VA States Top 4 Seniors Report

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    Hey guys! A little bit overdue but I am bored and decided to write a tournament report on how I did at the Virginia State Championships! I decided to play Landorus/Garbodor. No mewtwo, no DCE, just 4 Landy and 1 Terrakion Ex. I was confident going into the weekend, so without further adoo ( adu?) i'll jump into the report!

    I meet up with my friends at league on friday night and we grab chipotle, than we hit the road. We get to the hotel at around 9 and play wierd games in the parking lot, like, " who can run across the car parking bumpers at full speed all the way across the parking lot without falling" ( Jose and I won xD) i was about to freeze my butt off when Tim and Kevin come back saying that they just picked up our room keys, and were off to the room! We test for 4 hours 'till 2 in the morning, I have a room with 3 of my friends, no adult..... oh boy. It is pure chaos, turning off lights while i shower ( the bathroom light was OUTSIDE the door, for absolutely no reason) so that sucked, but, people start hiding things and it escalates quickly. Belts are whipping people, and that goes on for 2 hours. We fall asleep at 4 when we have to wake up at 6. Oh joy!

    We wake up and head over to Denny's, where I eat AWFUL chili, but the chocolate milk was great. :) We head off to the venue, and I re-sleeve. I check on my friend Jimmy's phone for the pairings, and see that Seniors only have 31 people! One player short of a t8. So we are stuck with a t4. Round 1 pairings go up, and I am against a 60 card mirror -_- complete luck.

    Round 1 VS Henry Ross Clunis w/ 60 Card Mirror

    I go first, I lead with Landy and hammerhead. He does the same, but he plays a juniper. I bench trubbish, and bench a landorus with an EXP share, and am forced to colress for 3, hoping for an energy. Nope, no energy. I settle for a hammerhead, while he benches two landorus's, EXP shares both, and plays virbank, catchers my EXP shared landy and plays hypno-toxic laser, than junipers. He rolls me, as I dead draw for multiple turns. Until that ONE turn where if I get one of my 4 lasers that are left in my deck, and i keep him asleep, I would be in an AMAZING position, so i Juniper and!.... I hit none of them:( I'm done for, and scoop it on up.


    Round 2 VS Eels

    This is the biggest " tee-hee" moment of my life. I know my opponent is playing straight eels, because when he was shuffling, an Eelektrik, a Zekrom, and a Mewtwo fall out of his deck;) I start landy and i go first and i see he has two basics before we flip over our basics, no donk for me:( This is upsetting, i just wanted a turn one win, I wanted to go get girl scout cookies! "( They were selling girl scout cookies as well as REALLY good cheesburgers and i was REALLY excited that:)) But i guess i will have to play a REALY game-_- PSYCH! He flips over two 30hp tynamo's:) GG!


    I know I have to win out, and Henry has to be the 5-0 player.

    Round 3 VS Klinklang PLS

    Garbodor is just an auto win against Klinklang. Simple as that. I just roll him, 6-0


    We get a lunch break and visit G.O.A.T ( Greatest Of All Time) Mountain. Where Peter reins king. I get a cheesburger and just chill for a good 20 minutes with friends. Really makes me appreciate things, makes me thankful to have such awesome friends :)

    Round 4 VS Michael Catron w/ Accelgor

    This was just an annoying game that I was pretty sure I have control of the entire time. It just took a while because he had a Giant Cape'd Emolga. ugh. Just annoying. It got stupidly close, as he got really lucky on getting Accelgor and Dce after I N him to 3. I have 3 Switch left in deck, as well as a scramble switch. I juniper into a 20 card deck for it. I am known to wiff these things in crucial times like this. Thankfully I get the switch and extend my hand. GG.


    LEGGO BUDDY LEGGO!!! Deal breaker round!!! I was in this position and lost stupidly at regionals. I was 4-2 and had awesome resistance. I N'd my opponent down to two and beached. She NEEDS catcher and she has used 4 Juniper, 4 N, 2 Bianca, 3 Skyla, 3 Catcher. She top decked the skyla for the catcher and she bubbled at 17th. I am NOT gonna let this happen again.

