Unmet Performance Expectations: Decks & Cards

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    I apologize right off the bat if I misunderstood the guidelines for this sub-forum; while I wish to discuss "decks", it isn't a set deck list but rather the decks and/or cards that you were expecting to make a showing now that we have XY but that so far are definitely not coming even close to the "hype". This can include decks and/or cards that people are playing but which are under-performing, that people seem to not be playing, or that people are playing but not in the manner you expected. Note that any currently Modified legal card is game; some older cards were expected to improve with the addition of the most recent releases.

    Example 1: Early on, Red Card had some of us pretty freaked out, myself included; this may seem strange to many, but if you remember Imposter Oak's Revenge you know this was the rare example of hand control/disruption made "stronger" than its Pre-Modified/"Rocket-On" Modified ('01-'02) season counterpart, which starred in one of the earliest, successful hand control decks in Pokémon (and dominant deck for a time). Some are still singing the praises of Red Card, but a lot of players who's analysis I trust really don't think it is anything special.

    Example 2: Greninja and its Water Shuriken seemed like it would usher in the return of damage counter placement decks. We've got plenty of cards that could be used for it to "wall" behind, especially with Pokémon Catcher requiring a coin flip. Safeguard Pokémon, Latias EX and Silver Mirror can make it hard for the opponent to attack while you whittle away the HP of desired targets, while Pokémon like Kyurem, Kyurem-EX, Reshiram, and Zekrom (Outrage Versions) suffice for "meatshields" that should they survive the turn, are likely to deliver solid hits with just a Double Colorless Energy attached... but a cursory search isn't showing me people try that strategy, instead almost always combining a Stage 2 that you want to get out in doubles, triples, or even a full four count... and trying to make it work alongside yet another Stage 2 Pokémon! @_@

    Now nothing says my observations are correct about the two examples, but let us discuss the above examples or anything in a similar vein.
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    Trevenant/Accelgor has not caused the problems that some people were thinking it would. I was never around for the full dominance of Gothitelle, but on some sites I read people seemed horrified this more simplistic version would be a big pain for everyone. I did play a Gothitelle deck myself at a tourney so I did experience the deck somewhat. Personally though I think the greatest enemy of Trevenant is September. Whether it be this year or next, as soon as Accelgor is gone Trevenant is going to be in a world of hurt. (Note: I do not want to derail this threat into talking about what might or might not be rotated out this September.)