Tier 2 VVV (Vanilluxe/Vileplume/Victini)

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  1. tokyovampire

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    So thanks to Pooka's Battle Roads Report this deck is now over hyped amongst some of the masses as a viable Darkrai counter. While the deck does have a solid Darkrai matchup 70-30 depending on the Darkrai variant being used, VVV must also be able to do well against the field. That being said, I don't think the deck has what it takes to make it. I would be very interested in hearing what people think about the deck. It has a won a Battle Roads and got 1st, 2nd, and 14th at French nationals in a sea of Darkrai and Eels so it isn't the awful tier 2 deck it used to be at states. Also how common do you think the deck will be at U.S/Canadian/U.K nationals? And is it worth playtesting more than a few games against it?

    Also here is my list based somewhat off of Pooka's.

    PKMN (26)
    4x Vanillite NXD
    3x Vanillish NVI
    3x Vanilluxe NVI
    1x Vanilluxe NXD
    4x Oddish UD
    1x Gloom UD
    4x Vileplume UD
    1x Bellosom UD
    2x Fliptini NVI
    1x Virizion NVI
    1x Smeargle CL
    1x Pichu HS

    T/S/S (23)
    4x Collector
    4x Twins
    3x N
    2x Seeker
    1x Flower Shop Lady
    4x Rare Candy
    4x Pokemon Communication
    1x Tropical Beach

    Energy (11)
    7x Water
    4x Rescue

    This list is untested but I will play a few games on Playtcg with it and come back with results.
  2. lucarioAdventure1

    lucarioAdventure1 i swear on me mum

    Personally I think you could lower the plume line a bit otherwise seems good
  3. tokyovampire

    tokyovampire Starpower!

    Yeah, I wanted to guarantee the Turn 2 Plume lol. It has held up pretty consistently in the few games I played with it. Honestly, I don't want to waste too much time testing a deck I know I won't play for Nationals when it is only a week away. The thread was more for discussing the play-ability of the deck as well as speculation on how many people will be playing the deck for nationals. That being said, I wanted to provide the opportunity for those looking to play the deck with a good resource for getting advice on the deck, since I am pretty familiar with the deck. I stole the high plume count idea from thevilegarkid actually, and it has tested well. XD
  4. baby_mario

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    Changed this to Tier 2 from Rogue as the deck as been around a while and had some success (won a few Cities IIRC). Tier 2 isn't for 'awful' decks (that's Tier Reshiboar). It's for competitive decks that aren't considered to be quite at the top.

    If I was playing Bellossom (which I probably would), I would want another Gloom in there, so I'd cut a Plume for it. I'd also swap the Virizion and Smeargle for a 2nd Pichu and a Cleffa.

    I expect to see this a bit at UK/US/CDN Nats, along with the other Status Lock deck, Accelgor. It's definitely worth knowing how your deck handles the match up.
  5. tokyovampire

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    Agreed and my bad, it was an awful play for States and was awful then. I guess it would have been Tier 3/Tier Reshiboar then. Although, I have no room to talk since I played GothGuard lol. At least I know better now. :D The second Gloom for a Plume(l0l rhyming) is a good call. I would avoid cutting the Smeargle and Virizion for babies though, because Darkrai is scary enough as is before setting up and extra babies makes it so much worse. 2 Pokemon in play and still getting donked is not a pleasant thing to think about.
  6. Truong

    Truong Simple. We burn the Durants. All of them.

    Yeah the only thing that hit me was the 4 Plumes.
    T2 Plume is helpful yes, you can afford to fall behind in Prizes to take advantage of Twins. And I completely agree that this deck annihilates Darkrai. Decks now a days have 30+ Items and Darkrai's Energy acceleration is dependent on a Item. I've tested this deck against Zeels and CMT (both decks with and without Tornadus) and the matchup is either 65-35 or 45-55 depending on how fast you can set up the full lock.
  7. Superman

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    So what happens to this deck after rotation and we lose Vileplume? Does it die out?
  8. tokyovampire

    tokyovampire Starpower!

  9. baby_mario

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    There's just no way to stop your opponent using Switch to get out of Paralysis, or Catcher to KO your Fliptinis

    Plus you lose Twins, FSL, Pichu, Rescue . . .

    After rotation, it's impossible to build.
  10. N3rd4Christ

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    I would actually like to see Vileplume reprint. The more decks the better IMO
  11. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    I dunno . . . that just seems like a way to prolong the current format. Plume has had a good run and we can live without Trainer lock for a while now.
  12. tokyovampire

    tokyovampire Starpower!

    They probably will reprint it eventually since this one is just a reprint of the old Dark Vileplume, but I think it will be in 1-3 years. If at all.
  13. Ein

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    I want to see a supporter lock over a trainer lock for a little while.
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  14. tokyovampire

    tokyovampire Starpower!

    I would as well but it would have to be something with weaknesses to avoid being broken like Zebstrika NXD but with 30 damage. Or maybe someday in the form of a Stage 3 (Unaffected by Rare Candy preferably) that works like Vileplume. This assumes we eventually get some new Pokemon of course. Also we do currently have Slowking HS which can be used to lock your opponent out of Supporters.
  15. Rowan

    Rowan Rum Pirate

    I read the article but is this deck really gonna be viable in bw on? I can bout build this deck off spare change (cept for the fliptini which I already have from random packs). If so I might build it.
  16. SeaLegend

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    This deck should be able to still pick on decks that run a low count of Switch, especially decks using Darkrai which generally don't run Switch. Obviously against those other decks it could have a bit of a problem with its low damage output, it's just a matter of how much Darkrai you think you will see at any given tournament.
  17. pokemonguy

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    Now it's Tier 1.5 it's so good.