    Round 5 vs ??? w/ Darkrai/Mewtwo/Tornadus

    Ugh, Tornadus:( This game wasn't really close, just annoying Tornadus' resistance. I decide i should catcher around it and hammerhead it while it's on the bench, and hit the Darkrai, and since i had garbodor up, he would be stuck. Before i did this, i had a Trubbish active, and i dropped Virbank and laser, hit him for 30, than garbage collection for N, this was Key. He had tool scrapper or the switch or something to get out of it, but i still got 30 on the tornado, so it's now at 60.And this is where it got awesome. Tornado hits Landorus and I dont have the catcher to get around, so i hit it for 10. Landy dies and EXP share activates to another landy I had been getting ready. This landy had two energy on it, thanks to EXP share:) I thank bench terrakion, and scramble switch into it. I attach and play laser, to make it the perfect damage to kill it. He is done for. But he get's lucky with a laser flip, and i need a switch to win the game. I' have used 1 switch and 1 scramble switch. 17 Card deck. I have a juniper. I go for it and hit the switch. I also find out that Henry had finished 5-0!!! IM IN CUT!!!

    T4 VS Grant Manly w/ Cobalion/Lasers/Mewtwo/Garbodor

    Game 1
    It Takes a REALLY long, 45 Minutes! his eviolites are really annoying and I was just feeling out his deck. I misplay BIG TIME! I was afraid he played 4 laslers, and that he would catcher trubbish, laser and righteous edge it for the game. He had only used one laser at this point ( btw we are tied at 1-1 on prizes) I decide to evolve to garbo to prevent this. But, it just turned out he catchers trubbish, and N's me down to one. 4 Straight turns with no switch, nothin. He takes game one

    Game 2
    I 6-0 Him fast and time is called going INTO game 3.

    We flip for who goes first, it's sudden death! I open trubbish to his trubbish. He goes first and N's........ damn. I attach to a benched terrak and pass. He rips a juniper... Good for him-_- He retreats trubbish into Mewtwo and passes. I play colress for 4. If i hit, scramble switch, energy, laser, catcher, i win. I dont, but i do get a juniper. But he plays catcher, DCE for the win.

    I am happy with the outcome:) I got

    18 Packs of Plasma Storm
    A Victini Hat somebody tried to buy off of me RIGHT after I left the play area.
    A SWEET Scrafty Mat ( It is still in wrapping, if you want to make an offer on it, feel free.
    A binder ( Also make offers)
    A Semi-Finalist Clear Glass Trophy

    Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed!!!
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    Good read. DAMMIT COBALION
  3. Roguechomp

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    The trophies are acrylic not glass
    Nice job though. Your room seemed like chaos lol
    Dat Garbodor list, I thought mine was weird, turns out I was wrong. Weird lists do well, that's all I have ever learned during states.
    I'm surprised the Darkrai Tornadus guy didn't just play down ONLY Tornadus.
  4. PallyPander

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    hahaha, ya idk wheat they were made out of:p Just took a guess tbh! Haha, but ya, the list was just like" all day every day t1 hammerhead." But on the matter of the Darkrai/Tornadus guy, I was too. He opened something like two Darkrai. So I was like " :3" hammehead bruh. He got it down on his first turn and and just junk hunted or something. I think he prized one, but it wouldnt have mattered tbh. The darkrai's were there and i would have KO'd those anyways. In the end as well, i drew catcher and switch so I would've catchered the other one.
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    18 packs of Plasma... with ALL the ultra rares :p
  6. PallyPander

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    i got 4, you only pulled one than sold the other packs, you probs had another;) it was probs just normal ex, do you still have the lugia ex btw?
  7. daGlaceon

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    yeah I still have it. Saving it for PlasmaBox next season so I won't have too buy TOO much.