Unlimited: Mew Prime + Gyarados (Stormfront 19)

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    Someone I was talking to recently brought up an older Gyarados card, specifically Gyarados from the Stormfront set. Now, I wasn't around when Stormfront was legal so I never knew about him until just then. And this card looks like an rip-roaring good time.

    Now, my idea was to go ahead and pair him up with the Mew Prime I still have from my rather unsuccessful MewCario deck I had taken to Cities back in September (or whenever that was).

    The idea would be to get my four Magikarp into the discard somehow, either by searching and discarding via Ultra Ball/Junk Arm/some other card I don't know about, and then using Mew Prime to See Off Gyarados. I would then have Mew Prime use Gyarados's Tail Revenge instead of Gyarados himself, potentially swinging for 120 using ZERO energy.

    Again, Stormfront and just about every card from the DPPt-era was before my competitive time. I came in, unintentionally, after the switch to HGSS-on so I don't know any of the older cards that were staples in those decks.

    This deck would be just a casual deck that I could play with friends, or have friends play with it, at Leagues or when they come over or something. I'm hoping someone could come in and tell me what sort of things I should be looking for when building an Unlimited Format deck like this.

    - I want to use Mew Prime and Gyarados (SF)
    - I know nothing about the Unlimited Format
    - halp make deck plz

    Or you can just tell me I'm crazy and I can leave this deck idea floating around in my brain :p
  2. cabd

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    If you're playing casual unlimited, I can help. If it's serious unlimited, not good enough there to be of assistance.
  3. Gelatin

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    Casual Unlimited is fine since I didn't even know there was a competitive Unlimited.
  4. cabd

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    POKEMON: 19
    Stage 2: 1
    1 : Jumpluff, GS-6
    Stage 1: 2
    2 : Gyarados, SF-19
    Basic: 16
    1 : Regice, LA-36
    4 : Magikarp, SF-65
    4 : Sableye, SF-48
    3 : Crobat G, PL-47
    4 : Mew (Prime), TM-97

    TRAINERS: 37
    Trainers: 30
    1 : Super Rod, NV-95
    4 : Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poke Turn, PL-118
    4 : Item Finder, B-74
    4 : Professor Oak, B-88
    4 : Scoop Up, B-78
    2 : Pokemon Center, B-85
    3 : Gust of Wind, B-93
    4 : Energy Removal, B-92
    4 : Computer Search, B-71
    Supporters: 5
    3 : Felicity's Drawing, GE-98
    2 : Bebe's Search, RR-89
    Stadiums: 2
    2 : Skyarrow Bridge, NEX-91

    ENERGY: 4
    Special Energy: 4
    4 : Prism Energy, NEX-93

    By no means is this the BEST list, but it;s certainly a starting point. Abuse of Crobat G is like a staple in 'dos.
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  5. Gelatin

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    That looks like a solid start. Man, I didn't even know about half of these cards and I'm sure I can find the other half of these Base Set cards in the big boxes my friend gave me before he moved. I probably won't be working on making this soon but now I at least have a list to go off of.

    Thanks so much!
  6. baby_mario

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    There isn't.

    There's no support for unlimited so you get two kinds of players playing that format for fun.

    1. People who want to try out all the amazing combos that are possible


    2. Jerks who play Sableye/Porygon/Crobat stuff and T1 the combo people every single game
  7. Gelatin

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    Ordering off of Troll and Toad, that list barely breaks $26 for all of the things I don't have already. Definitely going to make this just to mess around with it :D
    You find those kinds of people in every kind of game but I guess I would expect that more in the lawless land that is the Unlimited Format.

    And which Porygon are we talking about here?
  8. baby_mario

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    This guy


    With Broken Time-Space and Seeker . . . clears your Bench (if you have one), then you get donked.
  9. Gelatin

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    Damn, that's a really nasty combo.
  10. HEZ

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    This is just me doing the token "there's various Unlimited formats" post. The 150 version (See my sig.) is becoming popular because you just can't " T1 the combo people every single game", it's just not possible. Because it's a 100 card singleton deck you'd have to work in a few strategies other than just Mew prime and Gyarados SF, though Mew is a great build-around as many combos are available for it, just use them all! :D My only warning is be careful of any Lost Zone decks, be careful what you see off if you spot ANY Gastleys!