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  1. ShinyEevee

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    I just realized that Dark explorers is still in rotation and what does that mean? Entei Ex. This is something I whipped up rather quickly for an idea.

    Pokemon 11
    2 Entei Ex
    3 Charizard Ex (stoke)
    2 Charizard Ex (dragon)
    2-0-2 Delphox

    Supporters 12
    4 Proff sycamore
    2 Shauna
    2 Lysandre
    4 Blacksmith
    1 skyla

    4 Fiery torch
    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Rare Candy
    2 bicycle
    2 Muscle band
    1 Proff letter
    4 hypnotoxic laser

    Stadium 2
    2 virbank

    Energy 12
    8 fire
    4 blend

    If my math isn't off it leaves me with 3 other slots. It could use some refining but I am thinking of going to league with this on monday.
  2. Tsunami

    Tsunami Seems legit.

    DEX is getting rotated...
  3. Professor_N

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    DEX is in Rotation for NXD-FLF, but DEX is cut for BCR-on.