Tier 1 Virizion EX, Genesect EX

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    I definitely get what you're saying in regards to Absol but the idea of the concept was to improve the plasma matchup by making knocking out kyreums possible without the need of prior damage or G Booster. While I definitely could see absol as being a problem....in regards to the plasma matchup most builds ran at the moment only play 1 absol as opposed to 3 kyreum which from preliminary testing is the main problem with the plasma matchup. Also I for sure thought about HTL + Virbank when I first got the idea but in theory for it to be better than the 3 deoxys damage output wise you would constantly have to have the laser where having the permanent plus 30 seems a little more reliable as far as it goes to being set up with either laserbank or the triple deoxys. BUT with that all said I've barely tested the concept but from the few games played it seems like it has potential.
  2. Alastair

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    Not many decks can get the first or second turns to be important for KOs. I totally agree with you, but the deck does have potential. Maybe it could be used right, and then, succeed. G-booster is a problematic card. Only one can be played in a deck, while one could use four eviolite, four silver mirror, four silver bangle, etc. In my opinion, the point of an ace-spec is to boost the strategy of the successful deck, not be the cornerstone of the deck. Of course there is always skyla, but if it is in the discard, there is almost no hope. Dowsing machine is also an ace spec. Also in my opinion, Mewtwo EX has the stuff to beat this deck off the map, if even two show up in an already good deck. The energy acceleration is great, but it takes a lot of space and energy out of the deck. In a game, energy is sometimes scarce, so on the other hand Virision takes care of that and prevents special conditions. Remember how hiped TDK was? Remember what won the World championships? It all depends. The BRs will the decide the immediate threats to the success of the deck.
    And with respect to TDK, the deck needs a non-plasma non-EX counter to something like Sigilyph, or Silver mirror. Tool scrapper's fine for that so far. But there is always Drifblim DRX, and the deck runs all special energy. Both of these decks are plasma, so there are anti-plasma cards to run them down the drain.
    Both of the decks have massive potential, if played right, and if built right... what am I saying? This all applies to all decks and for every player trying to succeed.
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    Shadow Triad can return G-Booster from the discard pile, because it is a Team Plasma card.
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    Thanks for the tip, does the deck run it?
  5. TylerLindsey

    TylerLindsey Road to DC.

    It most certainly can. I've seen people run an upwards of 3, but I think 1-2 is the correct number, all things considered.
  6. baby_mario

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    Shadow Triad gets back discarded G Booster.

    And TDK had a very good Worlds. It was in all 3 finals and well represented in the top cut. The hype failure was Goth Lock which did nothing. Even so, it's faulty logic to argue that because one hype deck failed, then so will the next one.
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    Question: Online when I try to do G-Booster the attack won't even show up when I have the required energy.....why is that?
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    TCGO and Gbooster don't seem to get along and glitch often.
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    So your saying that ViriSect could be like FluffyChomp and hype flop.
  10. infernaperocks

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    it could or it might not.
  11. yoyos

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    I definitely agree with Alastar. but more on the fact of what we know and how we play it. Yes we can go on all day long about how an ability can shut down a key strategy to a deck or how the type advantage can really shutdown a deck, or how slow or how fast the deck is makes the game, but then it goes to the players skill level or knowing what they can do to get themselves out of tough situations. Yes this deck is over hyped, yes there's lots of talk going on about weather it'll bust or make it but it does ultimately come down to weather or not how good that player is at making the best judgment calls for that deck, I really don't think genesect is a bad deck and has lots of potential, it's just the fact that we kinda need to give it some time, wait until BRs or test it if you're not certain.
  12. baby_mario

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    I'm saying that just because some hype decks flop, it doesn't necessarily follow that another hyped deck will flop. There's no logic to that argument. Plenty of decks have lived up to their hype in the past: GG, Luxchomp, Mewtwo, Plasma . . .
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    These lists...I'm cringing. Balloon Animals is the only way to go my friends :)

    Someone said the TDK matchup is terrible lmao, 4-5 turns and the Balloon animal player usually takes his/her 6 prizes.

    I wish I could post my list but it's a secret cuz that's what all the good players do am i right?

    Seriously though, TDK is the least of drifblims problems :)
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  14. infernaperocks

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    admit ably you have an auto win against TDK and do well against hydregion but what about everything else? I personally don't play it simply because you have 6 spots that are wasted in many match ups.
  15. blazechomp1

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    I can't tell if you are just trolling or being serious...
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  16. JR_nathan

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    TDK is the only good thing Drifblim has going for it.

    Against everything else you're better off taking out those 6-8 cards and replacing them with more consistent ones that improve other matchups overall.

    And you're Darkrai matchup must be just as bad, which just goes to show:

    Sure you can keep your list a secret, but unless it actually proves to be good, I don't think anyone here will even bother netdecking it (I already have my own list of this variant, thank you very much).
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  17. yoyos

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    Balloons, seriously? A strategy that relies on you're opponent (TDK or DK) making bad play options, either way balloons are still not that effective over all, and you're other matchups just ruin you, garbo, darkrai, balstoise, etc.

    Seriously though my mewtwo punchs you're balloons in the face.
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  18. JR_nathan

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    Yes, yes they are effective against TDK regardless as to how many misplays your opponent makes. As long as they run Special Energy, the matchup is a near auto-win for "balloons".

    Also, the "balloons" themselves aren't weak to Psychic, but Mewtwo is so...

    But they do suck at everything else, which is why they're more of a meta call as to when to play them.
  19. Joai

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    online this deck gets destroyed by Garchomp
  20. Drench

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    What about in person?
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