK Pokemon. Ian cared about the game, the players, and knew the software inside out. No-one else has his authority and knowledge. He also wasn't looking to make money out of it. Replacing him with a company that has zero experience and needs to make profits (which is totally understandable) is going to cause big problems and may even kill the game unless they start to communicate with the UK player base/judges/TOs (improving the content-free website would help for a start).

    It's early days, so I do want to give Gordian Knot a chance to do things right. It's just really disheartening to see it all start so poorly.