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  1. Moist

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    This is a vilegar list ive been using and its been working really well but i thought i would throw it out here to see if theres something you guys think im possibly missing.

    29 Pokemon
    4 Gastly SF
    4 Haunter TR
    3 Gengar SF
    1 Gengar Prime
    2 Oddish
    2 Gloom
    2 Vileplume
    2 Uxie
    1 Azelf
    1 Smeargle
    2 Unown Q
    4 Spiritomb
    1 Crobat G

    18 Trainers
    4 BTS
    4 Bebes
    4 Collector
    3 Looker
    3 Oaks

    13 energy
    7 Psychic
    3 Rescue
    3 Warp

    I really like the prime in there especially for the mirror match and its sort of a playstyle choice because i focus so hard on the smeargle and seeing their hand to set up hand disruption. Another odd play is the double unown Q but im really liking it due to the fact i can use one on the initial spiritomb and the other on the smeargle. After every kill i like to send up the smeargle and the free retreat is handy in that regard. Im also considering changing the energy to 4 warp and 2 rescue because i like warping the active gengar and sending up the smeargle to see their trainer count before i go for the poltergeist. I am a bit worried that the deck is too based on the mirror and of course folds to Dialga G and although ive been wrecking LuxChomp decks none of them ran Dialga G so im worried the the better players would be more suited to play against this than most VileGar decks. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kettler

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    I agree: the better lists and players will have more ways to pull out the matchup against you, so I think to combat them, you should cut an SF or a Prime (depending on your playstyle/preferences) for a LV.X. It really does help a ton.

    I'm liking the list a lot otherwise. Two Unown Q is all right - I saw a fella in the top eight of today's city championship make a lot of great use out of it, and in testing Vilegar, I've found two to have its uses. However, if you find that it isn't that useful, then cut it for a Mesprit or a Smeargle (or cut that and a PONT for two Twins).

    Good luck!