Tier 1 Virizion EX, Genesect EX

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    My bad. Must have miss wrote.

    I think Mewtwo EX is great in this deck. Mewtwo can start attacking faster than Virizion EX which is sometimes great if you're going against something like Pyroar for example and you have to take out Litleos quickly. Not to mention that a lot of people play Mewtwo EX, and Mewtwo happens to be great against Mewtwo.
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    I thought about Virizion/Genesect post-rotation and threw together this list. I haven't tested it at all, but on paper, it seems to be solid.

    ---Pokémon (14)---
    4 Virizion-EX
    3 Genesect-EX
    3 Cubchoo PLS
    2 Beartic FFI
    1 Mewtwo-EX
    1 Jirachi-EX

    ---Trainer (30)---
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    3 Skyla
    2 Colress
    2 Lysandre
    1 Shadow Triad
    1 Pokémon Fan Club

    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Muscle Band
    3 Energy Switch
    2 Escape Rope
    1 Switch
    1 G Booster

    ---Energy (16)---
    11 Grass Energy
    3 Plasma Energy
    2 Double Colorless Energy

    The key points:
    • 3-2 Beartic: Beartic seems like a good fit for this deck. It takes out Pyroar and Landorus-EX in one hit with the help of a Muscle Band, and gives Charizard-EX a hard time as well. I think 3-2 is the minimum stable line since it allows you to swarm Cubchoo and get at least one Beartic out almost every game. Two Beartic might actually suffice against Pyroar (whereas two Raichu barely did anything) since Beartic only needs Energy to OHKO--no Muscle Band or full Bench. Plus, its bulky 130 HP makes it impossible for Pyroar to OHKO on its own. Given all the gusting effects this deck runs, one Beartic might be able to take out a couple Pyroar on its own, even if a Pyroar is hiding on the Bench. Obviously 3-3 is more consistent, and I have no idea if it'll work quite this well in practice, but I think it's a solid starting point.

    • Mewtwo-EX: Another solid backup attacker. I suspect Mewtwo-EX might be popular in the upcoming format as a partner to Landorus-EX and Seismitoad-EX, so having a counter Mewtwo makes sense. Plus, with DCE and Energy Switch, a big Mewtwo can come out of nowhere and some decks might be caught unprepared.

    • 2 Double Colorless Energy: This card has a lot of synergy in the deck, powering up Beartic and Mewtwo-EX, as well as fueling G Booster. Plus, with Enhanced Hammer temporarily out of format and Yveltal-EX weakened by the loss of Dark Patch, it's far less of a liability to attach to your Pokémon--even to your Virizion-EX in the early game.

    • No Startling Megaphone: From the look of things, the only particularly noteworthy use of Megaphone is to shut off Garbotoxin. I've opted to include different cards to deal with Garbodor instead of running such a shaky, situational card (although if Victini-EX becomes a popular Seismitoad-EX partner, I'll have to reevaluate).

    • 2 Lysandre: This is very strong in Virizion/Genesect. Having the ability to KO a Benched Pokémon with a turn-two Emerald Slash (most notably Trubbish and Litleo) is very strong. Plus, emphasizing Lysandre a bit more compensates for the fact that I lose Red Signal to Garbotoxin.

    • 1 Shadow Triad, 3 Plasma Energy: Since Lysandre provides gusting effects and I don't run Lasers, Shadow Triad is now primarily useful to retrieve G Booster. It still gets back Plasma Energy when need be, so it retains its utility, but Lysandre is preferable to me. Without Colress Machine and with a bit less focus on Red Signal, I also decided to cut down on Plasma Energy just a bit.

    • 1 Pokémon Fan Club: Purely theoretical. The thought process is that Genesect decks can often afford to not play a draw Supporter in early/mid-game, so this could be useful at multiple stages, either to grab a turn-one Virizion-EX and Genesect-EX or to swarm with Cubchoo a bit later on. It's also search that's immune to Item-lock, which is relevant. This is the slot I question the most. It might be best to cut this card for another Triad, another Switch, a third Beartic, a fourth Ultra Ball, or a Pal Pad. I don't know. Haven't tested it yet.

    • 2 Escape Rope/1 Switch: Without Skyarrow Bridge and with the four-retreat Beartic, the deck needs some maneuverability. Three switching cards is the minimum I'm comfortable with to ensure that I consistently hit the turn-two Emerald Slash, and a fourth would be great. I emphasize Escape Rope because it can provide a pseudo-Catcher on the first couple turns when Benches are smaller.

    • 11 Grass, No Professor's Letter, No Energy Retrieval: Losing Super Rod sucks, and I figured the best solution was to just run a ton of Energy. With eleven Grass, I think one can make it through most games without running out. Energy Retrieval seems pretty bad since the Energy retrieved by that card doesn't immediately fuel an Emerald Slash and the card has much less overall utility. I also opted out of Professor's Letter. With sixteen Energy overall, missing a drop seems unlikely, and I'd rather not cram more situational Items into the deck when Seismitoad is a thing.

    Like I said, I haven't tested it yet, but if I decide Genesect is viable for the next format, this will be where I start.
  3. hfechhelm

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    Looks good. I think the deck will be viable next format. I believe this because it will be the only deck that can OHKO megas.
  4. Chaostamer

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    -1 Fan Club
    +1 Mr. Mime

    That might be the play.
  5. hfechhelm

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    Yeah. Mine got Bette with landerous around.
  6. thflame

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    How? Most Megas have 220 HP. G-Booster hits 200 and costs your Tool Slot. You don't play Laser.

    I'm also skeptical that Beartic is going to be a useful as you think. It's nothing for a Pyroar deck to deal with a couple of checks.

    Pyroar handles checks in 4 ways.

    1) Gust it up before it is a threat (i.e. kill Cubchoos)

    2) Have something else deal with it. (Have Charizard use Combustion Blast on Beartic)

    3) Gang up on them. (Pyroar 1 hits Beartic for 90, then Pyroar 2 finishes it off.)

    4) Ignore them. (Lysandre out a Genesect, OHKO it, rinse, repeat)

    The problem with countering Pyroar is that you generally need so much to deal with it that it isn't worth the space. You should be prepared to deal with 4(or at least 3) Pyroar. Assume that something like Beartic will become Charizard food after it KOs a Pyroar.

    Is a 2-2 line of Beartic worth the 4 cards of space it takes up? You could run more Shadow Triad to get Back G-Booster, more Plasma Energy to Red Signal out Litleos, or just plain Catchers and Lysandres.

    My closest VirGen match-ups were based on my opponent setting up faster. They basically just powered up a Virizion with a Muscle Band, then used Red Signal/Catcher/Lysandre to grab Litleos until I was out of backup Pyroars. Then, the Genesects used G-Booster to OHKO, my Pyroar(s), getting back G-Booster as needed with Shadow Triad.

    Hope this was helpful.
  7. hfechhelm

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    Deoxys is still around, and lasers will see more play in decks. Also, pyroar is counter able in Virgen, especially if Beatric hits first.
  8. thflame

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    So you want to play Beartic, Mewtwo, DCE, Deoxys, AND Laser in the already crowded VirGen deck? Let me know how that works out for you.
  9. hfechhelm

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    No. I want beartic, or lazers, no mewtwo.