Vablakes: 5/11 TONS of Flashfire, SR Ultra Ball, Tropical Beach and so much more!

Discussion in 'For Trade' started by Vablakes, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I'll pass. Not really interested in trading Xerneas for anything other than SRs right now.
  2. Floral

    Floral Member

    i have mewtwo ex, rh prism energy, fa pokemon center lady, and 2x mega charizards x. interested in sr ultra ball, fa xerneas ex, and maybe sr catcher/ sr max potion
  3. The two MegaZard Xs I want if they are SR. I'm also extremely interested in the Prism Energy. I already got the Mewtwo that I needed, and the FA Center Lady would be lower priority than the other stuff. Shoot me an offer?[DOUBLEPOST=1400440845][/DOUBLEPOST]BTW the SR Max Potion and Catchers are gone.
  4. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    So to carry this from PM to your thread;

    SR Mega Kangaskhan EX
    RH Ultra Ball FLF

    FA Lysandre
    Darkrai EX LTR
    RH Ultra Ball PLB
  5. I just updated my list, don't have the Darkrai any more.
  6. Floral

    Floral Member

    the zards are sr. and would you do
    mega zard x sr
    rh prism
    sr ultra ball
    level ball (if you have one)
  7. I actually don't have any spare Level Ball. :/
  8. Floral

    Floral Member

    err. anyone nvi38 tyamno? or dyamotor eelektrik? or maybe the drx sigi
  9. I have a RH DRX Sigilyph.
  10. Floral

    Floral Member

    Would you do this
    Mega Zard x sr
    Rh prism
    Your sr ultra ball
    Rh sigh drx
  11. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    My M Kangaskhan EX SR

    Your FA Lysandre FLF and RH Ultra Ball PLB

    And also sell you my Ultra Ball FLF RH on your sales thread to even the deal.
  12. PM me to confirm! :D
  13. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    I'm not asking this, but if I were to make this trade, would you accept?


    SR Mega Kangaskhan
    Charizard EX FA
    RH Prism Energy
    Leafeon BW87

    For Your:

    Tropical Beach 2011 Quarter Finalist english

    Once again, I stress:
    I am not making this offer, I'm only asking would you accept if I were to make it.
  14. If you were to make that offer, I'd probably have to decline. :/
  15. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    cml for your max potion and yveltal ex promo. I know I do have a rh lysandre and possibly some rc stunfisk, both unlisted.
  16. Your:
    1 First place Delibird LC promo
    1 4th place Delibird LC promo
    1 Darkrai Lv.x promo

    1x RH Prism Energy
    3× Haunter SF
    4× Gastly SF
    1× Vileplume UD rh
    1x Oddish UD
    1x Broken Time-Space
    1x Call Energy

    Sorry for the hiatus. Was quite busy.
  17. I can can do this. PM me? :D
  18. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    So I heard you have a couple Little Yveltals for trade? Whatcha looking for?[DOUBLEPOST=1401932394][/DOUBLEPOST]I'm also interested in that FA Deoxys EX. I have the 2012 Igor Costa deck, which I think you were saying you wanted.
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  19. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Anything on my list for your SR ultra ball?
  20. Frosty79x

    Frosty79x Member

    Could you check my list for stuff you need? I have an RH Prism Energy. :)