Tier 2 Virizion EX/Mewtwo EX

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  1. ShiningZeraphime

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    Did anyone test all the matchups?
    What do you think about Genesect? Mewtwo wont do that much against it if Genesect is able to discard the energy for oneshoting with GBooster. And I dont know if two Bouffalants are enough to beat this deck. And I think Genesect will be played a lot with the reprinted energy Switch.

    And what about Blastoise? Keldeo is nice freeshot for Mewtwo, this wont be a problem. But what about Black Kyurem ex? This one might be a problem, because you cant oneshot it and it constantly kills your hitters.

    And why does nobody play Bangles? With Bangles and Lasers, you can onehit Exes with Bouffalant. And this is neccessary, isnt it? Especialy against Black Kyurem. ... If I look closely, it seems do be important in every matchup to have the possibility to oneshoot things...
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  2. Yankeefan1985

    Yankeefan1985 Member

    I got the cards to run this now with catcher being flippy im done with it prob with toss in afew bangles or atleast one[DOUBLEPOST=1383627632,1383526560][/DOUBLEPOST]genesect Black & White 11: Legendary Treasures I love in this deck also
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  3. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    I don't think this deck really loses much with the Catcher nerf. And with Genesect, while I desperately want to make the card work, it is just second rate compared to cards like Bouffalant and Tropius. Even with 4 Grass Energy on it, it only does 90 damage, which, for 4 Energy, isn't that good.
  4. Thirmos

    Thirmos New Member

    its 130 with 4 grass energy (50 base + 20 for each grass energy)
  5. Yankeefan1985

    Yankeefan1985 Member

    Yeah 130 with a bangle doing 160 I think is pretty good I trashed a few different decks with Genesect at league last night. Now I wouldn't go crazy with it but 1-2 I think can be really good though fire decks are not used really at all at my league.[DOUBLEPOST=1383671434][/DOUBLEPOST]I like Bouffalant also just hate playing more then one with Landorus EX being played alot and Terrakion NVI
  6. Yankeefan1985

    Yankeefan1985 Member

    Anyone put mirrors in this ran into a Plasma deck and really needed them?
  7. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    4 Mewtwo EX
    3 Virizon EX
    1 Genesect EX
    1 Mr.Mime
    1 Bouffalant DRX

    4 Juniper
    2 Colress
    4 N
    4 Skyla

    2 Tool Scrapper
    1 Super Rod
    3 Ultra Ball
    2 Random Receiver
    4 Catcher
    3 Energy Switch
    2 energy Search
    1 Bicycle
    1 Scramble Switch

    3 Skyarrow Bridge

    4 DCE
    10 Grass
  8. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    Interesting. 4 Catcher, no Lasers. How has testing been going for you?
  9. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    Good. I stole most of this except for the no laserbank from PP101's article and made a few tweaks.
  10. CynDa1

    CynDa1 (slurp)

    Why no laser? you run genesect! explain please.

    Edit: Genesect and no plasma? something's not right here.....
  11. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    I run 1 just for when I need it. and what do you suggest I drop for laserbank?
  12. MetalArmedAngel

    MetalArmedAngel My lovely Luka ♥♥

    E search and a skyarrow for 3 laser and 2 skyarrow for virbank
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  13. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    kk will do
  14. CynDa1

    CynDa1 (slurp)

    Why would you need the gene sect though?
  15. Yankeefan1985

    Yankeefan1985 Member

    Yeah I don't understand playing it with no plasma the LT I believe is a better one without plasma
  16. Itachi90

    Itachi90 New Member

    I'm playing this list atm (on ptcgo):

    2 Bouffalant DRX
    3 Virizion EX
    3 Mewtwo EX
    1 Jirachi EX
    1 Munna BCR
    1 Mr Mime PF

    1 Ghetsis
    4 Juniper
    4 N
    4 Skyla
    3 Bicycle
    2 Enhanced Hammer / 2 Silver Bangle
    2 Escape Rope
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    1 Max Potion
    1 Scramble Switch
    1 Switch
    1 Super Rod
    2 Tool Scrapper
    3 Ultra Ball
    2 Virbank City Gym

    4 DCE
    10 Grass

    The mono Ghetsis has been very helpful against Darkrai, and as a 1x it never really hurted
    Just unsure about what to choose between Hammers and Bangles, as each has been very helpful for the cause

    Any thoughts?
  17. Garchomponite

    Garchomponite Member

    Pokemon: 11
    Virizion EX 3
    Mewtwo EX 2
    Kecleon 1
    Genesect EX 1
    Bouffalant 2
    Mr. Mime 1
    Munna 1

    Trainers: 33
    Juniper 4
    N 3
    Skyla 3
    Bianca 2
    Shadow Triad 1

    Ultra Ball 3
    Bicycle 2
    Virbank City Gym 2
    Plasma Frigate 1
    Hypnotoxic Laser 4
    Energy Search 1
    Super Rod 1
    Tool Scrapper 2
    Max Potion 1
    Escape Rope 1
    Switch 1

    Scramble Switch 1

    Energy: 16
    Grass Energy 8
    Double Colorless 3
    Prism Energy 2
    Plasma Energy 3

    This is a list I'm testing atm. I am considering taking out frigate but I don't know what I will switch it for. Been considering energy switch...
  18. otter

    otter New Member

    kecleon out... and his energys.. you don't need it..

    kecleon -1
    bianca -2
    plasma frig -1
    prism energy -2

    so... it will be

    mewtwo ex +1
    n +1
    colress +1
    switch +1
    energy switch +2 / silver bangle +2

    just my opinion... there's some cards in your deck that you dont need it...
  19. Garchomponite

    Garchomponite Member

    Kecleon is a good tech for the mirror and has worked well in other situations.

    I just recently dropped the plasma frigate and switched it for colress and took out a bianca for a energy switch.
  20. Lukeriver

    Lukeriver New Member

    Have you considered Enhanced Hammer and Energy Switch? Also, possibly changing your Computer Search to a Scramble Switch? Playing 3-4 enhanced hammers almost guarantees a win against Plasma decks, also it really hurts Flareon decks. Energy switch is good in a pinch, if you put down mewtwo, attach a dce and then e switch a grass energy to him that can take your opponent by surprise. Of course, Scramble switch is suggested for the same reason as e switch.