UK X and Y Pre-release (Aldershot)

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    Its not just the USA who have got in on the Pre-Release. The UK have also started today.
    Taking me an hour to drive there and just enough time as well to pick up some sandwiches at the local Tescos I made it to register in.
    I wasn't the first to arrive, nor was I the last, but no sooner did I start up my 3ds to prat about on Pokemon X, were we given our 6 packs. the suspense was killing me.

    after everyone got packs, everyone literally tore open their packs, while I tweaked at the folds of each of the packs, making a tiny gap, to use my finger nails to pull the cards out. (I like to collect the empty boosters. i'm sad like that :p)

    First pack didn't look that special until I noticed I had a Venuaur EX Full art 0_0
    It was then I knew what deck I was building. by the 4th or 5th pack I had a full 1-1-1 line of Delphox Mystical fire, and by the 6th i had a 2-2-1 Vivillon. perfect for my grass deck with Venusaur.
    last pack i pulled an extra Fennekin which was good for Delphox

    and with that I built my deck. it looked like this.
    1 Venusaur EX
    2-2-1 Vivillon
    2 Illumise
    2-1-1 Delphox Ability
    1 Inkay Tackle
    1 Malamar Mental trash
    1 Mr. Mime

    1 Casius
    1 Team Flare Grunt
    2 Evosoda
    1 Muscle Band
    1 Max Revive
    1 Great Ball
    1 Super Potion

    8 Grass energy
    5 Fire Energy
    2 Dark energy
    1 Lightning energy
    1 Fairy Energy

    The energy seems weird, but i wanted to power up Vivillons Colorful wind attack, which works like Ho-oh EX, where you do more damage for different types of basic energy.

    other cards I pulled where the Shadow Circle stadium (Didn't use), a Stoutland, Herdier with no lillipup :(. Gogoat, with no Skiddo :(. A Simipour, with a Panpour which I decided not to use. Frogadier, with no Froakie. Doublade with no Honedge, and a Krokorok with no Sandile. lots of evolved pokemon missing the basics.
    In my early build I had 2 Pikachu, since they had Colourless attacks but replaced them both with Malamar. The random Mr Mime was also added at the last minute so I could use a fairy type for the first time. I had no other fairy types except the basics like Swirlix and Spritzee.

    The matches
    The matches where 5 rounds. Each one was best of 3. But securing an EX card I knew I was going to get a good rating out of the 20-30 odd masters that turned up.

    In pretty much every match, I was able to get Illumise out and use it's attack "Pheromotion" which for one grass energy, lets you search your deck, for any grass type Pokemon and put it in your hand. This attack always got me Venusaur into play, as well as Vivillon.
    Sadly though, Delphox, although it had some times in my hand, my 2-1-1 line meant I could never get it out, and thus I never got to actually use the card :(. Same with Mr. Mime. He would sit on the bench and do nothing.
    Malamar actually won me my first match by constantly spamming it's first attack "Mental Trash" which for 4 coins, for each tails the opponent discards a card in the hand, and with no cards to draw into, he couldn't do ANYTHING XD
    Even a Spewpa, who sat there on the bench doing nothing next to a second one, in one match where i had no Illumise, to see Vivillon die, took revenge by using it's 3 energy "Stun Spore" to win a match with a Muscle band attached, to negate the opponents Hard charm card.

    In the 5 rounds I lost 2 of them. The first one was to a guy who had a Yveltal and Yveltal EX with Krokorok. Yveltal EX KOed my Venusaur, in the same way that Mewtwo EX kos things by taking advantage of energy attached to both Pokemon, and another one, against another Venusar EX type deck with Colourless Pokemon like Tauros. The reason for that one was my time had ran out on my parking meter for my car, and I had to run back after the last round to put more money on it. My opponent had won the first game, by getting his Venusaur powered up, and I was winning the second match when time was called. If I had won that 2nd match, it might of gone into sudden death. :(

    In the end I placed 9th. not to bad considering how many Masters where there. In my extra 2 packs I got a Tauros, (Wish this was in my deck) Fairy Garden, and a Rainbow Energy (Could of used that too!). So nothing special. I pulled a 2nd Gogoat, with still not a single Skiddo in sight. Why do the pulls do this to me. :(

    so pros and cons about my matches.
    Getting Vivillon out into play in pretty much every battle (Thanks Illumise ;) )
    using Super potion late game in one match on Venusaur when it had 20 HP left, and top decking another grass energy.
    using Cassius to save Pokemon from getting Koed
    Using Team Flare grunt to halt high retreat Pokemon like Sandile
    and the 2 Evosoda helped out loads after Illumise gets koed. Got another way of getting Spewpa and Vivillon out.
    Illumise actually did some attack damage occasionally 0_0 it's not just for set up. also told me in one match, I had prized 2 Spewpa :( on that occasion there was no Vivillon.

    EX cards. These things are your best friends, but they are also your own worst enemy.
    Red Card. Getting a good hand, to loose it. :mad:
    Seeing someone use Sycamore D: We all know the feeling of when your opponent plays Juniper to get a 7 card hand.
    Seeing someone flip heads on Roller Skates. Its a trainer item version of Cheren!! (On a coin flip obviously)
    Energy droughts. I had one in one match in the entire day playing.
    Not getting the right energy. similar to energy drought. with 5 different types of energy in this deck, it was bad for me to get anything of what I needed most. I nearly always get 3 energy on Venusaur, but getting hand full of fire energy and so on, stopped me from using 2nd attack on a few occasions.
    I only got to use Vivillon's 3 energy attack 2-3 times for the whole day, and only once did it to 90 damage. I mostly just used its first attack to deal poison, and stall with sleep. Made me wonder why I had to put all the different types of energy in my deck, when it hindered my drawing power for the energy I needed (most of the time, grass)

    Deck Changes or what should of been done
    Remove the Mr. Mime for a start.
    Even though I used Malamar to win my first match it was never used after that. I had a Chespin and Quilladin 1-1 line, that I pulled in my 6 packs, but didn't think they would be good enough, but would of been a better choice to play with Illumise's attack. Removing Malamar and Mr. mime would of freed up 3 slots for Quilladin, and extra energy. I would of removed 1 of the 2 dark energy for either a different energy for Vivillons second attack or another grass/fire energy.

    -1 Mr Mime
    - 1-1 Malamar
    -1 Dark energy

    + 1-1 Quilladin
    +1 Grass energy
    +1 Fire energy

    So there you have it. My Pre-release report. I'm terrible at reporting this sort of thing, but I hope your Pre-releases go well. and if you where at this same event as me, the names Oliver ;)
    also at this time, scans of the cards in this new set, are now available on Pokebeach for you to check out.
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    Cool report.

    A couple of things:
    -Not super serious, as I can tell by all the smilies, and lack of attention to detail regarding the matches.
    -Didn't actually talk about most of the matches you had.

    Also, as a personal question, did Raichu or Dugtrio make a showing at all? I feel like this would have lost quickly to Dugtrio.
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    I didn't see any in the whole room, and certainly no Raichu V.S. Dugtrio matchups. I only pulled two Rare Holos in my 8 packs, so it is unlikely that anyone will pull a solid line. Also, I only managed to trade for one Aromatisse :(