UPDATE: XY-on Buylist

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by ScottSpain, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. ScottSpain

    ScottSpain New Member

    Update: I'm interested in buying a full set of the following cards:

    • XY
      • Pikachu/Raichu
      • Muscle Band
      • Great Ball
      • Evosoda
    • Flashfire
      • Pokemon Fan Club
      • Druddigon
      • Seedot/Nuzleaf/Shiftry
      • Litleo/Pyroar
      • Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree

    So long as they are in playable condition, I don't really care about much else. Will pay with Paypal upon seeing a picture of the cards.
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  2. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Wayyyyyyy to early to be even asking for these cards. This thread will be buried by the time the set is out.
  3. ScottSpain

    ScottSpain New Member

    True. But I figured I'd make this as people are preparing for release events. Plus, I can always bump if I need older stuff.
  4. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Ehhh dunno about that, pre-releases start next week so maybe he wanted to make it so he doesn't forget lol?
  5. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    They start next week? I thought they began the 26th. If I got my information wrong, then I am very sorry for my previous post.
  6. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    I have one on the 12th...
  7. ScottSpain

    ScottSpain New Member

    Nice! They don't start over here until much later. If you can, be on the lookout for my list.
  8. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

  9. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Yea i didn't have one, it was a regular tournament.
  10. ScottSpain

    ScottSpain New Member

    Just updated the thread with the cards I'm looking for.
  11. OshaWaterBottle

    OshaWaterBottle Active Member

    Psst Butterfree is terrible.
  12. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    Who cares? He wants the card, there isn't anything wrong with that.
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  13. Matt91_

    Matt91_ fire trainers lel

    @OshaWaterBottle please refrain from making posts in the Classfieds if you're not negotiating anything. Thanks.
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  14. Stryyder

    Stryyder New Member

    I have:

    Pokemon Fan Club FA- $8
    1 Butterfree, 3 Metapod, 4 Caterpie to make it an even $10?
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  15. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    I have -
    4x Evosoda (One is RH) - 4.50$ for the 4 (3$ for the RH, .50 cents for the others)
    4x Great Ball (One is RH) - $4 for the 4 (3$ for the RH, .33 cents for the others)
    2x Muscle Band - 2$ for the 2

    Feel free to neogotiate.

    By the way, I only accept payment via bitcoin and concealed cash.