Tier 1 Virizion EX, Genesect EX

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    true, makes sense.
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    There are a few problems with thinking that Raichu is enough to handle 3 Pyroar. VirGen at most is probably only playing 2 Raichu, which means that the Pyroar is getting out faster more often than not. Also, Raichu needs a full bench + Muscle Band to get the kill, which is very difficult to do in the first few turns of the game if your opponent rushes straight for Pyroar. You may get lucky and get the T2 or T3 Raichu, but getting to max damage in that timeframe isn't the easiest task. Plus, keep in mind that there is literally NO time to Emerald Slash in this matchup (especially if you go second). If they get the T2 Pyroar after going first, your Grass attachment to Virizion was pointless.

    The matchup is atrocious. There's no way to sugarcoat it. You may get lucky in a game where the Pyroar draws dead for awhile and allows you to setup, but you're not winning a best 2-of-3 matchup against a good Pyroar player that plays at least 3 Pyroar with just 2 Raichu as defense. It's not happening.
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    If your a good virgen player it is doable even with 2 raichu. First off I would like to approach my amusement to the timeline in which virgen has played in the format, people found room in it for optional techs before cities and added Buffo and what not, during the mix garbo became a very powerful option in the list, spooky sect which pretty much took an unorthodox turn away from regular virgen for a list that gave alto for options, etc, etc. With raichu it's seen as the only option to playing out of the corner pyroar puts the deck into and there is a large list of options to choose for the deck that don't keep the deck in the corner at all.
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    It has nothing to do with how "good" you are. In order to KO with Raichu, you need a full bench, which means you're having to fill it full of Virizions and Genesects, all of which are free 2 prizes for the Pyroar with a Catcher/Lysandre is you miss even ONE turn of streaming Raichus to combat them.

    It's completely arrogant to think that "skill" allows two 90 HP pokemon with a plethora of requirements for max damage are going to beat three 110 HP pokemon that obliterate every pokemon in your deck for a simple [RCC].
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    I would disagree completely. This deck is very undemanding on resources the first few turns.
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    Seconded. A VirGen player I played last week in a mirror match teched in 1 Lysandre, so that if he was about to get the T2 Emerald Slash, he could Jirachi for the Lysandre to get an early hit on a Genesect, rather than the opponent's Virizion. It worked like a charm against me in 2 of 3 games. It vastly improves your standing in the mirror if you go second, which means everything in that matchup.

    He said it also helped improve the Rayboar matchup because he could target Tepigs and Fennekins. Definitely has some merit.
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    Yeah, I don't know where this "can't afford to waste your Supporter" thing comes from. The deck already conventionally runs two Shadow Triad, and I know that a lot of the time I play the deck, I'll go down to three Prizes and still have all my Junipers left.

    Cosigning the people who vouch for Lysandre in this deck.
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    The meta here is mostly Darkrai then rogue decks do you think I should stick with laser bank or go back to skyarrow?
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    I think Darkrai EX gets completely crapped on by G Booster so you should win no matter what Stadium you play.

    And naturally every meta should have more "meta" decks than they do rogues, that's the way it should be. Unless you have like 10 people at a League Challenge playing rogue decks.
  10. Yankeefan1985

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    We have about ten playing darkrai then maybe one or two others tier decks and rogues
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    If 90% of your meta is Darkrai, why aren't you playing Landorus?
  12. Professor_N

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    Because when he says Darkrai he probably means Yveltal.
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    That still wouldn't make me run to play Genesect.
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    He should be running Raichu/Landorus/Mewtwo with the option of Garbodor.
  15. Yankeefan1985

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    Yeah I did the decks still run one mostly some two Darkrai heavy yvetal lines
  16. pokemonguy

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    Why? VirGen has a good matchup versus Yveltal.
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    I just wondered if I should keep Laser banks or go back to Skyarrow with techs like lysandre etc lol this turned into something else
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    *VirGen w/Raichu. Without can do less so than expected.
  19. pokemonguy

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    Raichu isn't for Yveltal, it's for Lugia. Straight VirGen has a good Yveltal matchup. @lucarioAdventure1
  20. JR_nathan

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    Raichu is for both Yveltal and Lugia.

    In some cases, Yveltal more than Lugia being as Lugia is usually checked by Riachu until a Genesect w/G-Booster can take care of it due to Raichu's low HP in combination with Plasma's ability to put out large amounts of damage quickly with multiple attackers.

    However, with Yveltal, Raichu makes the preferred EX for non-EX prize trade which puts the VirGen player in a much better position as to ensure the opponent can't stack up any Yveltal without having to deal with any benched or active Riachu prior to.

    Straight VirGen, on the other hand, has only one answer to a 3-4 energy Yveltal; G-Booster. And as we're all perfectly aware of, that can be dealt with immediately by one or two Tool Scrappers/Megaphones for the entirety of the game. The same can not be said for Yveltals' powering themselves up and taking down your pokemon faster than you can them.

    Overall, Riachu is a check towards anything Lightning weak, which in this format, is more beneficial for VirGen in comparison with those variants who lack it.