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    After much consideration and a Battle Roads result of 2-4 (with a bye and a donk), I've decided that Volcorona DE (pronouned Vole-Core-Oh-Nuh) has no hope in the current format with its own deck. However, I have improved my version since to add in more consistantly. Anyways, heres my list;

    Pokemon - 14
    2 - Heatmor NV
    4-3/1 Volcarona DE/Volcarona NV (w/Larvesta NV)
    2 - Reshiram BW
    1 - Terrakion NV
    1 - Cleffa CL

    T/S/S - 32 (Technically it should be I/S/S/T/F now.)
    2 - N
    2 - Juniper
    2 - PONT

    4 - Random Reciever
    4 - Junk Arm
    4 - Dual Ball
    3 - Catcher
    3 - Pokemon Communication
    2 - Switch
    1 - Energy Retrieval
    1 - Lost Remover

    Energy - 14
    8 - Fire Energy

    4 - DCE
    2 - Prism Energy

    The setup
    One does not want to start with Terrakion NV. Terrakion should only be played around late-early/early-mid game. Starting with Cleffa CL is a gamble, if one goes second, Bye-Bye Cleffa Cl. It's a gamble one must take. Thats really the only less idea starts that can happen, starting with Terrakion NV moreso than wth Cleffa CL. Usually one will start with a Heatmor NV, Larvesta NV, or a Reshiram BW.

    If one starts with Terrakion NV, then hope one's opponent runs out of Catchers before one runs out of Switch or hope one finds one of the two copies of Prism Energies.

    If one starts with Cleffa Cl, it's a gamble. Hope for the lucky flip/roll and for the absence of an easy donk.

    If one starts with Heatmor NV, Larvesta NV, or Reshiram BW, then atempt to search out Cleffa CL and get it active through means of Switch or Manually retreating. IF the situation is proper, one may even try for the 30hp donk via DCE and Larvesta NV's "Take Down" attack.
    Reguardless of which Pokemon one starts with, attempt to get out Cleffa CL and into the active, then observe the match;
    A. If the match appears that both the player and opponent are on equal footing then placing Larvesta NV onto the bench (at least two).
    B. If the match appears that the player is not on equal footing with their opponent, then place a Reshiram BW in addition to any Larvesta NV one may be able to search out. Reshiram's outrage will be sufficient for surviving a couple of turns.

    Attempt to have a Heatmor NV or better this turn set-up (Volcarnoa NV would be Ideal) as well as a Volcarona DE to get the burn party started. Either burn the opponent via Heatmor NV's "Singe" (Burns for R) ,Volcarona NV's "Firey Dance" (does 30 and the player attaches a Basic Energy from their Discard one of the players Benched Pokemon for R) or Volcorna DE's "Burning Wind" (does 70 and if one wishes, they may discard an Energy attached to This Pokemon and if they do so choose then, and only then is the Opponents Pokemon Burned for RCC) if one has an exceptional start.

    The rest of the game
    Just keep spamming Volcarona and use Terrakion NV and Reshiram BW when neccesary. Also be creative, Heatmor NV's second overlooked attack does 30 damage and discards a Tool attached to the Defending Pokemon. It ususally sucks but comes in handy in a handfull of situations.

    Very Brief Matchups (Through my experiances)
    Darkrai EX - 10-90
    If Darkrai gets even a halfway decent setup, Volcarona is toast since the the only half-energy acceleration is Exp-Share which can be worked around.

    Zoroark DEX - 30-70
    Zoroark is more efficient in general and can OHKO anything of Volcarona's build. But if Volcarona can get setup then it has a chance.

    Empoleon DEX - Autoloss
    Fire and Water don't mix.

    Fighting - 50-50
    The decks are about the same speed and there's no fighting weakness in Volcarona.

    Zeels - 40-60
    A bit faster but, if one can KO the Eelektriks before too long then Volcarno had a decent chance.

    Klink-Klang BW - 60-40
    Abuse Lost Remover and Kling-Klang's Weakness to Fire.

    Vileplume UD - 50-50
    Blow all the Items as much as one can! If one gets rid of all their Items they should fare well.
    It's a fun deck, but don't take this to Nationals, Enjoy.
  2. lufan131

    lufan131 Ed-ward? Big-bro-ther?

    You don't need 4 random reciever, 1-3 is often enough.
    -1 Random reciever, +1 energy retrieval. Reshiram's blue flare can be used slightly more often.
  3. Ziggmiceter

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    No Entei-EX? That seems like the perfect fit for this deck.
  4. beboppokedad

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    yes, more supporters, less random receiver. i'm not big on volcarona in general, and i'm not too big on including heatmor here either. hmmm, but i didn't know there's a "league/fun" tag now so thanks for educating me on that
  5. swampfrog20

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    The full set of Random Reciever is just a personal preferance of mine and to my content, I found out that since I run a low amount of Supporters and a full of Random Recievers that I could really annoy people runnign Smeargle since I didn't have a Supporter in my hand about half the time. Anyways the Supporter line I run is just about right in my opinion. By the time I run dry of supporters, I usually have very little left in my deck, if any.

    I tried Entei-EX out but I felt that he was too slow and not worth the two prize cards my opponent gets from knocking him out. He just ended up becoming Catcher/Mewtwo bait.
  6. Ein

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    You don't have enough burn attacks to make optimal use of scorching scales. The best way to lay a burn is to do no damage that turn, and you don't want to be attacking with volcarona for extended periods of time.
  7. swampfrog20

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    Actually, There are plenty of burn attacks. The Heatmor and both of the Volcarona burn with their attack, and with two Heatmor and four Volcarona that makes six in total. Look at it this way, if one's Cleffa, Terrakion, or Reshiram never get Knocked Out (which will almost never happen) then their is still six Prizes worth of Attackers that have the capability of Burning and as long as the last Attacker is a Volcarona DEX then the Scorching Scales Ability will last throughout the entirity of the round. Also, with the aid of Exp Share one can swarm Volcarona turn after turn simply by attaching a DCE. Considering numbers is a good habit to get into in this game, you should try it.
  8. Ein

    Ein The Mega Man Master

    If you are swarming Volcarona, there is going to be heavy catcher bait, not to mention you have to discard energy to land a burn with them. Also if you swarm you are relying on pulling DCE. I don't like Volcarona in the active spot, only to be used as an emergency attacker. You need something else (besides reshiram) to take advantage of DCE. The only pokemon I can think of that has bulk, uses DCE, and can burn is Moltres NXD which is an option at the least. The other big boys that use DCE are NadusEX/Mewtwo, but Nadus is another pokemon you have that discards energy and there are no stadiums to help blow through.

    I would try out Moltres or Mewtwo w/ Shaymin (either option would also up the winability vs fighting decks)
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    This thread is called Volcarona DE for a reason.